Tips for updating your digital branding.

AD – This is a paid advertorial but all thoughts are my own

It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, a Grammer, A YouTuber, or even a small business, if your thinking about taking your hobby to the next level, you need to think about digital branding.
Updating my own digital branding is something I am currently in the process of doing, so this topic seems so relevant to me right now! that I am super excited to be sharing the tips that I am currently using ready for my rebranding launch.

digital branding
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Do your digital branding research

Before you start rushing in to creating your brand, do a bit of research first. Have a look at what others use and include, Have a look around, I recommend searching on Pinterest, It is useful to get an idea of what kind of things look good, and see what Popular themes there are. Obviously don’t just steal there’s, come up with your own.

Decide what your style is

I know this is such a tough one if you not used to brand schemes, however, deciding and finding your own style and becoming familiar with it is such a good thing to conquer as soon as possible. It goes without saying that your digital branding should reflect you, and what it is you are doing.
Once you have found your style it is going to be a lot easier for you to come up with your brand scheme.

Pick a color scheme

it’s time to choose your favourite colours for your scheme. This is one thing I struggle with but I am working on at the moment.
your colour scheme can be whatever you like. But it is nice yo pick colours that actually go together.

At the moment, my colour scheme is all over the place. Which is one of the things I am working on at the moment. This is something I also am enjoying the process of the most at the moment as my current task is messing around with my favourite colours and seeing what suits my personality. especially as I’ve been working on digital art so much more recently! Personally. I’m in love with pastel and burnt colours at the moment. Pastels more so.

Create a clear logo

Having your own unique logo is a brilliant way of standing out from the crowd! your Logo should be something that reflects who you and your brand is, as well as being clear and identifiable. Something that you will be proud to see on all of your beautiful sites and things.

Thinking of starting your own blog, how about reading my how to post, here.

Choose a preferred font style

when you are deciding the brand scheme you want to be consistent with as much as possible. this includes your font style. I would highly recommend using font freebies online, and making note of what fonts you are using. There are so many beautiful available fonts out there. Using a font that is bold and quirky will really make your brand stand out! which is of course want you need to achieve to be able to grow.

Be consistent

consistency is so important when it comes to growing your brand. Your brand should be what you most use across your website, digital stationery, and all of your social media. The more you stick with being on brand, the easier consistency will become throughout.

Don’t rush! And definitely don’t give up!

If coming up with your brand is something you are struggling with at the moment. I would honestly take your time until you have something that you are happy with. The happier you are, the more your brand will shine. Also, your brand is something that you will be used continuously, so if you are not happy with this from the start, it will annoy you throughout.


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Gift ideas for bloggers that they will love!

This post contains affiliate links and that if you choose to purchase from them. It will earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you.

When I started thinking about blogmas posts and what I wanted to include this year, I was quite excited at the thought of writing a few gift guides. Then when it came to who I wanted to write gift guides for. I thought what better than writing a gift guide for the blogger in your life. I already have brought so much of my Amazon account towards my blogging. So a few of these I am really passionate about. Especially when it comes to useful gifts, the others are a few things that I have on my wish list in the hope to purchase myself soon. So let’s get started… Here is my recommendations of Gift ideas for bloggers.

The only gift guide you could possibly need for the blogger in your life.

Gift ideas for bloggers

1. Bluetooth Keyboard

when it comes to blogging I use a range of devices to keep my blog going. I generally use my iPad when I am out and about or in bed, so I currently have this keyboard on my wish list. The pretty pink style is so aesthetically pleasing also!

2. LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand

I am obsessed with my LED ring light tripod. It makes creating videos and photos a breeze. The light simply plugs into a USB port, normally I plug mine into my laptop! And I use this the most for creating cute craft videos when I need too.

3. Little Miss Blogger Mug

Bloggers love mugs as it is but this cute little miss Blogger mug is the perfect gift ideas for bloggers. it says exactly what they do on the tin!. Plus keeping them caffeinated whilst working on their blog is something that honestly is appreciated. Believe me.

4. Felt Letter Board

When it came to thinking about my gift ideas for bloggers, I wanted to include things that would be useful for the blogger with their photos. Media is really important for blogging after all. Felt letter boards are something I am completely obsessed with! especially for creating flat-lay images with! You can create whatever message you want and add a few props around the board for a really nice pic to upload for the blog.
I have a few letter boards now. I like to write positive messages on them when I can, or countdowns to things we are looking forward too. It’s an idea a blogger, influencer or vlogger will love.

5. Clip-on Microphone For Bloggers And Vloggers

having a decent microphone when you are creating video media is essential. It’s all very well having a decent picture but if nobody can understand what you’ve got to say they won’t be tuning back in in the future.
this cute little condenser microphone clips to your clothes and allows recordings to be clear with little sound distortion.

6. Photo Studio Light Box

This is an amazing tool for taking photos of things with a clear and non-hectic background. I have used mine for around a year now, I love the fact I can use optional backgrounds depending on what I am shooting, and I would highly recommend this to bloggers. Since even if you don’t have a camera, and are using your phone to take images, the lighting and optional top access allows professional like photos to be taken.

7. Wall Bulletin Board

One thing I highly rate is vision and memo boards, and it’s nice to have a board to work with when it comes to tracking your goals and creating vision boards. This cute little set would suit any blogger, all they need to do is fill it with things that keep them positive and inspired.

8. Adjustable Laptop Stand for Desk

one thing is for certain. If you blog, then chances are you are on your devices a lot, and I mean hours at a time. The thing with computers is even laptops should be used on a suitable surface such as a desk. Laptop stands not only keep your laptop safe from overheating but it also allows you to position yourself in the most comfortable position whilst working.

9. A motivational notebook

I couldn’t not include a notebook in this list.

if you know me your know how obsessed I am with making notes and lists.

Notebooks are always a simple but well appreciated present to a blogger… we go through countless amounts of note-taking, idea jotting, researching. I can fill up a full notebook in a short amount of time.

