What are the benefits of wearing a face mask for the ‘new normal’

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Can you believe how this year had literally been flying by considering 2020 has been a year of worldwide madness, to put it nicely? and of course, the hottest topic of 2020 has been the Coronavirus and the global pandemic that the coronavirus has caused. From being in complete lockdown to only being allowed to enter a shop wearing a face covering. So how appropriate to be talking about the benefits of wearing a face mask! since we all have to do it right now.

Today I am partnering with bitmore.co.uk and their Armor London beautifully designed face mask coverings. There are so many benefits of wearing a face covering. Especially since it is part of the ‘new normal’ life that we are all experiencing right now.

 benefits of wearing a face mask

I thought that this would be a brilliant chance to review something that is highly spoken about as well as argued about right now.

So, What did I think of the masks?

As we headed out for a morning at the arcades, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to test the masks out properly. So I can assure you guys that before writing this post, I have tested the Armor London masks fully.

Honestly, I have been so impressed with these masks that I have been sent, the material is so comfortable. The camafolague pink mask is a cotton material that feels quite soft and really didn’t feel too heavy or restricting.

My favourite mask is the Dusky pink colour made from hemp materials. This mask is again ever so breathable. It didn’t irritate my face at all, and I even forgot it was there after a while.

The fit feels snug to the face but ever so breathable. It is actually the only mask that I have had so far that I haven’t had anxiety with halfway around a store. Which is a massive thing for me, and is really helping my confidence when it comes to face mask-wearing.

The masks are brilliant colours, with quite a beautiful range of colours and styles, as well as a range for children.

face mask

What are the benefits of wearing a face mask?

Some of the major questions on everybody’s lips are what are the benefits of wearing a facemask. Should they really be wearing one and where?

There are many benefits of wearing a face mask. The reasons for wearing them are for our own benefit as well as other people. Although the face mask may not fully beneficial to the person wearing the mask, there is some protection as well as being a requirement to wear to ensure the safety of others.

Wearing a mask helps protect you and others from contracting germs.

The main reason behind wearing a face covering is to prevent the spread of the tiny particles that come from your mouth and nose whilst out and about in the community. Although a face mask alone has not been proven to be completely affective, alongside other methods a facemark is said to be the most effective method of prevention.

You may not realise that you are contagious.

If you were to contract the coronavirus, you may not realise that you have been affected for up to 2 weeks, before you begin to show symptoms. So imagine if you were positive for the Coronavirus and didn’t realise, for 2 weeks you then see 10 people, they then see 10 other people, and that happened every day for the 2 weeks that you do not realise you are contagious to others. The world would be heading back to lockdown again. Not that the world has fully recovered in the first place.

Face masks help the economy recover.

With everything that has happened this year, the business world has taken a really big hit. The idea of protecting the community and supporting the return to business as well as education, so that we are not suffering in the future to come.

There is very little alternative to face coverings.

Wether we like it or not, there are very little alternatives to wearing a face covering, and being vigilant when it comes to social distancing. Although there are many debates about the benefits of wearing a face mask, and if they are actually useful or not. There is no cure/vaccination to beat the covid-19 virus.

benefits of wearing a face mask

What else can you do to prevent spreading or contracting the virus?

Washing your hands frequently.

Good old soap and water, you cant beat it. Washing your hands regularly, especially having touched items from outside of your house setting with soap and water kills bacteria that lingers on your hands. You should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, ensuring your rub in-between all of your fingers and above your wrist.

Use anti bacterial gel.

The use of hand sanitiser gel is a way of cleansing your hands as much as possible if you are in a situation where you are unable to use soap and water. It is highly recommended that as soon as you return to a setting where you are able to wash your hands, you do so.

Continue to adhere to social distancing measures.

However much the lockdown regulations have eased, we are not back to how life was in the slightest. Instead, life is turning to the ‘new normal’ (not that we are sure what exactly normal is yet!). The virus still exists and we should be remaining to stay vigilant as the virus is still catchable. You can do this by trying to stay at least 2 metres away from anyone you do not live with or anyone who is not in your support bubble. Although it may feel like at times that some have started to get bored of the mention of COVID, this should not stop you from ensuring your safety.

Catch it and bin it!

I personally feel like this is quite an obvious thing to say! but yanno… No matter where you are if you feel the need to cough or sneeze you should ensure that you are covering your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands). Single-use tissues are the safest, as you are able to bin these immediately and wash your hands after.

benefits of wearing a face mask

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August 2020 – Wrapping up the month. A crazy month.

August 2020

August 2020 has been a crazy month! I really mean that. It has been Hectic in our house lately. We have had an emotional month with varies things going on. and of course, yesterday felt like a sad day for us as we should have been saying ‘I do’.

It is sad that we had to postpone our wedding, thanks to the bloody coronavirus. However we still have 11 beautiful months to look forward to our big day. So instead of being negative I am looking forward to our future as always.

So what has been happening this August 2020?

We had so much fun at the sunflower fields!

At the beginning of this month, my beautiful Emma surprised me by taking me to the sunflower fields in Titchfield. We had such a fabulous time. It had honestly been on my bucket list to go to one of these, so to have finally done it has made me feel proper happy! I definitely am lucky to have such a thoughtful fiance.

August 2020

Bella did her very first collaboration.

Bella did her first-ever collaboration with Fab Furry Baby and modelled this beautiful dress on my Instagram this month! Owning Bella has such a positive effect on our mental health. It was quite fun seeing her strut her stuff in such a cute item of pet clothing!

We played with our hair, a lot.

This was such an out of the blue thing! Emma and I both decided that we should bleach our hair. Why I am not sure. Do I regret it? No, actually I’m loving having lighter hair again! Although of course, the bleach has damaged the condition a fair bit, I am using a lot of hair masks and treatment to recover the state of our hair. As you can imagine going from dark to blonde has given us multiple shades of yellow! however we are getting there, and hopefully, I’ll be the actual colour I want to be soon. I’ll do a proper post with pictures in the future!

