Home decor: 10 Amazon pieces to fall in love with

This post contains Amazon affiliate links, that if you choose to buy from these links this will earn me a small commission at no extra cost or hassle to you.

If you read my January catch up post, then you probably know that we are moving home in the upcoming weeks. It is so exciting! The waiting to get into our house is as if we are watching paint dry at the moment though. I feel like we have been waiting for forever! We already have made so many plans and have some really awesome ideas for home decor, and things we need to buy.
But there is good news 🙂 we officially have a date to get the keys. it is just gonna be another 3 weeks.

So now we know, I thought it is the perfect time to share with you some of the things on my Amazon wish list right now, for the new house. Especially since I seem obsessed with home decor right now. Our new place is going to have a mainly grey theme throughout the house. I can not wait to get in and make the house our own.

These are all items that I either intend on buying or have already brought and love.

Silver Metal basket cage lamps

home decor

The wired decor seems to be so in right now! from lamps to baskets and tables! I’ve found this set of 2 lampshades which they would make perfect bedside table lamps. Cute, modern, and shiny!

Rustic floating shelves

home decor

I am pretty in love with the idea of floating shelves around the house right now! I love these hanging shelves. We don’t actually have any shelves at the moment, more just bookcases! so I think a few of these would really look nice!

String lights

home decor

For anybody that knows me, you probably know already that I am completely obsessed with fairy lights! I have a few sets already! Mainly battery-operated sets. I really love the diamond wired shapes around the lights as well! I have already ordered these, to hang above our bed.

Minimalist Grey Wall Clock

home decor

What is a house without a clock, right? I mean, who doesn’t own a clock?… I would say a clock these days is definitely more decor then it is needed. If someone asks me the time I check my phone. I can’t lie.
But having a clock up is useful, especially in the kitchen. which is where I am planning to put this one. Grey and simple to fit our theme.

Set of 3 white woven baskets

home decor

These woven baskets are adorable! I am all for cute storage solutions. Especially ones that minimalise clutter! For a set of 3 baskets! under £20 is really reasonable. They are also sold in a variety of colours, but of course, white goes with our grey theme a lot nicer.

Ladder Bookshelf

These bookshelves are so bloody cute! And I totally need one. Not even just want. This would make such a cute addition to our living room. They are so popular right now too! Honestly, I have about 5 or 6 different ladder bookshelves on my wishlist right now! all very similar but I am so torn on what one to actually buy. Don’t be surprised if I cave in and buy all of them.

Knot Ball Cushion

The fact that these cushions are so unique compared to the standard square cushions really won me over. So soft and comfy to lean on, what is not to love.

Grey Fleece Fur Throw

home decor

I absolutely love these throws. We already have a few of them. But we just had to buy one in grey! It was needed after all. So soft and cuddly. Perfect for a movie night under the throw with popcorn and a hot choc! (Did I mention I cant wait to make this house our own?)

Woodwick Candles

Bit of an obvious home decor item. I am constantly lighting candles, but WoodWick produces the best candles. Only I buy these less often because they are more costly. So I am buying some of these for a treat. They smell beautiful and the wooden wick crackling is a soothing sound.

Key Holder

Lastly, I am completely loving this Keys holder. I love the idea of us coming home hanging our keys up! maybe even Bella’s lead! so I had to buy this!

So as I said, this is just a few of the things we have brought and are buying towards the new house. Since we are starting from scratch, and first time living on our own, there is still so much to do and find! thank god for bargain shopping, that’s all I can say!

If you have any home decor ideas, leave me a comment below! I love hearing new ideas and seeing what we can incorporate! when we finally get there.

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Chronic pain, How this has affected me on a day to day basis.

Chronic pain is a subject that I see a lot of people mentioning lately. So I wanted to write about myself and the pain that I have been going through on a daily basis. It wasn’t until I started reaching out to others, researching chronic pain and mystery illness that I stopped feeling alone.

At the beginning of 2019, my health took a massive downhill. I had become a whirlwind of emotions, that’s for sure. Now we’re in a new year and I am still in the same position!

So what exactly had been happening in 2019?

After our trip to Disney back at the end of January/ beginning of February this year I returned to work for a mere 2 days. before waking up with sickness and chronic pain leaving me unable to work.
At the time I didn’t really think much of it because it’s me, and I tend to get ill often. After a few days, the pain in my stomach hadn’t shown any improvement. which meant I had to get myself signed off work!

For something that I thought was going to affect me for a few days. This has turned out to be a complete life changer. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months. Now it been over a year and I still get unexplained pain and sickness.

chronic pain

Facing Surgery

Back in May, one morning I ended up with severe pain relating to my PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). This led me to go from the doctor’s surgery straight to the hospital. where they, of course, ran tests.
3 weeks later I found myself having surgery to find out if I had endometriosis, which had been my suspected diagnosis for years. Fortunately (and unfortunately in some ways) I was found not to have this condition. however, the surgeon had to clean my fallopian tubes from infection and fluid.
At this point, I had been hoping the surgery would solve all my problems. After a miserable time recovering, countless ambulances and 111 calls It was easy to realise that it wasn’t so simple and the pain hadn’t been resolved. Now it just seems a small part of the issue.