10. Apple Pencil (1st Generation)

if they own an iPad, then an Apple Pencil could change the game for them! Open even more doors to there content, etc. Being able to draw your own graphics, be even more creative and take notes and things digitally! This is an amazing tool.

11. Tablet stand

finally, a tablet stand may sound simple but it’s the perfect desk accessory. Especially now that your iPad can connect with your Apple Mac to allow for split-screen functionality. Having an iPad that slips down constantly won’t have to be a bug-bear for them anymore.

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The things that drive us crazy at Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong here. I am a massive lover of the Christmas season, I enjoy pretty much everything that Christmas has to offer, however, there are still things that get slightly annoying and bring a downer on this joyful season. So in this post, I am sharing some of the top things that literally drive us crazy at Christmas.

crazy at Christmas
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So what are the things that really drive us crazy at Christmas?

Not being able to find the ‘bloody tape’ again.

how the hell have we lost the rolls of tape again. We probably have 50 rolls already somewhere and we brought extra specifically for wrapping presents. It goes without saying how irritating it is when the tape has vanished the minute it’s needed for wrapping presents. I’m pretty certain losing cello-tape is a written in tradition at this point of driving us crazy at Christmas.

Christmas decorations that hit the taccy mark.

We’re getting to the time of year where we start to overbuy, and the shops are filled with things that we really don’t actually need in our lives. Now let me be clear, When I say tack, I’m talking over the top decorations, clothing, presents, that do not have any meaning. OR things that were a good idea at the time! but they were never a good idea. 

The shops are way to busy.

Even in the latest lockdown, I found myself stressing at the number of shoppers in the local grocery stores. They were heaving, and social distancing had done a major flop. Especially over the weekends.
but it’s not this year. As the big day looms every year, people do seem to lose the plot and go shopping at every opportunity. thousands of shoppers fleeing to town centres, and grocery stores to stock up a month’s worth of shopping for one day. You can’t breathe let alone think. Shopping is normally my Forte, add crowds into the mix and No. Not for me. And definitely not for my anxiety.

crazy at Christmas
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Blowing the budget and overspending.

Ok I am a sucker for doing this, but I’m talking massive extents, common guys it’s not about how many presents are there to open on Christmas day, or how busy the tree is you should never forget Christmas is about love, families coming together and making memories. 

Oh, and what about those price increases.

All those beautiful things that have been brought so they can be wrapped and opened on one particular day, we love them. However, as you grow up you really do realise and find the annoyance in how that beautiful gift that they open would cost you so much less in the sales in literally days to come. How overnight the gifts being sold for £10 are now being ripped off the shelves at £2 or something stupid.

The Christmas market is impossible to navigate around.

When it comes to the German Christmas market popping up in town, I am gutted that it won’t be making an appearance this year. I mean, the Christmas market is great, it’s beautifully done and gives a real festive vibe to the town centre. The smells draw us in and the daytime beer in a stout from the German bar is more than tempting. However, when it comes to us actually trying to get into the high street shops and get our shopping done, it’s a chaotic hell. Especially in our town, where the market goes through the middle of the road with shops either side.

There is always someone moaning.

yes, ok. I get it. It’s Christmas, there’s a lot to do, money’s tight and the shops are always hectic. However, do you really need to vocalise your hatred of the season to strangers, some of us are trying to just get on, and be festive and joyful?

Commuters nightmares.

This isn’t such a problem for me anymore, but it is something I remember dearly, as the cold weathers hitting in, and the trains and buses are already a nightmare. We add the Christmas season in, it gets even worse.

Christmas songs that seem to be stuck on repeat.

Ok So I love Christmas music! but! when that same festive song has been on the radio for the 15th time in one day is enough to drive anyone crazy at Christmas. You have to admit that there is no reason to have the same song on loop, there are plenty of others to play. It’s starting to get a bit much! Variety is key. If you could send this message on to the shops as-well! Seems every shop you go in at one point has the same bloody song playing. 

Too much food adding to the seasonal weight gain.

Finally, we all say that we’re gonna try and be good over the Festive season I know that I do, but when it comes down to it, there is too much nice food and we all seem to indulge, Never-mind guys, New years goals for this one.  

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Stocking filler ideas you can’t really go wrong with.

This post contains affiliate links that if you choose to purchase from them. It will earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you.

It tis the season to be jolly and The season for giving. So with not long left till the big day, time is beginning to run thin. At this point, present buying can become quite stressful, especially when you are clueless. What do you get? Christmas shopping has probably had about 3 levels. Super organised and Finished their Christmas shopping by November. Those who have not even started yet, and I literally mean those who haven’t brought one single present. Then there is those who will probably do it all Christmas eve. Which one are you? Need some ideas? Good, Today I am talking stocking filler ideas.

Were now all asking the question of what to buy, and so I have created my list of stocking filler ideas that you can’t really go wrong with when creating the Christmas sacks for our loved ones. and this year, of course, has its challenges. So online shopping is a massive relief so we can at least get some bits done!


I can’t be the only person in the world who has a slight sock obsession I mean who doesn’t love a few good pairs of socks!? Decorative ones of-course! Disney socks for certain! I am not being funny but especially as you get older socks are a well-loved present! especially if they’re a little bit funky like these ones, by the sock exchange.


Bubble Bath, Bath Bombs, Body sprays, Perfumes, Candle and the list goes on! Everyone baths, everyone likes to be clean and smell nice! so Smelly things are perfect as stocking fillers for Christmas! I particularly like the Baylis and Harding Beauticology set its such a reasonable price, and I have been gifted these for Christmas before and loved using the set!

No matter what your gender is, is it really Christmas unless you have received a Lynx set in your stocking?


Tis the season of festive chocolate giving. Chocolate is great for stocking filler ideas. For years my mum has always put some chocolate coins in are stocking, along with an orange! It’s like a must! Pink Gin Truffles. Or if you are really trying to push the boat out. Hotel Chocolate. Oh My Days, There so lush. I am craving them right now!


