Happy New year and Hello 2019!

Firstly I wanna wish all of you a very Happy New Year! I hope that 2019 is gonna be as amazing for you!

You may have noticed that my 24-day Blogmas Fizzled out halfway through in December! I am gutted, and I will make a goal that next year I am more organised! BUT… I am not sorry! Whilst I haven’t been blogging I have been busy with all sorts.

How about reading 10 reasons I love Christmas?

December turned out to be a rollercoaster of an end of the year for me, with so many highs and lows. So I thought with it being the new year now I should do a bit of an update and get back on track for a new year of blogging!
So what happened in December?

December Birthday… and it was a big one.

So December month hasn’t just been Christmas chaos in this house! My beautiful girly turned 40 years old! So not only did we celebrate with a surprise party a few days before, we had a lovely day we took a trip to Keydales nursery for their charismas winter wonderland walk.
40th Birthday means something special hey, so we are now both really excited because this month we will be heading for 2 nights in Disneyland Paris for a magical few days for her big birthday treat! The excitement is endless! (Em Can’t wait to meet Mickey!)

Bournemouth Winter Wonderland

I think it is pretty fair to say that 2018 Bournemouth has become our most visited and loved the place, and it didn’t let us down this month. Christmas market, big lit-up Christmas trees! we discovered this is a yearly thing at Bournemouth! I never knew that it was even a thing, and it’s lovely. The Christmas lights were lovely. We watched the pyro light show on the big wheel. Which for a 5-minute thing was packed with tons of fireballs and fireworks? Brilliant.

New Year

And then there was Christmas! and a Happy New Year.

Well, I’ve gotta admit. Every year Christmas seems to sneak up too quick. The thing is, it’s over and done with even quicker. After one day it’s all over. Christmas was lovely family festivities with so many lovely presents.
I and Em cooked the dinner with help from our family and after stuffing our faces we played board games and enjoyed relaxing, and being with loved ones.
Christmas is a time that we can really have an opportunity to reflect and be grateful for what we have. For us this year more than ever.

So now 2019? what next? New Year, New me?

So other than being blog focused this year! I refuse to set any new years resolutions! and I really do think that will be the most motivating and productive decision for me! Don’t get me wrong! I am gonna be setting monthly goals and I have things that I would love to achieve this year! but I am really just looking forward to another crazy year with the future looking so bright!… 2018 brought me so much happiness, and sadness, amazing things happened. So 2019 can only be even better!

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My December Playlist

Evening guys, So it’s that time of year that we’re listening to all that upbeat festive music, more than anything else. I am no different especially when it comes to plugging my headphones in on the train. 
Never mind the embarrassment when I finally realise I been pretty much singing out loud on the train! 

There are so so so many songs! and I always like to create a new playlist for every Christmas, So this year I’m giving you my top 10 Christmas songs that will be being played at our Christmas table! 

  1. Mariah Carey – All I want for Christmas
  2. The Pogues – Fairytale of New York 
  3. Michale Buble – Santa Baby 
  4. Bing Crosby – White Christmas
  5. Wham – Last Christmas 
  6. The Jackson 5 – I saw mummy kissing Santa Clause 
  7. Carrie Underwood – Do you hear what I hear
  8. Elmo & Patsy – Grandma got run over by the Reindeer
  9. Justin Bieber – Mistletoe
  10. Dean Martin – Let it snow 

Id love to hear what music is in your Christmas playlist this year?

Oh Christmas tree…..

My favourite part of Christmas is definitely the moment that we get to put the tree up. So this week we have done just that! 

Christmas really starts to come together when the tree goes up! One thing I love is the constant debate that seems to start half way through November, and continues till Christmas day. It normally starts by that one friend thats on facebook who has put there decorations up 6 weeks early!
I mean I suppose you want to get the most out of your decorations but I can also see why we should wait till nearer the time! 

Twinkle lights, lots of different baubles.  and lots of love. 
Our Christmas tree 2018. 

Christmas pet peeves

Since I have shared my Christmas loves, I thought I should probably share my pet peeves as well. It seems as you get older the list grows! 

Christmas Tack: 
We’re getting to the time of year were we start to overbuy, and the shops are filled with things that we really don’t actually need in our lives. Now let me be clear, When I say tack, Im talking over the top decorations, clothing, presents, that do not have any meaning. OR things that were a good idea at the time! but they was never a good idea. 

Over Crowded Shops:
As the big day looms we do seem to loose the plot and go shopping at every opportunity. thousands of shoppers fleeing to town centres, You can’t breathe yet alone think. Shopping is normally my Forte, add crowds into the mix and No. Not for me. 

Over Buying: 
Ok I am a sucker for doing this, but Im talking massive extents, common guys its not about how many presents are there to open on Christmas day, or how busy the tree is you should never forget Christmas is about love, families coming together and making memories. 

Christmas songs on repeat:
Ok So I love Christmas music! but! when that same Christmas song has been on the radio for the 15th time in one day! you have to admit that its starting to get a bit much! Variety is key. If you could send this message on to the shops as-well! Seems every shop you go in at one point has the same bloody song playing. 