We’ve had some pretty awesome house guests.

Supporting our lovely neighbours who are going through some difficult times, we have offered them our house until they can get back on their feet. The amazing ‘Crazy M‘ is currently staying with us. I wanted to give them a mention as this month she has been entered into the Be Awards nationals. If you have two minutes, please visit this link and vote for her to win!

Another thing I wanted to mention is Demi has started blogging since she has been staying here, take a second to check out her blog as she is such an inspiring person!

I reached 10 years on WordPress.

Seriously, 10 years? How did that happen? It’s hard to believe that I have been blogging on and off since then. The past 3 years my blogging has grown much more, but I definitely feel like I have learnt a lot in the past few years.

Finally played with the resin liquid I brought ages ago!

A few months ago I finally got my hands on some resin liquid! I hadn’t had a chance to get to grips with actually doing it!, So we grabbed some little decorations (basically whatever I could find in the craft room. The trinket trays we made are absolutely adorable, and I now can’t wait to purchase more resin liquid to be able to make more!

Unfortunately, I have learned the hard way not to drop the resin crafts! As one of them smashed on the floor. 😤.

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Planning a trip to Disneyland

If only we could be planning a trip to Disneyland everyday.

For Emma’s 40th birthday I spent absolutely ages planning a trip to Disneyland as a surprise. In fairness mostly because saving took lots of planning itself. Planning a trip to Disneyland was stressful and fun at the same time. It is actually the first-ever time I have booked up anything like this. So I thought I’d share with you my guide to planning a Disneyland trip, as not having a clue is so daunting!

Not a post for you? No worries. How about reading how to start a blog, here.

Why I suggest fully planning a trip to Disneyland Paris before actually getting there? Well if you are like me for one. You will want your trip to be the best possible trip ever. I spent ages planning my trip, reading Disney bloggers and watching vlogs of others trips because I wanted ours to be perfect, and although I know you can’t plan everything, and it might not go to plan the way you are hoping it too, I got so many good ideas that really payed off whilst we were away.

How I booked our Disneyland tickets…

I looked around a few places including the local travel agents and online travel agents before deciding that booking through magic breaks was the best option for booking our little holiday to DLP. Whilst saving up for the trip I checked their website periodically, as deals so change regularly. I actually booked the trip 1 week before presenting Emma with the gift for her birthday on the 12th December. Booking the trip through Magic Breaks was so simple, and there package options are so varied there really is something for everyone.

What was included in our plan…

When I booked through magic breaks we were opting into a plan including the travel, hotel (2 night stay) and a half board meal plan. The half board meal plan entitled us to breakfast and dinner in the parks.

How we actually traveled…

Originally I planned for us to travel by car. But I wish I hadn’t selected this option at all. Magic breaks allowed us to change our booking so that we could get the Eurostar train from ashford straight to the Disneyland Paris parks itself. Which worked out the best way of travelling. If you take a car you also are faced with a 3 hour drive to DLP, which is wasting precious park time! I definitely would advice the train and would want to travel this way in the future.

Planning a trip to Disneyland

What would I advise if your getting a train to DLP?

Ensure you are there with plenty of time to spare! And have all your documents ready to be shown. Oh and a small suitcase with wheels is a life saver.

Honestly though. Getting to the train station early was so lucky! We hadn’t even seen that our train had been cancelled we were so lucky that we were there early enough that we could change and get an earlier than planned train, adding a bit of an underground train experience (fun when you don’t speak any french). It was really unexpected so i always felt lucky because otherwise we would have missed so much of our park time that we had planned.

Where we slept the night before?

We decided to stay in a hotel the night before our travel to Disney so we didn’t need to take a long drive before getting the train. We stayed in a holiday inn. Which we tend to go for as we always book through booking.com and pay a reasonable price!

Where we stayed at DLP…

We stayed at the Disney Santa Fe hotel, which is an official Disney hotel. The hotel is brilliant. The Santa Fe hotel is based around the cars movie. And all the rooms are cars themed.

How to get from the hotel to the parks?

Firstly your not going to be far from the parks. A shuttle bus does run from your hotel to the park entrance every 20 minutes. Alternatively you can walk depending where your hotel is. I believe most are about a 10/15 minute walk.

Why I would suggest a Disney hotel room?

If you stay in a Disney hotel you also have the opportunity to enter the parks early for magic time. Actually a full hour of extra magic time. You are automatically given a Fast pass so you spend less times in ques as you reserve a time slot to go back!

Priority reservation is also given to Disneyland hotel goers, making it easier too choose where you dine in the parks also. We absolutely loved Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon.

Checking into the hotel…

I thought I’d mention this because when your off to Disney I know how exciting the experience is and how you want to spend as much time in the actual parks as possible. When you finally arrive at the Disney hotel, your filled with excitement and raring to go! Don’t worry because even if your rooms aren’t ready the hotels have a baggage locker type set up meaning you can drop your bags with them. Collect your park ticket and head straight into the parks!

Love staying organised, read my tips on staying organised with anything, here.

Would I go back in winter again?

Hell yes! It was even snowing when we went, and it just added to the magic.

The park itself even seemed fairly quiet. And I have got to say the staff were amazing at clearing the snow from around the park.
Although staying in a Disney hotel meant we had been given fast passes to the rides I didn’t need to use this pass at all. The longest I qued for a ride was around 25 minutes, which was for the Peter Pan ride. Most rides were around a 10 minute queuing time. Obviously this varies throughout the day and time of your stay.

Planning a trip to Disneyland
Too infinity and beyond…

Where I got tips for planning a trip to Disneyland?

I made sure I did a lot of research on how to make the most of our Disney trip before we went. Including searching Pinterest and YouTube. YouTube videos were awesome to watch because you get more of a visual idea on what you are doing.