Its winter, it is cold at night! Lazy days are always a possibility. What’s better than a pair of pyjamas, who wouldn’t want to receive these in their Christmas gifts? How cute is the Mickey and Minnie Pyjama set above? And those socks! Not just socks, slipper socks for the perfect cosy night in!


I love mugs, especially funky ones. most of the mugs in our cupboard are Disney or friends. I have a collection of quirky mugs too, the 3D ones, that look like characters and animals… yep, them. Everyone loves a new mug, whether for its at home, or to have at the office, it could be a cute mug, or maybe a funny one, Mugs can never go a miss! even if that person owns way too many (like me).

Things to do

Books, DVDs, Puzzles, and crafty things. So many things that you could include in a stocking. Sometimes the little things are the best things a person could ever receive. Things to do is brilliant for some boredom busters.

One last thing…

The most important thing that you remember when you go out shopping this year, that it isn’t what you buy. Christmas isn’t about how much money you spend. It is certainly not about how many presents are under the tree. It’s the time you spend with your loved ones, putting arguments aside. Making memories, and living life to it merriest. With the year that we have had this year, we need to fill our lives and days with positivity! Good luck!

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Festive Blogging Ideas for blogmas.

It is getting close to December! If you are planning on doing Blogmas this year, you should have already got together some sort of plan. However it’s not too late, you can still get organised and get your Blogmas posts together. Today I am sharing nearly 200 Blogmas Ideas for you to help get your Crimbo post plans together.

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What is Blogmas?

If you don’t actually know what Blogmas is, Blogmas

Pretty similar to Blogtober, Blogmas is a month-long challenge for bloggers in December. Bloggers post in an advent calendar style for 25 days up till the big day. Some also go above and beyond to fill in the whole month up to the new year.

How do I take part in Blogmas?

Blogmas is not something that you need to apply for or permission to do, you are more than welcome to join in. All you need is some inspiration creative thoughts and your blog. If you don’t have a blog, check out my how to create a blog post, to get started.

It is up to you how you actually organise your blog posts when you are taking part in Blogmas, Some will freestyle and post every day on the day, and others will pre-write their posts so that they are scheduled and done as it happens.

It doesn’t matter what your blogging niche is either. Anyone can take part. There are no rules. It’s your blog, and completely up to you post what you want to post, and what you know your readers will want to hear from you.

100 brilliant blog post ideas for blogmas…

  • What your favourite things about Christmas are
  • What you don’t like about Christmas
  • Your Christmas traditions are.
  • Best Advent Calendars you can do/buy
  • Gift Guides (specify who the gift guide is for ie, pets, him, her)
  • Favourite Christmas Films
  • Share your favourite Christmas crafts
  • Elf on the Shelf Ideas
  • Christmas Party Outfit Ideas
  • What your house looks like for Christmas
  • Show Us Your Christmas Tree
  • What to eat at Christmas
  • Your favourite Hot Chocolate Recipe
  • How To Host The Perfect Christmas Party
  • Ultimate Christmas Playlist
  • A Christmas Tag
  • Your Letter To Santa
  • Or an old letter to Santa you wrote as a child.
  • Christmas Baking Recipes
  • Festive Themed Nail Art
  • Christmas Games to play with the family
  • Family Christmas Traditions
  • Christmas Eve Box Ideas
  • Festive drinks guide (Christmas Cocktails & Mocktails)
  • Winter Skincare (Your routine)
  • A Festive Get Ready With Me
  • How To Survive The Boxing Day Sales
  • Your Christmas goals!
  • How To Feel Festive when you are not feeling it.
  • Top Tips On Having A Less Stressful Christmas
  • whats going to be on your Christmas dinner plate?
  • Christmas Budgeting Tips

  • Outfit Ideas For New Year’s Eve
  • How To Beat The Winter illnesses
  • A Guide To Christmas Events In Your City/Town
  • Childhood Christmas Memories
  • What To Make With Christmas Leftovers
  • Winter Essentials
  • How to repurpose Christmas cards
  • ideas on how to save money this Christmas
  • What to do with your unwanted Christmas gifts
  • How to avoid overspending this Christmas
  • Favourite Festive Candles
  • Your Christmas Wishlist
  • Homemade Christmas Presents, and how you did them.
  • Mince Pie Taste Test – where you got them
  • Christmas TV Picks

Check out my christmas top 5 playlist, here.

  • Winter Wardrobe Essentials
  • Favourite Christmas Themed Books
  • Mulled Wine or Mulled Cider Recipe (or a non-alcoholic alternative)
  • Winter Activities
  • Christmas Party Essentials
  • How To Have A Festive Night In
  • Gift Wrapping Ideas
  • How To Get Your Home Ready for Christmas
  • Festive Day Out
  • Winter Pamper Routine
  • Are You On The Naughty Or Nice List?
  • What Christmas Is Like In Your Household
  • Christmas Photo Props & Backgrounds
  • Things To Do On Boxing Day
  • How To Entertain with Children Over The Christmas Holidays
  • Favourite Blogmas Posts/Vlogmas
  • Alternatives To Turkey For Christmas Dinner
  • Christmas Hacks To Make Life Easier
  • Best & Worst Christmas Jumpers

Got enough ideas? check out one of my Christmas posts from last year… How to make gingerbread men.

  • Christmas Decoration Haul
  • Winter Self Care Tips
  • How To Avoid A New Year’s Day Hangover
  • Favourite Photos Of This Year
  • How You Organise/Plan For Christmas
  • Looking Back On Your Year
  • New Year Goals
  • Our holiday traditions
  • How I plan for the perfect Christmas
  • My goals for December
  • The best diaries/planners for ‘20XX’
  • Festive nail ideas
  • How to organise a secret Santa and add a twist.
  • What to wear on Christmas day
  • The best accessories for cold weather
  • Top 10 ugly Christmas sweaters
  • Winter skincare routine
  • Christmas party outfit ideas
  • Essential outfits for the holiday season
  • How to cook the perfect Christmas turkey

Check out the things I love about christmas, here.