Seasonal Weight Gain: 
Finally we all say that were gonna try and be good over the Festive season I know that I do, but when it comes down to it, there is too much nice food and we all seem to indulge, Never-mind guys, New years goals for this one.  πŸ™‚ 

My top 5 Christmas films to watch…

It’s completely acceptable in my opinion to watch Christmas films at any time of the year! but since its December, Christmas movies are a MUST! Em is always sneaking the Christmas movie channel on and she has been doing the since November! so I’ve probably watched over 100 festive related movies already this year!
So I thought it would be appropriate to share what my top 5 movies have been this year! 

So my Number 1 film, is and always will be The Grinch! My favourite Film to watch at Christmas, It’s funny, its Fictional, and Jim Carey absolutely Rocks this Grimy Christmas Hating Character. 

My Next film I have literally fallen in love with is The Holiday Calendar witch is an Netflix.com original! A Single girl, who’s best friend is clearly in love with her, misses all the signs that the magical calander is giving her, to find her true love, whilst she persistently dates the wrong one! A festive love story! Perfect! 

Next up, Netflix wins again with me. The Christmas Chronicles, staring Kurt Russell. which was released literally a few days ago. When Christmas goes terribly wrong Santa is put to his paces to make sure all the boys and girls receive their Christmas gifts. Yup. Really enjoyed this film and would definitely suggest this to my friends! 

I couldn’t miss these classic Christmas films off my list, Santa Clause, in-fact I mean all 3 of the funny Santa Clause Films with Tim Allen. It’s hard not to picture Tim Allen in Home Improvements, or his voice as Buzz light year, But he really does make an excellent Santa!

Finally, Love Actually, is my number 5 top Christmas film to watch! You can’t really miss this one! it’s on every year! especially over Christmas week. Stories of Love, Christmas Cheer, and Nativities. They didn’t go wrong with that one.

On a side note: none of the above pictures are my own, but have been used in a non profitable way to include joy on my post.  

Selfless ideas this season

This is one of my favourite times of year. Christmas is a time where we come together with our families, The time for giving, I’m not just talking presents. 
Christmas is time to appreciate what we have, and who we have in our lives, because not everyone in this world has the same. 
So, I thought of some ideas, and some of these are still my goal for the future. 

Donate stuff you don’t need anymore to your local charity shop:

With Christmas just around the corner and the January sales looming close as Well we always seem to accumulate a lot of new things this time of year. Therefor nows the perfect opportunity to donate the stuff you don’t need any more to a good cause.

Shoe box presents for a homeless person:

I don’t really agree with giving money to people living on the streets because you can’t guarantee that it’s going to be spent on the right thing. A small gesture such as buying a meal deal or a hot drink could really make a difference to someone who’s having a low time. If you have more time though grab a shoe box and fill it with little bits like tooth paste, deodorant, dry food, winter warmers like a scarf. Basically a little care package that could help them through with the cold weather.

Be a good listener:

This time of year can be challenging. By taking the time to listen to someone could be a bigger gesture then what you think. We all need a friend when we really need support.

Donate some pet food/toys to an arc: 
Pets are in need too! and since some animal shelters survive only on donations, small gifts like this will really be appreciated by these furry little friends!

Volunteer at a homeless shelter:

I’ve never had the chance to do this yet. BUT, this is such a beautiful idea. Homeless shelters normally need volunteers to help with serving hot meals and keeping things going.

Show some appreciation:

Is there anybody that you see on a regular basis that always takes the time to smile and be polite!? Maybe it’s your regular cashier in your corner shop. Or your doctor. Or someone closer to you. Try taking a minute to write a thank you note, or a small card to make there day and feel appreciated.

I’m sure…

There is probably thousands more things you could do thisIs there anything else you do as a selfless act? Id love to hear your ideas.

Stocking filler ideas you can’t really go wrong with.

Tis the season to be jolly and The season for giving. So with only 20 days left till the big day, time is beginning to run thin. At this point present buying can become quite stressful, especially when you are clueless.  Christmas shopping has probably has about 3 levels. Super organised and Finished their Christmas shopping by November. Those who have not even started yet, and I literally mean those who haven’t brought one single present. Then there is those who will probably do it all Christmas eve. Which one are you? Because I am definitely stuck in the middle at the moment!

Christmas gifts never replace the gift of love

Were now all asking the question of what to buy, and so I have created my list of stocking filler ideas that you can’t really go wrong with when creating the Christmas sacks for our loved ones. and this 

I can’t be the only person in the world who has a slight sock obsession I mean who doesn’t love a few good pairs of socks!? Decorative ones of-course! 

Bubble Bath, Bath Bombs, Body sprays, Perfumes, Candle and the list goes on! Everyone baths, everyone likes to be clean and smell nice! so Smelly things are perfect as stocking fillers for Christmas!

For years my mum has always put some chocolate coins in are stocking, along with an orange! Its like a must! 

Its winter, its cold at night! Lazy days are always a possibility. Whats better than a pair of pyjamas, who wouldn’t want to receive these in their christmas gifts?

A cute mug, or maybe a funny one, Mugs can never go a miss! even if that person owns way too many (like me)

Things to do
Books, DVDs, Puzzles, and crafty things. So many things that you could include in a stocking. Sometimes the little things are the best things a person could ever receive. 

One last thing….

The most important thing that you remember when you go out shopping this year, that it isn’t what you buy. Christmas isn’t about how much money you spend. It is certainly not about how many presents are under the tree. It’s the time you spend with your loved ones, putting arguments aside. Making memories, and living life to it merriest.  Good luck!