It’s definitely worth doing yourself. As I found it so helpful to get tips and ideas from all different prospectives. One of the best things I discovered was a post about the golden eggs of DLP. For example. If you go to the left of the castle you will find the Dragon underneath in his cave.

Want to read something different? How about our recent trip to the sunflower farm, here.

Do you need the DLP app?

You don’t have to download this but I personally would. I found the app so helpful whilst we were away. We used the app as a map around the parks as well as being able to check the live queuing times for the rides! The app is free so to be honest there is no reason why you can’t have it on your phone during your stay, as it could come in handy to help get as much out of your day as possible.

What would I advise you pack for your DLP holiday?

  • Comfy trainers – you are going to be doing a lot of walking.
  • Your favourite Disney outfits!
  • Your phone camera/small camera. I choose not to take my DSLR as carrying it around and on the rides. I felt it was safer at home.
  • A lanyard card holder like this one, here. Brilliant to carry your important bits like your ticket.
  • A water bottle (this was my one) there our water refill points around the parks, or if you ask the crew members they will help you find some.

Spending money

if your wanting to spend money at Disneyland know now that it is not a cheap place. We took £800 euros and still ended up spending on our debit cards, the fee wasn’t too bad but still. There was so much to spend money on. We did come back with a lot of souvenirs. Oh and food and. Drink in the park is also pricey.

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30 Creative uses for your empty notebooks!

AD – This post contains PR samples (Gifted items) but all thoughts are my own.

Does anyone else get that super satisfying feeling when you buy a new notebook? its so clean and exciting. I don’t really know how I became so obsessed with notebooks but I really do love buying notebooks!

There really is something exciting about having an empty notebook though. A blank canvas for your creative thoughts, keeping organised and just having fun in. I generally keep a notebook for everything I can.

I have been so excited to work with Old English Company. They kindly offered to send me a personalised notebook over to try out, (How cool is this! Personalised stationery!) When it came to actually choosing a colour and design it was so difficult to choose, they have so many brilliant designs.

Fancy buying your own personalised notebook from the Old English Company? You can receive 15% off of your order with code: OESPECBR15

After finally coming to a decision I choose a blush pink ‘My brain has too many tabs open’ Notebook. With ‘AlexaJade’ of course.

So to show off my beautiful Old English Company notebook I thought I would write about what you can do with your empty notebooks.

Things you can do with your empty notebooks…

1. To-do lists

Starting out with quite an obvious idea and something I’m honestly obsessed with, lists. I literally love to keep a book filled with everything that I need to do.

Something I do when I keep my book of lists of what I need to do codes each item with a symbol based on the priority of how important it is, (whether it needs to be done sooner than anything else).

2. Journal

What better to fill up empty notebooks with your personal memos. Documenting your life and expressing your feelings on a daily basis. I love keeping journals, I haven’t actually written in one for a little while, but I go in phases of keeping one and going back to it whenever I have a lot of my mind. Keeping a journal is so good for your mental health as well.

4. Gratitude log

Keep a notebook filled with everything you have been grateful in life. Every time your feeling grateful write the date is and what it is that made you feel this way.
Sometimes we naturally forget the things that we should be grateful for, so reminding ourself to be thankful is such a beautiful thing.

5. Sketches/doodles/art

Grab a notebook and a pen, and just start doodling away. Doodles are such a therapeutic activity for when you are feeling stressed and anxious. I’m always finding myself absent-minded and just filling a page of random doodles and drawings. It’s something that makes me giggle when you look back and you randomly see a doodle of something that makes you smile or laugh.


6. Bullet journal

If you read my recent post on finding the right planner for you, you will already know how much I think bullet journals are a good idea. And you really can use any empty notebook to do this with!

7. Goal tracker

A book filled with goals and milestones is a great way to stay inspired and on track of what you want to achieve out of life. Keeping goals is a brilliant idea when you are in the middle of a project, especially one that takes a lot of work. Goals help you stay motivated and accomplished as you achieve them. It is always rewarding seeing how your progressing.

8. Meal planner

Having a Meal planner is a brilliant idea for keeping organised when it comes to food shopping and what to have for dinner each week. As well as being a great way of inspiring yourself with different meals, when you can’t think what you want to eat!

9. Letters book

This one is perfect for those soppy couples out there. Even the not so mushy couples might enjoy this. Writing dated letters in a book to each other and then looking back on these in years to come. Writing happy messages of love, memories and feelings. Sometimes you can write down more than you can say, so a letters book is absolutely perfect for this!

10. Positivity

Keeping a book of positivity is a brilliant idea to keep a positive mindset. By writing things such as positive affirmations. Have a look back at your positivity when you are feeling down, and remind yourself of all the lovely things about you, including everything you like, and what makes you happy.

11. Handwriting practice

It took me ages to get my handwriting neat and readable, I found using a spare notebook to practise my penmanship skills, so helpful.
It is a very simple idea however so useful for improving your handwriting skills.

12. Event planning

Planning an event keeping notes, ideas, and plans. I found this so helpful when I was planning surprise parties. I made lists of everything I needed to do, everything I needed to buy and who I was going to invite.

13. Budgeting

A subject I hate, well hate is a strong word. Highly dislike. Budgeting is something that we all need to do to be able to keep on top of our finances. Giving us the ability to enjoy our money as well as being able to afford our monthly bills.

14. Blogging notes

Calling all blogger friends out there! This is one for you. Keeping a blogging notebook is so helpful, in fact, I go through so many notebooks making blogging notes, including post ideas, post planning, specific blog to-do lists, keeping stat records, resources reminders and notes when researching and learning.

Want to know more about blogging, how about checking my post on how to start your own blog, here.