  • Our Christmas lunch menu.
  • How to make a gingerbread house
  • Hot chocolate recipes
  • How to make Christmas cookies
  • What I bought everyone for Christmas this year.
  • How to make a gift hamper & what to include in a gift hamper
  • The best place to buy pre-made gift hampers
  • What to do if the ‘must-have’ toy isn’t available
  • The must-have toys of this year
  • What to give someone instead of a gift card
  • The best Christmas present I ever received
  • Stocking fillers that cost less than £5
  • Tips for stress-free shopping this Christmas.
  • When to start shopping for next Christmas?

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The Halloween tag – Answering creepy questions.

Happy Halloween! I literally got so excited when I found this Halloween tag.

Oh, how I do love Halloween really, the spooky going on. I can’t believe how different this year is. It absolutely sucks how corona virus has literally stopped us all from doing the things we love.

trick or treat sign
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

The Halloween tag… Here are my answers.

Have you ever used an Ouija Board?

No, I think I would be too terrified! I do love the films that involve Ouija boards, and the idea of having a go. However, if I actually came face to face with using an Ouija board, I would probably bottle it.

What is the creepiest thing that’s ever happened to you while you were alone?

Sat watching a horror movie, I was not alone but its the creepiest thing to think of. It was a scene was the phone randomly went, and basically we jumped out of our skin. The next thing was my phone bloody rang, I dont even remember putting it on loud!

Are you superstitious?

Honestly, yes I am. I probably have watched too many horror films. Oh and I am definitely superstitious when it comes to things like not walking under ladders and mirrors breaking.

Which urban legend scares you the most?

Freddy, Of-course! He kills you in your sleep. You cant avoid sleeping, so really you’re screwed. Plus he has a hand of knives. like OMG.

If you were dared to spend the night in a haunted house, would you do it?

I would like to think that I would say no! but I know me, therefor the temptation and curiosity would most likely get the better of me. But have no doubt! I would take a survival kit with me.

Do you believe in multiple dimensions or worlds?

Definitely, I believe when you die, you don’t go far, and there’s a world that we cant see where our loved ones hover over us and keep us safe.

Ever made a potion of any sort?

I used to be obsessed with Wicca as I was growing up. My literal obsession was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I don’t ever remember trying to make a potion though… Only mess about with reading about them, etc.

You’re home alone but you hear footsteps in your house, what do you do?

Freak out a little… Why are there footsteps in the house… there shouldn’t be… If it was something like, I am upstairs, I would creep back down. Or creep around the house looking for it. I think my curiosity would get the better of me.

jack o lantern and halloween candy
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Would you rather go to a Halloween party of trick-or-treating?

Well, I am not a child! So I much prefer the party option. However, last year we did go with our friend’s children to take them trick or treating, and it was a lot of fun.

In a zombie apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice?

Definitely some long-ass sword of some kind. That would be the best method of keeping the zombies away. Emma is a big fan of the walking dead, she has a whole plan in her head for a zombie apocalypse. Oh and we love the dead island Xbox game.

Are you the one who gets scared or the one who does the scaring?

I am rubbish at scaring! I am the one who jumps the most! but in the same breath, I don’t mind that!

What is your favourite Halloween movie?

EEEEE I love horror movies, I am not sure if I can pick just one. The invisible man is my most recent favourite

What was your first Halloween costume?

Oh my goodness, I can actually still picture it. The black bag wrapped around me, as my mum dressed me up as a which. With a wooden broom in one hand, and a halloween sack in the other. The which hat on my head that had fake hair coming down from it. It was good times.

If you could have a Halloweeny pet (black cat, owl, bat, rat, wolf, raven) what would you pick?

100% an owl. I think it would have to be a harry potter like owl though. A beautiful white one. Yeah, I have definitely had this thought before!

Want to do the Halloween tag? Here are the prompts:

Have you ever used an Ouija Board?
What is the creepiest thing that’s ever happened to you while you were alone?
Are you superstitious?
Which urban legend scares you the most?
If you were dared to spend the night in a haunted house, would you do it?
Do you believe in multiple dimensions or worlds?
Ever made a potion of any sort?
You’re home alone but you hear footsteps in your house, what do you do?
Would you rather go to a Halloween part of trick-or-treating?
In a zombie apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice?
Are you the one who gets scared or the one who does the scaring?
What is your favourite Halloween movie?
What was your first Halloween costume?
If you could have a Halloweeny pet (black cat, owl, bat, rat, wolf, raven) what would you pick?

Post your tag your Halloween tag posts in the comments below…

I would love to hear your answers to this tag! Let me know in the comments below if you have done this tag and link them in the comments.

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100 Questions No One Ever Asks

I haven’t done a tag for absolute ages! I’m pretty certain the last one I did was the ‘Anti Favourites tag‘ way too long ago. So when I found this tag, ‘100 Questions no one ever asks’ I was eager to give it a go!

So here are 100 random questions that no one ever asks.

1. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?

I literally had to think about this one, and it is only questions 1. Well, they did say its questions no one ever asks. I Definitely sleep with the cupboards closed… Wouldn’t want any monsters to jump out, lol.

2. Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels?

I don’t know why I do, but I do. I am not as bad as Ross Gellar! but I am pretty certain they are there for that reason.

3. Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?

Tucked in! Always! I love the feeling of being snuggled up in tight covers.

4. Have you stolen a street sign before?

So the answer to this one is quite frankly, nope. But I have to say, Why would anyone steal a street sign?

5. Do you like to use post-it notes?

As a stationery and planning obsessed person! yes! I am continuously using post-it notes for reminders.

