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Brighton pride 2018 – We had an amazing day!

Saturday 4th August, Brighton’s biggest weekend of the year and the best! I’ve got to say that I  had an amazing Saturday at Brighton pride. 

If pride isn’t your things, how about reading why I blog, here.

The sun was literally at its hottest this weekend and it didn’t stop the amazing vibe going around Brighton. One of my favourite things about Brighton is literally everywhere you walk pride is everywhere. Seriously the best location for the pride that I know anyway.

I was originally gutted because we had missed out on getting into tickets for the festival bit in the parks. pretty certain that was because of Britney Spears being the headliner this year! but we still decided that we would have an amazing day to head to watch the parade! see some shops and the beach!

Brighton Pride is so worth the drive!

Brighton pride

We got up early to head to Brighton on Saturday morning, with the expectation of traffic being hideous. We got lucky though and the drive was lovely. 
As you get closer to Brighton the pride vibes can be felt all around. You really can see the effort that this city goes too. Flags, banners, and rainbows everywhere. It really is beautiful. 

I love bright colours and have always believed that colours can impact your mood. Smiling faces and floods and floods of people everywhere you turn. It couldn’t be truer when it comes to pride. Smiling faces. Open, honest, people, being who they truly are. As you walk through the crowds you have 100 people turn around and say ‘Happy Pride’ Why can’t we have that every day?

brighton pride

Pride is an experience that I think every single person should have. maybe if every single person on earth went to a pride day, there would no longer be hated. 

Definition of pride: a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of one’s close associates, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.

It is amazing the effort put in by the emergency service teams at this year’s pride parade! I mean the cars that have been all done up look amazing! who could not love watching the positive attitude towards the LGBT community from our trusted services! Including where I work!  Very proud. 

One last thing to mention on pride this year, The costumes and festival/carnival atmosphere. Every year pride gets bigger, louder and better. 
my goal for next year is to be well prepared with the glitter (because we may have left it in the car this year  – oops) and we are getting into that festival! 

Update – I have recently posted about my LGBTQ experiences, here.

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