15. Random thoughts

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night thinking something, then it stops you sleeping so you go to add a note on your phone… then your brain starts waking up and getting distracted so your planning on your phone now instead of going back to sleep? Well, I couldn’t tell you how many times I have. Keeping a notebook by you is not only a way of making sure you actually see the note you’ve made yourself (instead of it being hidden on your phone to suddenly remember by the time it’s too late) but it is also a way of ensuring that your not distracted and you can concentrate on getting back to that beauty sleep.

16. Learning a new language

Thinking you need a new hobby? How about grabbing a notebook and writing our words and phrases in a different language so you can become a multilingual pro.

17. Writing a story/Poems or song lyrics

Use a blank notebook to completely get creative and plot and write a novel. Who knows you could be writing the next award-winning story. Or if story writing isn’t quite your thing, a book of poems or song lyrics. Whatever you decide, your definitely fill your notebooks up with these options.

Want to improve your writing skills, read how I’ve been improving mine, here.

18. Travel journal

Are you a lover of travelling? Why not start a journal of where you have been, what you have done whilst travelling and what you loved, disliked about the trip.

19. Recording your progress

Working on projects. You could use this space to record what is going well, what isn’t working so much and how you think you could improve. It’s quite rewarding to keep record of your progress in anything. Since you can look back and see how much you have grown.

20. Christmas planning

This is something that I love to do every year! Christmas is such a hectic time and so having a dedicated place to plan is a must for me. As well as being a brilliant use for an empty notebook, or section of a project book! I honestly end up writing out so many lists, including ideas for Christmas, shopping lists, what we actually brought and for who, as well as the food planning. Honestly one of the best ways to get your Christmas period as organised as possible!

21. Vision board in a book

I love vision boards, they are so much fun to create, and so very useful to keep. One idea for using your empty notebooks is to keep an ongoing vision board in one of your notebooks. Filling the pages with inspiring things that you would like to achieve as well as being a positive source to look through.


22. Passwords

How many times have you gone to log in somewhere and you have had to reset your password? I know sometimes there are apps and ways to save these digitally, however, it is not always the most reliable way of storing thing, as there is always a risk of losing your saved information.

23. Special memories

Journalling daily is not for everyone. Sometimes life just doesn’t give us the time to sit and write when we would like to, but keeping a book of special memories is a good way to keep down the special things that you want to remember in the years to come. Using your notebook you could spare a page per special day.

24. Shopping lists

Shopping lists are so handy when it comes to shopping. On the times that we haven’t bothered to write a list were left with a mess of buying things we don’t need, and things we don’t use. Wasting more money then we need to. So not only does writing a shopping list make uses for filling up notebooks, it helps you stay organised with the weekly shop.

25. Recording your dreams

Recording dreams is such a cute idea, sometimes our dreams tell us things that we don’t know, but our subconscious is letting us know. Writing our dreams down provides so many benefits to us. Benefits such as Reducing stress, helping us to solve problems, produce amazing ideas and learn from our mistakes.

26. Trackers

Pretty much like bullet journalling but just plain and simple trackers. you could design a tracker for anything. From tracking your habits, periods, to activities you have done. I have a book and a film tracker in my bullet journal.

27. Recipes

I love recipe books, however, I hate clutter. I like to keep all of my favourite recipes in one notebook. It is a much more convenient way, then keeping a recipe book and having to flick for all the recipes you’re never even gonna try to find the one recipe you want.

old english co notebooks

28. Health log

Keep track of what’s going on with you. A personal notebook that no one else has to see but is so good for keeping records of things you might need to look back at later. Such as when you have your periods, you can use the record to be able to work out your ovulation as well as notice any changes.
Another good thing about keeping a health record is if you are suffering from any kind of illness, you can keep a pain record or a sickness record, that may be useful to show to the medical professionals.

29. Inspiration journal

Keep track of the things that inspire you, whether it is pictures, words, quotes. Anything that makes you feel motivated and inspired. Almost like keeping a vision board in a book. Which vision boards are really great for keeping yourself positive.

30. Crafts and projects to try.

Another new idea for a craft or project? Jot it down in your notebook, with what equipment you need to complete the project. So it is almost like a craft planner. Which is ideal for when you are stuck for something to do. Brilliant for having an ongoing list for what you are going to make. Which as a crafter myself, I get so many crazy ideas of what I am going to make, so keeping lists of projects is a brilliant thing!

How about finding ways to stay creative with my post ways to stay creative indoors, here.

What do you use your notebooks for?

I would love to hear what it is you use your notebooks for? Do you have any random uses for your favourite notepads? and better yet, do you have notebooks that are just too pretty to use, or maybe you are like me and have a massive pile of notebooks ready to be creative with.

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Planner goals – How to pick the right planner / Journal for you.

Good morning my lovelies, I hope you are all doing well, staying safe and positive. Can you believe how quick this year is flying by already? How are we in August right now? I swear only 5 minutes ago it was march and me and Emma were moving into our new house! 2020 has been a rollercoaster for us and we are only 8 months into the year! So today I’ve been having a massive think about my Planner. I am obsessed with Planners, Anyone else feels like choosing the right planner is such a big decision to make?

I love to stay organised so having the right type of planner is something I take seriously. To be honest, In the past few years my planning love has grown and I honestly keep a variety of organisers and journals ever year. However, choosing the ‘one’ for me really has taken some investigating. So today I thought I would share my thoughts on what I use, and what I know.

The happy planner

The happy planner

My current planner, and the one I am most in love with. This is a planner variety that I am completely obsessed by. No lie.
This year I have been using the Teresa Collins Happy Planner Be Happy Box Kit. Which is slightly different from the normal Happy planner that I use, with the vertical box layout.

The happy planner is fully functional for any person who loves decorating and pretty things. If you love using stickers and washi tape you will love this as an option to plan your life.

Tip: Buying a Happy Planner in the UK? I brought mine on Amazon, This one.

Check out my post with everything you need to know about the happy planner, here.