6. Do you cut out coupons but then never use them?

I’ve never really used coupons! which is so strange cause I really do love a bargain. Sometimes I have some coupons in my purse, and about 6 months later I look at them and think ‘Oh Yeah’ too late now.

7. Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees?

I think the big bear… Cause you know, the bear could actually be more friendly than the bees. No one likes being stung.

8. Do you have freckles?

I do indeed! Especially in the summer, they seem to come out even more in the sun.

9. Do you always smile for pictures?

Apparently not, my parents are always moaning that I do not smile for photos properly.

woman holding donut with sprinkles
Photo by Karley Saagi on

10. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Lies, lying is pointless. Especially when it is an obvious lie and your clearly lying.

11. Do you ever count your steps when you walk?

Ironically for questions no one ever asks, I have definitely been asked this one a lot. Yep! I have a Fitbit and I love it! If you would like to connect with me on Fitbit I love the challenges, send me a DM on one of my socials!

12. Have you peed in the woods?

I won’t lie, Yes… But I was drunk to be fair.

13. Have you ever pooped in the woods?

No, never.

14. Do you ever dance even if theres no music playing?

Literally all of the time. I cannot help myself. Especially since I have discovered TikTok.

15. Do you chew your pens and pencils?

Oh heaven, forbid! No! I hate chewing pens and pencils! I like my pens to remain as beautiful as when I brought them!

16. How many people have you slept with this week?

Ive slept in the bed with my soulmate every night for the past 3 years.

17. What size is your bed?

King size, I am pretty certain Emma would get a bigger bed. I prefer being able to snuggle up close.

18. What is your song of the week?

Watermelon Sugar high… it is just so upbeat. I can’t help singing along to this!

19. Is it OK for guys to wear pink?

OBVIOUSLY! Why wouldn’t it be?

20. Do you still watch cartoons?

Ugh I guess so, Family Guy mainly… and I kind of count that as mindless TV that I am not really concentrating on.

21. What is your least favorite movie?

I can’t really think what my least favourite movie is. I’m a bit of a movie buff really. I love horror, comedy, romance, Disney. All of them. The only thing I can think of is I am not a major documentary film watcher.

22. Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?

oh my goodness. This is a hard one.

I’d probably hide it under the floorboards!

23. What do you drink with dinner?

normally fizz to be honest, sometimes juice.

24. What do you dip a chicken nugget in?

well are we talking McNuggets? Cause that definitely has to be sweet. Urey sauce.

25. What is your favorite food?

sushi! Without a doubt. I love it. 🍣

26. What movies could you watch over and over again and still love?

anything Disney. Doesn’t matter if I have watched it a million times. I could always watch them more.

27. Last person you kissed/kissed you?

my Emmy ofcourse.

28. Were you ever a boy/girl scout?

I was in the girl guides, from being a rainbow to an adult leader.

29. Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?

I don’t think I could ever. Not even for body confidence posts.

30. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?

not long ago actually! I enjoy having penpals with people from all over the world. In fact I want to start writing letters again. It’s been a while since I wrote my last.

31. Can you change the oil on a car?

I can’t even drive, yet alone change the oil on a car.

32. Ever gotten a speeding ticket?

again, I don’t drive.

33. Ever ran out of gas?

I think you’ve got the point about me not driving. Right?
I do need and want to learn as soon as I can.

34. What’s your favourite kind of sandwich?

a crisp sandwich. Literally I’ve been having them since my Nan taught me to put crisps in my sarnie since a child.
my fav combo is ham sandwich with cheese and onion crisp in!

35. Best thing to eat for breakfast?

ok I have a bad habit of not eating breakfast. I’ll have a cup of coffee and a cigarette and I’m fine.
I love a croissant 🥐 when I do choose a breakfast.

36. What is your usual bedtime?

I’m not very good at going to bed.

37. Are you lazy?

not really. Even when I’m low on energy I find myself getting busy with something. Everyone has days they can’t be bothered though hey.

38. When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween?

I literally remember the times most when my mum would shove me in a black bag and add a witches hat the most. I swear that was most years aswell.

39. What is your Chinese astrological sign?

I’m a monkey 🐒. Born in 1992.

40. How many languages can you speak?

just one. If I could learn another I would lol.

41. Do you have any magazine subscriptions?

not at the moment. Money is tight. I normally am subscribed to blogosphere magazine.
I also read every issue of Cosmopolitan and Glamour that comes out. Without fail.

42. Which are better: legos or Lincoln logs?

Lego. All the way. Have you heard of nano bricks? Now that’s like ultimate Lego. As for Lincoln logs, I googled them, but I had never heard of these before!

43. Are you stubborn?

No, not really… Ok maybe a little bit… Ok Ok I admit it, I am stubborn! I call it more determined though.

44. Who is better: Leno or Letterman?

um who now? (honestly, No clue)

45. Ever watch soap operas?

I love the soaps. I proudly watch Hollyoaks, emmerdale, coronation street and Eastenders.
my guilty pleasure whilst living with Emma’s dad was reading the soap gossip out of his Tv magazine.

46. Are you afraid of heights?

terrified but not terrified.
whilst I worked at PGL I did manage to conquer the majority of my fears. I even went and abseiled down the spinnaker tower.
I laughed hysterically I was so scared.

47. Do you sing in the car?

Quite a lot to be honest.

48. Do you sing in the shower?

Literally every shower I get carried away with my music and sing.

49. Do you dance in the car?

Ok no. How could you possibly dance inside a car?

50. Ever used a gun?

No. I am against guns. They are unnecessary. Neverming Questions No one ever asks, this question shouldn’t be asked! encouraging guns is not a positive thing!

Enjoying reading my 100 Questions no one ever asks tag? How about reading the Sunshine Blogger award tag, here.

51. Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?

School. I take way to many selfie’s to need portraits done.

52. Do you think musicals are cheesy?

Nope. I love musicals. I sometimes wish life could be a musical. We would all be a lot happier if they were.

chords sheet on piano tiles
Photo by Pixabay on

53. Is Christmas stressful?

pretty much yes. But I dunno why. Since everything always turns out fine in the end.