Erin condren life planner

Despite the news and negative press around Erin Condren this year, let’s not judge a book by its author.
The Erin Condren life planner Looks amazing and has so many options, however is a similar layout to what the happy planner is. Which you know I love.

I will be honest. The main reason I have not purchased the planner is the cost. Otherwise I love checking out how people use this and decorate it on Instagram.

Bullet journaling

Bullet journaling is perfect for likeminded creative souls. You create everything. from a blank Notebook too a book filled with your own designs, trackers and notes. Bullet journals are a brilliant way to stay on top of everything! Plan your month, week, and day in one place whilst adding in trackers for your habits, period cycles, water consumption. Anything.

You will need a dotted notebook layout like this one, here. Which I use and it’s one of the cheapest I’ve found so far.

Looking for ways to stay creative? Try this post, here.

Digital planning

Digital planning is an awesome concept. I love the freedom to be able to access your planner anywhere. You can start digital planning by downloading the Good notes app and downloading a planner file through Etsy or a free website. There are so many out there to choose from.
you could even design your own if you know how.however, if you don’t know how to create one there are tutorials out there that will show you.

Digital planner
Photo by Jess Bailey Designs on Pexels.com

A specialised planner

A specialised planner is what I describe as an organiser for something specific like fitness, wedding, baby, travel, budgeting etc. There is even a Christmas one out there! How cute is that?
These a brilliant for really being able to plan in detail with certain things. Sometimes having extra room to add more detail about something specific you are planning is so useful. Especially if you love writing lists, like me.

Smash journalling

Smash journaling is a form of using art to express your feelings on a daily basis. You can do this in different ways as well. One option is to journal you day and feeling to them cover the writing in art. A way of relief for fustration. Your not completely destroying the words. Your adding to the words creatively by adding art on top of them.

Project life

I disputed including this one. But I do love project life. However, Although it is a form scrapbooking I also see it as a massive form of journaling because of the usage of images and writing to document your year. It’s such a creative way or keeping memories, thoughts, feelings, notes and anything else all in one place.

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Sustainable living: where to start.

this post contains affiliate links that if you choose to purchase from earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you.
living sustainably
Photo by Lucas Craig on Pexels.com

Can you imagine a life with no earth to stand on? well, let’s be straight, you would not be able to, because without earth there would be no us. In this post, I really want to focus on the benefits of sustainable living and how living a sustainable life can help save our planet.

In the past few years, Global warming has become a greater concern for all of us and has become one of the most talked-about subjects. But are we really talking about it enough?
I believe it is about time that we honestly ask ourselves, are we guilty of not appreciating what we have? the most important thing in our lives, Our planet!

Should we not be taking the time in our lives to appreciate exactly what the world has to offer. that means appreciating the birds tweeting, the flowers growing outside, the trees providing us with oxygen, the materials to create buildings for us to live in, the materials made from natural products… sand, soil, wood, water. All these things that make the world what it is. even down to that magazine, or paper you like to buy from the shop, have you stopped to think what the earth has given to make it possible for it to?

So by being appreciative of what we have, you are actually gaining by thinking about the waste and harm we are causing to our planet. There are so many different ways that you can do small things, towards living sustainably, that in the long run will be saving our planet, So why are we not doing them? Is it just us humans being lazy?

what does it mean to be sustainable?

Sustainability in the last few years as it has become a hot topic absolutely everywhere. Also known as eco friendly lifestyle. I decided to have a look at the oxford dictionary website who says Sustainable means conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources.

The world we currently live in is unsustainable, There is no other way of putting it. There is an extreme imbalance between overexploitation and insecurity all over the world. As a result of this, the environment, local communities and our mental wellbeing are suffering.

So. Sustainable living. What can you do to start living sustainably?

1. Using Reusable metal or paper straws.

Sustainable living gives us the ability to save the future of our planet. Especially by reducing the amount of plastic wastage.
Most venues won’t even supply plastic straws in their bars and restaurants. In fact, they have changed to paper straws. Plastic straws really have damaged our oceans and earth. Like many things, the plastic causes harm to our wildlife.
my vote is on metal/stainless steel reusable straws. Carry these in your handbag for when your out and about.

2. Use travel mugs to buy your coffee.

This is probably one of my most favourite things. I love reusable cups and mugs. Coffee shops such as Starbucks and costa as well as many others even offer you a discount on their beverages for using a reusable mug.

I have also found that by carrying a plastic and reusable bottle is not only helps living sustainably. I drink so much more water! so my hydration has improved so much.

3. Stop throwing out old and unusable clothes and start using these as clothes/rags insted of buying new.

I’m not gonna lie. I wish I had thought of this myself. It was suggested to me by a friend on Facebook and so I tried it. I actually found this brilliant. Saving money on clothes and rags you’d normally get small usage out of. And using old clothes cut up as an alternative. Brilliant.

4. Start purchasing fair-trade labelled, or organic products.

most if not all shops have fair trade and organic options. Coop is well known as one of the major supermarkets who support this.

What is fair trade? Well, it is actually an arrangement designed to help and support the producers in developing countries achieve sustainable and equitable trade relationships. Basically keeping the whole economy going!

5. Replace dryer sheets with reusable tumble balls. OR use a clothesline.

I’m not suggesting that you can’t use your tumble dryer. However, by using a washing line in the summer, and by drying some clothes on a household dryer rack can save so much usage. Which is so much healthier for our beautiful planet.

The Eco egg is absolutely brilliant. Leaving clothes soft and fresh. You can get one, here.

6. Switch to energy-efficient lights.

Sometimes with living sustainably its only small changes, you need to make to help make a difference, Energy-efficient lights not only helps with saving the planet! but they also make a difference in your electric bill! These are awesome.

I recently brought these. Which are so bright and clear. Yet still eco friendly!