54. Ever eat a pierogi?

As per questions no one ever asks go, What the hell is pierogi?

55. Favourite type of fruit pie?

Banoffee. Or apple.

56. Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?

a singer.

57. Do you believe in ghosts?

I do.

58. Ever have a Deja-vu feeling?

Actually I really do, a lot of the time. Probably because I am so forgetful!

59. Do you take a vitamin daily

I should but I don’t.

60. Do you wear slippers?

yes! Slippers are the best. I literally wear them around the house all of the time. Easily go through a few pairs of slippers a year!

61. Do you wear a bath robe?

I’m wearing one, as I write this answer.

62. What do you wear to bed?

To be honest. Not a lot.

63. What was your first concert?

power in the park with my cousin.

64. Walmart, Target, or Kmart?

well if I actually lived in America. Target. I follow them on insta.

65. Nike or Adidas?

Adidas – But I actually like both!

66. Cheetos or Fritos?


67. Peanuts or Sunflower seeds?


68. Ever hear of the group Tres Bien?

never in my life.

69. Ever take dance lessons?

yep. And I was part of Southampton musical society.

70. Is there a profession you picture your future spouse doing?

Working with children or learning disabilities somehow!

Haven’t read enough about me with 100 questions no one asks? how about reading the 21 random things about me post, here.

71. Can you curl your tongue?

no. I tried. And I definitely still can’t.

72. Ever won a spelling bee?

I’m a bad speller if I’m honest. Thank god for spell check.

Questions no one ever asks

73. Have you ever cried because you were so happy?

definitely. I cried with happiness when emma proposed to me at Disneyland.

74. Own any record albums?

I don’t. I’ve never been bothered about cds or albums.

75. Own a record player?


76. Do you regularly burn incense?

I don’t really like the smell of incense. I’m a candle girl all the way. Especially Yankee or woodwick.

77. Ever been in love?

I fall more and more in love with my emma everyday.

78. Who would you like to see in concert?

Ed sheeren.

79. What was the last concert you saw?

well by now it should have been the shires. But then COVID happened.
the last concert I saw was Ben heywRd when I worked as security at a venue he was playing at.

80. Hot tea or cold tea?

hot tea but I like a lemon iced.

81. Tea or coffee?

coffee all the way.

82. Sugar cookies or snicker doodles?

I’ll go with cookies. Since I’m a cookie lover.

83. Can you swim well?

pretty well. But not the greatest as I get anxiety.

84. Can you hold your breath without holding your nose?

I can! For up to a minute.

85. Are you patient?

I’m way to patient. I sometimes wish I could loose my shit more. I just don’t have it in me.

86. DJ or band at a wedding?

We’re be having a DJ and hopefully a singer.

87. Ever won a contest?

I won a local contest from our fosh and chip shop.
we recieved 2 massive Easter eggs and a free takeout. Lush!

88. Have you ever had plastic surgery?

nope. I have had corrective bone surgery however.

89. Which are better: black or green olives?

I am totally against olives. There too sour and they don’t even smell nice.

90. Can you knit or crochet?

I can do some basic knitting. I do really want to learn how to crochet though! It’s on my bucket list of things I want to do.

91. Best room for a fireplace?

the living room ofcourse. Sofa snuggles a movie by the fireplace and some popcorn please.

92. Do you want to get married?

I can’t wait to get married! Regardless what COVID does next. We won’t be postponing our wedding again!

93. If married, how long have you been married?

see above.

94. Who was your high school crush?

I really can’t remember that.

95. Do you cry and throw a fit until you get your own way?

no, way. I’m too understanding for that.

96. Do you have kids?


97. Do you want kids?

Definitely. I can’t wait to start IVF.

98. What is your favorite color?

I love all colours really, but I do tend to love alot of pinks.

99. Do you miss anyone right now?

there’s some friends that I miss. I haven’t seen in a long time.

100. Who are you going to tag to do this blog post next?

Demi and Ashleigh, I am tagging you!
Otherwise, anyone that would like to do this tag! Let me know in the comments if you took part. I’d love to see your answers to these really random questions.

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My blogging fails – What I wish I knew before I started my blog.

When it comes to blogging, a lot of the things I have learnt have been good old fashioned trial and error. As my blog has grown I have grown with my blog. And my blogging fails.

My confidence has grown massively since I first started my blog. One major thing that becoming a blogger has given me is the understanding of my own self-worth. There are things

blogging fails photo of laptop on white table
Photo by bongkarn thanyakij on

So, What do I wish I knew before I actually started my blog?

I needed to do more research on literally everything.

I’ll tell you one thing. You should always be open to learning, and advancing the knowledge you already have. It’s the way we survive in life really, by learning new things.

I definitely hadn’t done enough research before I started my blog. Originally I started a blog for fun. However, as I have grown alongside my blog and decided how much I wanted to grow as a blogger I have definitely realised how many common mistakes I was making.

SEO is literally unavoidable.

Following on from doing more research comes SEO. To be honest. It wasn’t even something I had heard of when I started my blog. But when it comes to taking your blog serious. SEO is mentioned everywhere.

If you don’t know what SEO, it is an anagram for Search Engine Optimisation. A system that Google uses to rate the quality of your website and posts in its search engine results. Basically the main way your blog is recognised on the search engines.

If you think you can make it as a blogger and not have to learn how to make your blog read and found success with SEO you are so wrong. Every blogger I have spoken to lately either loves SEO or hates it. To be honest, I am starting to love SEO, but it is only since I have begun to understand its benefits. SEO is something I highly recommend you research fully.

Planning and organisation is essential.

When it comes to blogging organisation and planning is a key skill a blogger needs. When you become a blogger, you come to be a full-time writer, photographer, graphic designer, marketer as well as everything else it is you do to keep your blog interesting.

Learning to schedule content and social media posts is something that allows us to also be able to switch off from our blogs at times. Otherwise, if you are unable to keep ahead you will begin to feel drowned by your blog.

How about checking out my post on organisation, here.

apple applications apps cell phone
Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on

Pinterest is a search engine.

Now that I think about it. This is so obvious. But not everyone knows this. Pinterest is really a search engine! Not just a sharing tool. Although obviously we live it as an inspirational sharing tool.

It’s only recently I have really started using Pinterest and really gaining from its amazing features. It was Jenny Marston with ‘growing your blog’ who really made me understand it’s importance.

Pinterest has the ability to drive thousands of users looking to gain knowledge and inspiration to your website! Since I have been regularly posting a variety of pins (even multiple pins to the same post) my traffic has doubled. Less of blogging fails but certainly something I wish I realised from the start.

I would start running hundreds of different methods to earn money through blogging.

There are so many ways to earn money through blogging. Including ads, affiliates, and sponsored posts.

Affiliate marketing is actually one of the easiest ways to make money through blogging.

At first I avoiding affiliate marketing. Thinking it sounded complicated and really hard to do due to what some people were saying. The truth is it’s not the easiest until you actually learn how to use affiliate programs properly.

My favourite affiliate program is amazon. As it is the most used online retailing source in the world! and you can even link to generalised house hold items!

Want 11 easy methods to earn money at home. Read my post, here.

blogging fails
I am not joking I swear I blog in my sleep sometimes.

Blogging is a 24/7 job.

There’s something about starting a blog and becoming a blogger that means you literally switch your thoughts to your blog constantly. One of the most annoying mistakes I was making was having the best ideas at really random times and places, not writing it down and forgetting to do it. Or worse, what it even was.

My biggest mistake is not doing things in stages and trying to do too much at once. So much so that I have so many ideas that I don’t know what to do with them all. Since I have learnt to break things down into manageable tasks or goals, I have really begun to get further with what I want to achieve. Taking breaks, and setting manageable goals does really keep you going when it comes to blogging.

Just like anything else. Blogs can get viruses.

My biggest blogging fails. Not regularly manually backing up my blog work and blog data files to my cloud.

When I first started, I really didn’t have the correct protection on my blog whilst I was with GoDaddy (another reason I love Skystra) and my blog was completely hacked and taken down.

I remember feeling so shocked and upset that this could happen. So much content literally. I had written in the past because I hadn’t actually thought of downloading a back up in months.

So, this is my most suggested tip to everyone when they first get started so they regularly keep on top of it! I set a reminder on my phone to back up my blog every 2 weeks at the moment.

I’d love to hear something you have learnt upon your blogging journey!

Running a blog is something where you really do learn through experiences and opportunities. What is one thing that you have learnt from in your blogging experiences? Is there any blogging fails that you have learnt from?

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30 Creative uses for your empty notebooks!

AD – This post contains PR samples (Gifted items) but all thoughts are my own.

Does anyone else get that super satisfying feeling when you buy a new notebook? its so clean and exciting. I don’t really know how I became so obsessed with notebooks but I really do love buying notebooks!

There really is something exciting about having an empty notebook though. A blank canvas for your creative thoughts, keeping organised and just having fun in. I generally keep a notebook for everything I can.

I have been so excited to work with Old English Company. They kindly offered to send me a personalised notebook over to try out, (How cool is this! Personalised stationery!) When it came to actually choosing a colour and design it was so difficult to choose, they have so many brilliant designs.

Fancy buying your own personalised notebook from the Old English Company? You can receive 15% off of your order with code: OESPECBR15

After finally coming to a decision I choose a blush pink ‘My brain has too many tabs open’ Notebook. With ‘AlexaJade’ of course.

So to show off my beautiful Old English Company notebook I thought I would write about what you can do with your empty notebooks.

Things you can do with your empty notebooks…

1. To-do lists

Starting out with quite an obvious idea and something I’m honestly obsessed with, lists. I literally love to keep a book filled with everything that I need to do.

Something I do when I keep my book of lists of what I need to do codes each item with a symbol based on the priority of how important it is, (whether it needs to be done sooner than anything else).

2. Journal

What better to fill up empty notebooks with your personal memos. Documenting your life and expressing your feelings on a daily basis. I love keeping journals, I haven’t actually written in one for a little while, but I go in phases of keeping one and going back to it whenever I have a lot of my mind. Keeping a journal is so good for your mental health as well.

4. Gratitude log

Keep a notebook filled with everything you have been grateful in life. Every time your feeling grateful write the date is and what it is that made you feel this way.
Sometimes we naturally forget the things that we should be grateful for, so reminding ourself to be thankful is such a beautiful thing.

5. Sketches/doodles/art

Grab a notebook and a pen, and just start doodling away. Doodles are such a therapeutic activity for when you are feeling stressed and anxious. I’m always finding myself absent-minded and just filling a page of random doodles and drawings. It’s something that makes me giggle when you look back and you randomly see a doodle of something that makes you smile or laugh.


6. Bullet journal

If you read my recent post on finding the right planner for you, you will already know how much I think bullet journals are a good idea. And you really can use any empty notebook to do this with!

7. Goal tracker

A book filled with goals and milestones is a great way to stay inspired and on track of what you want to achieve out of life. Keeping goals is a brilliant idea when you are in the middle of a project, especially one that takes a lot of work. Goals help you stay motivated and accomplished as you achieve them. It is always rewarding seeing how your progressing.

8. Meal planner

Having a Meal planner is a brilliant idea for keeping organised when it comes to food shopping and what to have for dinner each week. As well as being a great way of inspiring yourself with different meals, when you can’t think what you want to eat!

9. Letters book

This one is perfect for those soppy couples out there. Even the not so mushy couples might enjoy this. Writing dated letters in a book to each other and then looking back on these in years to come. Writing happy messages of love, memories and feelings. Sometimes you can write down more than you can say, so a letters book is absolutely perfect for this!