Sustainable living green plant on white wooden table
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

7. Start using rechargeable batteries.

All those devices you have that need batteries in. Your always having to buy new anyway so why not save yourself money by investing in a rechargeable battery charger!

By having rechargeable batteries your decreasing the wastage you normally create with not needing to dispose of one life batteries.

8. Reuse your carrier bags or switch to long-life bags.

I get it. Sustainable living. But Sometimes you get into a shop and you have completely forgotten to bring your shopper bags with you! Ugh, the frustration because now your wasting money buying carrier bags. And there just mounting up in your cupboard because you know you don’t want to dump them. But you are not really using them again.

Using your own shopper bags isn’t just a savour when it comes to packing your shopping up and ensuring that you don’t lose it as your walking home with a hole in the bag! Cause we’ve all had that happen when you’ve had to rush around picking up the contents from a split carrier. We’re also reducing the amount of waste a carrier makes to our planet.

9. Walk to places where possible, instead of taking the car.

By getting some extra steps in and taking a walk to your local facilities instead of using a car for small journeys keeps you and our planet healthy.

Next time you are considering driving that 5-minute walk journey. Think about the fumes your car is letting out and the higher usage of petrol this trip will make.

10. Buy second hand

Second-hand buying is an amazing way to stop things from heading to the tip that still has life in them.

There Are many ways to find things to buy in second hand ways.

  • eBay
  • Local selling groups and apps
  • Facebook marketplace
  • Gumtree
  • Newspaper ads

11. Choose sustainable living beauty products

All those buds, all those make up wipes. The daily products thrown away from our Beaty routines. You can easily reduce this by using…

12. Learn how to recycle properly

Sometimes getting your head around what you can and can’t recycle had been difficult in the past. But there are so many more products that are being made with recyclable materials that most things actually can be recycled now. Living sustainably is also understanding why it is so important to look after our planet, with such things as recycling.

Always check the packaging and check with your local government website to check their rules.

13. Use washable and reusable where ever possible.

Most shops now supply refills in forms of packaging that make less damage to our environment. such as a coffee in bags, so your not collecting glass jars.

Some shops even supply cereals and other dry foods in a way that you can fill your own reusable containers so there is no wastage from a product.

Could we be doing more? What are your thoughts about living in a sustainable way.

What else can we be doing to save the world a little bit more every day? I would love to hear your thoughts below.

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11 Ways to make extra money working from home.

This page may contain affiliate links, meaning I may earn a small commission at no cost to you if you make a purchase through the links. Regardless, I only recommend products I believe in. Thank you for your support.
yellow mug besides laptop
Photo by Content Pixie on Pexels.com

No one can deny they like having a bit of extra cash in their pockets every now and then. For me, working from home as a freelancer. (Basically meaning I have multiple side hustles going on) I have been utilising many different methods to earn some pennies each month. Making extra income working from home seems like a dream to most people, however, it does not have to be. with these ways to make extra money, I have been earning on the side for a while now.

One thing you do need to bear in mind is a side hustle will only truly work if you put the effort into making it work, None of these is likely to bring massive money unless it’s something you are looking at doing full time and I’m that case dedication is really a must.

So, what are my ways to make extra money on the side??

1. eBay selling

Have an over-cluttered wardrobe that could do with some thinning down? Make money from your unwanted belongings by selling on eBay. Which is something I do a lot of! You will need an eBay selling account and a Paypal account. eBay reselling is a side business I have been testing out which has the potential to do so well.

Reading Girl Boss really inspired me when I started my business. Sofia who creates a business from selling 1 jacket, that evolved into a multi-million company.

2. Blogging

Let’s make one thing clear! Blogging is in no way a get rich quick scheme. However, as a side hustle making extra income working from home it is a pretty amazing way to make extra money as it goes.

With blogging there are many opportunities that you can earn from, such as earning from sponsored posts, displaying ads, affiliate marketing, and selling digital products, as well as many more. Almost a hub for lots of different opportunities whilst sharing your knowledge and experiences. Better yet I find blogging a fun hobby that you can turn in to a money-making goldmine!

With my blog, I host with Skystra, which means I am in an affiliate program with them too. I do love affiliate programs.

Want to know where to start with creating a blog? check out my guide, here.

3. Affiliate marketing

Speaking of Affiliate marketing programs. They have the possibility to earn so major income from linking products and services. So basically, you will be sharing products and services with your readers, and social media following to

There are so many Affiliate program opportunities our there as well for you to dip your toes into. Such as Amazon Affiliates, which is a very popular program to be involved in. Shien is another popular affiliate program.

coffee apple laptop working
Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

4. Write ebooks and publish to Amazon Kindle

Did you know you can self publish with Amazon Kindle? I am currently working on a book at the moment. You will need a prime account with kindle. which is £7.99 a month, but with prime, there are so many bonuses, such as next day delivery and kindle reading that it is definitely worth the money! When I have finally completed my book and uploaded it to Kindle I will post all the details I can.

5. Complete surveys

What can I say about surveys? They are annoying, repetitive and they feel pretty pointless to us. But there are companies that will pay you money to complete these. Research companies are always looking for people worldwide to answer surveys and test new products. Websites such as prolific, Go branded and YouGov, as well as probably 1000s more. GoBranded is my favourite out of the 3 I mentioned. It can be a little long-winded but it is still a way to make extra money. No one can complain about that right?

6. Sell your creations

Do you have a talent for creating crafty creations? Why not put your talent to use and create your own business with your crafty creations. One of my side hustles is to print vinyl labels and create Tshirts. This is one of the ways to make extra money I love. However, one thing you do need to take into consideration when using this method to make your money is ensuring that you are taking into consideration your cost of materials. You do not want to find yourself out of pocket by spending more on making a product then selling it. Plus take into consideration how long it takes you to create your masterpieces!

7. Become a virtual assistant.

This is also something that I am interested in, however, I actually haven’t tried my hat at yet. However, it is something I have been applying for jobs for, as a virtual assistant, it is similar to have to be a PA, but working remotely.

8. Create your own courses/resources.

Have you got a head full of knowledge? why not create a course for others, teaching them your skills. Jenny in Neverland created some amazing Ebooks about blogging, check them out here.

Recourses can be anything you have knowledge on, wether its digital patterns, templates, stickers. Where as courses should be something you can teach in detail.

9. Sell your skills

If you have not heard of Fiver, where have you been?

Fiver is a brilliant resource for advertising your skills, whether its graphic design, content writing, copywriting or literally anything else! You can sell your talents and start making extra income from them!

10. Selling Photography and video media

It’s not just running a photography business as a way to make extra money some websites will buy your already taken photos to use on stock image websites. Although it may not bring in major money, it will build up in small amounts over time, and is definitely a decent way to help your bank balance grow!

ways to make extra money photography set up

11. Swagbucks

Ok, I thought I’d give Swagbucks its own section since it is one of my favourites when it comes to ways to make extra money. It’s like an all in one site, you can earn points for surveys, searching the web and reviewing products!

That’s not even it!

There are so many more ways that you can make a side hustle from.
What has you making extra income? Have you got any ideas I have not mentioned? I would love to hear them, I am always looking for new options. I promise to update this post whenever I learn a reliable new source of making extra money.

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A plus sized girl guide to surviving the heat and the rest of the summer!

This page contains affiliate links, meaning I may earn a small commission at no cost to you if you make a purchase through the links. Regardless, I only recommend products I believe in. Thank you for your support.

It’s hot isn’t it? So hot right now. I’m not complaining, but I am suffering. One thing I can say about a heatwave is it’s not cool! (I just couldn’t resist that crappy little joke). As a plus size girl, I’m feeling for all my curvy friends right now! The muggy weather is the worst. Whilst we’re hoping for thunder storms to come our way and clear the air, I thought it would be a nice idea to share my tips for surviving the heat.

Isn’t it funny how it’s harder to cool down then warm up? Well, annoying. I do love the summer though, seeing past the heat. Summer is for colourful clothes and making memories, just like last year we’ve been doing as much as we can, whilst following social distancing.

Surviving the heat

How I’ve been surviving the heat…

Fans are your friend!

I’m not going to lie. Surviving this heat had been a nightmare when it comes to bedtime. We’ve had 3 fans on in our room the past few nights. however, It has Still been so hard to sleep with this heat. Having a fan aimed at us has really helped us out.

Small tip: Placing a bowl of water under the fan also helps cool the room. As the water evaporates the fan cools this into the air.

Staying in? Keep your mind off the sun with staying creative at home! Read the post, here.

Embrace your body! And get that bikini on.

The idea of going somewhere where everyone could see my fatty legs used to kill me off. I wouldn’t want to go. It’s only recently that I have grown my confidence by having an attitude of if you don’t like it don’t look attitude. Plus who is really looking at you? Everyone else is too busy in there own bubbles.

So grab that swim wear and get down to the beach. Dive in the sea and cool off!

Ice lollies are the best supply.

When it’s a sunny hot day what’s better then a freezing cold treat? An ice cream might be tempting but I promise you your feel even more refreshed with a fruity ice lolly!

Drink even more water.

I’m not being funny with this one. But if your like me right now your going to be constantly sweating. You need to keep hydrated even more so right now. Topping up on water during the day and night will help prevent headaches and feeling crappy.
keeping hydrated is so much better for you and will help keep you cool. As well. It also helps reduce the redness in our hot faces.

Surviving the heat at the beach
Beach Day ☀️

Invest in a decent fly trap.

With heat comes the flies! Ugh there so annoying. There everywhere in the heat. They thrive when it’s hot. Having a decent fly trap will really help. We recently brought this one. It’s brilliant. Really has reduced the flies around us.

Don’t forget your sun cream.

Your already hot and sweaty. Let’s not add burn to this too. I’ve been suffering the last week with sunburn. Because even though I use sun cream I still burn. I use Nivea sun for kids, Which is one of my favourite sun lotions as this always seems to work best for my sensitive sun hating skin. I would still advice applying every hour that your in direct sunlight.

And if you do burn…

After sun and moisturiser! Alternate the 2 every few hours. Your skin will thank you for this! I did learn this week, out of all of the aftersuns I have used in the past. Aloe Vera gel is the best for severe sun burn. I’ve been keep this in the fridge since I got burnt and it really helps the soothing.

Surviving the heat dog with ice lolly
Bella enjoyed her ice cream 🍦

Make sure your clothes and comfortable and loose.

When you are not living in your bikini. Loose and flowing clothes are the best thing for us in this heat. It’s bad enough sweating in everything you put on. So if you have something thin and loose, it’s time to get it out.

Also. Sports bras, I love them in this heat, more comfortable and you can get away with wearing it alone.

Find the water…

I know the idea of the beach right now is out of the question for most, and if we do go. We need to be vigilant with social distancing, but it’s not just the beach as an option to cool down. Some parks have lakes where you can paddle, and there are some beaches around the coast (for us in Hampshire. We are quite lucky to have so many local options). Surviving the heat is so much nicer when you can take a dip in some water.

If a beach isn’t an option, a garden paddling pool, even the smallest to out your feet in will help you cool down quicker.

An umbrella in the sun.

Taking an umbrella with you out when you know. There won’t be much shade helps protect your skin from the sun. (Honestly no one wants the sweaty sunburnt feeling).

Stay calm! It’s not for long…

As plus sized we might struggle a bit more. But it isn’t for long! That boob sweat isn’t going to kill you, promise. Try and keep calm and relaxed. A proper heatwave is not something you want to fight against. When surviving the heat, no one has the energy for that in the heat anyway!