10. Positivity

Keeping a book of positivity is a brilliant idea to keep a positive mindset. By writing things such as positive affirmations. Have a look back at your positivity when you are feeling down, and remind yourself of all the lovely things about you, including everything you like, and what makes you happy.

11. Handwriting practice

It took me ages to get my handwriting neat and readable, I found using a spare notebook to practise my penmanship skills, so helpful.
It is a very simple idea however so useful for improving your handwriting skills.

12. Event planning

Planning an event keeping notes, ideas, and plans. I found this so helpful when I was planning surprise parties. I made lists of everything I needed to do, everything I needed to buy and who I was going to invite.

13. Budgeting

A subject I hate, well hate is a strong word. Highly dislike. Budgeting is something that we all need to do to be able to keep on top of our finances. Giving us the ability to enjoy our money as well as being able to afford our monthly bills.

14. Blogging notes

Calling all blogger friends out there! This is one for you. Keeping a blogging notebook is so helpful, in fact, I go through so many notebooks making blogging notes, including post ideas, post planning, specific blog to-do lists, keeping stat records, resources reminders and notes when researching and learning.

Want to know more about blogging, how about checking my post on how to start your own blog, here.

15. Random thoughts

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night thinking something, then it stops you sleeping so you go to add a note on your phone… then your brain starts waking up and getting distracted so your planning on your phone now instead of going back to sleep? Well, I couldn’t tell you how many times I have. Keeping a notebook by you is not only a way of making sure you actually see the note you’ve made yourself (instead of it being hidden on your phone to suddenly remember by the time it’s too late) but it is also a way of ensuring that your not distracted and you can concentrate on getting back to that beauty sleep.

16. Learning a new language

Thinking you need a new hobby? How about grabbing a notebook and writing our words and phrases in a different language so you can become a multilingual pro.

17. Writing a story/Poems or song lyrics

Use a blank notebook to completely get creative and plot and write a novel. Who knows you could be writing the next award-winning story. Or if story writing isn’t quite your thing, a book of poems or song lyrics. Whatever you decide, your definitely fill your notebooks up with these options.

Want to improve your writing skills, read how I’ve been improving mine, here.

18. Travel journal

Are you a lover of travelling? Why not start a journal of where you have been, what you have done whilst travelling and what you loved, disliked about the trip.

19. Recording your progress

Working on projects. You could use this space to record what is going well, what isn’t working so much and how you think you could improve. It’s quite rewarding to keep record of your progress in anything. Since you can look back and see how much you have grown.

20. Christmas planning

This is something that I love to do every year! Christmas is such a hectic time and so having a dedicated place to plan is a must for me. As well as being a brilliant use for an empty notebook, or section of a project book! I honestly end up writing out so many lists, including ideas for Christmas, shopping lists, what we actually brought and for who, as well as the food planning. Honestly one of the best ways to get your Christmas period as organised as possible!

21. Vision board in a book

I love vision boards, they are so much fun to create, and so very useful to keep. One idea for using your empty notebooks is to keep an ongoing vision board in one of your notebooks. Filling the pages with inspiring things that you would like to achieve as well as being a positive source to look through.


22. Passwords

How many times have you gone to log in somewhere and you have had to reset your password? I know sometimes there are apps and ways to save these digitally, however, it is not always the most reliable way of storing thing, as there is always a risk of losing your saved information.

23. Special memories

Journalling daily is not for everyone. Sometimes life just doesn’t give us the time to sit and write when we would like to, but keeping a book of special memories is a good way to keep down the special things that you want to remember in the years to come. Using your notebook you could spare a page per special day.

24. Shopping lists

Shopping lists are so handy when it comes to shopping. On the times that we haven’t bothered to write a list were left with a mess of buying things we don’t need, and things we don’t use. Wasting more money then we need to. So not only does writing a shopping list make uses for filling up notebooks, it helps you stay organised with the weekly shop.

25. Recording your dreams

Recording dreams is such a cute idea, sometimes our dreams tell us things that we don’t know, but our subconscious is letting us know. Writing our dreams down provides so many benefits to us. Benefits such as Reducing stress, helping us to solve problems, produce amazing ideas and learn from our mistakes.

26. Trackers

Pretty much like bullet journalling but just plain and simple trackers. you could design a tracker for anything. From tracking your habits, periods, to activities you have done. I have a book and a film tracker in my bullet journal.

27. Recipes

I love recipe books, however, I hate clutter. I like to keep all of my favourite recipes in one notebook. It is a much more convenient way, then keeping a recipe book and having to flick for all the recipes you’re never even gonna try to find the one recipe you want.

old english co notebooks

28. Health log

Keep track of what’s going on with you. A personal notebook that no one else has to see but is so good for keeping records of things you might need to look back at later. Such as when you have your periods, you can use the record to be able to work out your ovulation as well as notice any changes.
Another good thing about keeping a health record is if you are suffering from any kind of illness, you can keep a pain record or a sickness record, that may be useful to show to the medical professionals.

29. Inspiration journal

Keep track of the things that inspire you, whether it is pictures, words, quotes. Anything that makes you feel motivated and inspired. Almost like keeping a vision board in a book. Which vision boards are really great for keeping yourself positive.

30. Crafts and projects to try.

Another new idea for a craft or project? Jot it down in your notebook, with what equipment you need to complete the project. So it is almost like a craft planner. Which is ideal for when you are stuck for something to do. Brilliant for having an ongoing list for what you are going to make. Which as a crafter myself, I get so many crazy ideas of what I am going to make, so keeping lists of projects is a brilliant thing!

How about finding ways to stay creative with my post ways to stay creative indoors, here.

What do you use your notebooks for?

I would love to hear what it is you use your notebooks for? Do you have any random uses for your favourite notepads? and better yet, do you have notebooks that are just too pretty to use, or maybe you are like me and have a massive pile of notebooks ready to be creative with.

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