Enjoy your summer as much as you can even when keeping safe from coronavirus and socially distancing, make sure you wash your hands frequently when going out, and wear a face covering!

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How to Find the perfect career

blank business composition computer
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’m gonna be straight with you. When it comes to my career path I have not always been consistent. Finding the perfect career has always been a mission of mine. I definitely would not say I have got there yet though. In fact, I still have miles to go to find where I’m truly meant to be in life.

when I was leaving school my dad turned to me and told me there was no way I would get a job straight away. So I started handing a few CVs out and I filled in an application form to the local store about a 3-minute walk from our house. Well, I then got invited to interview at that shop and was offered a position. The day of my prom, I was having my hair and makeup was done at the time. I rang my dad up and said ‘you told me I couldn’t get a job. So I went and did it.’ Oh, the pride in my voice. Honestly, I was over the moon.

I worked at the local store for around 3 years. And I hated it. I never actually wanted to work in a store. But hey. It earns me some money through my college years.

Thinking of starting your own business? read my post on staying motivated whilst starting, here.

I’ve done a variety of things.

Having finished 3 years of college I was ready for my next adventure. A friend of mine suggested an outdoor activity centre. Living on site, Seasonal work, working With children and having fun whilst we’re at it. Hell yes. I wanted in to that. Off my application went and come February I found myself spending my 20th birthday on a 10 day training course In Hindhead Surrey. 2 years later I had completed 2 seasons as an outdoor instructor. AIGL’s we were called.

finding your perfect career
EEEE. a rather embarrassing selfie of me as a rope instructor.

After that I decided to continue working with children. I did a year apprenticeship at one nursery before changing to a second nursery to complete my qualification.  I worked in 3 nursery in total over the space of a few years. Working with the children was amazing, I loved playing and teaching the kids new things. The adults were the pain though, I just didn’t like the way the adults were treating each other. 

New opportunities… 

During this time, working at the nursery I was given the summer holidays off. I was invited to work as a steward at Glastonbury Festival with a security company. Best experience ever, at the time. So I decided (After being convinced too) I would take a course to become an SIA door supervisor.  AKA,  a bouncer.

Could I actually see myself as a door supervisor? I’m 5ft nothing and within a year was facing up to 6ft drunk idiots. Um, yep. not something I saw myself doing but it meant I always had an option to find work when I needed. 

I later left the childcare and worked fully as a security guard, with weekend work in town and work as a static security guard. I worked for 6 months for a company and was often put on the reception of a GOV building. One day a friend I had made who worked in the building asked me to hand my CV to his desk by the following Monday. I threatened all bloody weekend, and then late Sunday night I emailed it across. 

I worked for them for 3 years before my health caused me to quit that job. So Instead now, I work for myself, around life and my health.  Which is exactly what I want to continue doing. Ive ran my own selling business for a while and now I am looking to branch out with a few other ideas I am doing including my blog. 

Thinking of finding a career in starting your own blog? check out my post on where to start, here.

So why have I told you my CV pretty much? Well, I never had a Career plan, but its a lot lately I have been thinking of my career. ‘Finding the perfect career’ is a subject that hot for so many of us. And as younger people go through the struggles of picking subjects for college has really got me thinking. Sometimes it isn’t easy to find your dream career. In fact, how can anyone really be expected to know what it is they are going to do in life? 

Finding the perfect career
Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on Pexels.com

Firstly what even is the perfect career?

Before we go any further one thing I did want to say is a perfect career is what’s perfect for you and your personality. so finding the perfect career is finding what makes you happy. No one else can tell you what that is.

Your path might be a different one to what you expect. 

I think one of the main lessons of what I am trying to say is to explore your options. There is so much options in the world for you to explore there is no reason for you to make a decision straight away. Get out there and experiment with what you want to do.  its one of the best pieces of advice I could give when it comes to career. 

When it comes to picking your college subjects its so daunting because its going to build your whole life… if you want to become a nurse your pretty much heading for science and nurse school, right? 

Want to know what I studied at college? Music performance, performing Arts, Graphics, Media Studies and Photography. Photography being my favourite subject and something I am still continuing now. 

Otherwise, I really haven’t done a lot with the rest of those subjects. In fact the only other subject I loved was graphics, and I didn’t pass that at all.  (Thanks life). 

want to know more about me? read my post on 21 random facts about me, here.

You will know when you are truly passionate about something!

The thing about working, and having to have a job is the end goal. Yep that shiny money. We all hate having none of it, and love having it to spend. 

Passion has a massive influence in what we do when it comes to a job. You try to steer close to something that you have further ambitions for. If your not passionate about your job, is it time to ask yourself, what’s next?

You are your only obstacle when it comes to finding your perfect career. 

I used to hate being told this. How can you be your own obstacle? The day that I actually realised I was my worst obstacle allowing my confidence, anxieties and shyness not allow me to head down the paths I wanted to go. Allowing yourself to grow is one of the biggest things you can give yourself. Developing your drive, motivation and succession. 

Don’t be afraid to admit you made a wrong choice. 

How many qualifications I have that I do not even mention, ever. It is ridiculous really. Although I can be proud of each and every one of them, They were pointless subjects. Actually I am not saying I made a mistake. But I didn’t choose the most academic subjects. I was never thinking long term career. So I sometimes wish I had. 

Say yes to new opportunities.

Sometimes there are opportunities to things, and we miss them or don’t take them. We should always make use of the opportunities we are given. There are so many different ways to look for opportunities as well. In the newspaper and online. Lets face it you can find an opportunity anywhere now a’days. Im not saying the same about a full time job mindue. Thats pretty hard right now. 

Just be you.  

Lastly just like anything else in life, Just be you. You do not need to be convinced into doing something that isn’t for you. If it is not for you to be grateful for the opportunity and move on, be passionate and be you. 

Whether you get the buzz from cutting hair, taking photos or even something sciency. There is something out there waiting for you. 

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