Having had all that done, I still hadn’t improved. Leading to I having had more multiple trips to the hospital over time, scans of all sorts, been prodded with hundreds of needles, yet still no diagnosis. In fact, it continues as I am currently awaiting a pain clinic, still on multiple drugs to keep me going. Whilst maybe facing yet another surgery! That I don’t want to happen this year. (there is too much going on I just want to enjoy this year).
However, I have been under multiple consultants, it has been said they will probably never find the cause of pain.

illness has been affecting my day to day life.

I am not gonna lie, it is a shit position to be in. unknown cause for pain that stops me from being able to move. unable to work. unable to just be me. In the end, my health caused me to leave a job that I really loved, but has encouraged me to focus on getting better, and opened some different opportunities. I am a quite persistent personality after all.

Regardless, I try not to let my health rule my life. As much as it is a rollercoaster journey.

Chronic pain is a common condition.

A survey I had found by the daily mirror reports that “Almost half the adult population is living with chronic pain,” Suggesting that around 28 million adults in the UK are affected by some type of chronic pain (detailed as pain that lasts a period longer than three months). The NHS has given a very detailed post about this here.

Things you should consider:

  • Chronic pain can be an invisible illness. One minute I can be completely fine and happy before a spout of pain strikes. Just because you can’t see what someone is going through, doesn’t change what is there.
  • Pain management is tricky! If you think of ideas that could help someone, don’t be afraid to suggest it. Sometimes pain relief is hard to conker.
  • Be persistent. Persistence has helped me when it comes to attending the doctors to tell them something is wrong. I had to keep going back for them to even start investigating problems.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to others. Feeling so crap all the time can really affect your mental health. It is ok to cry and talk it out.
  • Keeping up with hobbies and keeping as normal as possible helps me control what I am going through.
  • Remember to take your meds, this is so important. You have been given them for a reason! they are there to help you.

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How getting a pet has had a positive impact on my mental health.

I previously wrote a post looking back on 2019 here. One of the best things that had happened was bringing Bella home. She had her 6 month birthday on the 25th December, and by then she had been in our life over 4 months. So today I am talking our pet Bella and how she has improved my mental health and Emma’s.


We had talked for absolute months about how we needed and wanted a puppy in our life’s, but it was something that we were going to do when we got our own place. However, we decided in the summer that we couldn’t wait for any longer. Especially having puppy sat for a beautiful pup for a friend. It wasn’t until we actually got Bella that we realised how much of a big difference to us she had made.

Bella is a Jackawawa. We have had her with us since she was 8 weeks old. In fact, I am pretty sure she may have even been slightly younger than 8 weeks. when we first brought Bella home, she was TINY. I literally mean the size of a sky TV remote.

Having a pet can boost your confidence and reduce anxiety.

From the day we brought Bella home with us our life’s changed straight away. She is our little fur baby. Both mine and Emma’s anxieties started decreasing majorly. We had a new and positive focus, and it is still like that to this day.
When I am feeling stressed or anxious for whatever reason, Bella comes and gives cuddles and licks my face making me laugh. It must be true that a pet really does feel our emotions and tensions.

A pet is not just a pet, they are family.

Just like other fur baby mummies and daddies, she is part of our family. Bella is not just a pet to us.
We know we are not alone either. I see so many people treat their pets as if they are human! Honestly.
I am definitely not ashamed to admit, we are there with them.

Positive memories with your pet.

So many photos have been taken and so many memories have already been made. We haven’t even reached a year yet. Her first feed with us, Her first trip into the garden, Her being a manic, her first bath and so many more.

All of these memories are special. We have taken so many photos! Bella even has her own Instagram page here.


Pets help routine.

Almost like owning an alarm clock. Having a pet definitely changes and defines your routine. When they wake up, it is pretty certain they will wanna wake you up too. Your pet doesn’t care what time it is or if you want to laze in bed that day because they need to get up and get outside to do their business. Especially with dogs.
Dogs and other pets seem to have this ability to know their own routine inside out! they know exactly when it is their dinner time and when you are going out and coming back. Almost like they can read your mind. Since we got Bella we wake up a lot earlier most days to make sure she’s ok.

They just bring natural happiness.

I honestly just have to look at Bella, and I find myself smiling. Her little face. Her cheeky attitude. I absolutely adore her. Which, just makes me feel so much happiness. She is totally our baby girl, and she is precious to us. I would honestly say that she just naturally ups are mood, making us feel happier on a daily basis. Which is so good for your mental health!

Everything that I have written here today is my own personal opinions and experiences, so I would love to know if you agree or feel the same when it comes to pets. Leave a comment below.

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Selfie Queen? is it such a bad thing? Reasons to Love your selfie.

It once truly annoyed me to the core hearing a comment of “I don’t think your shy look at all the selfies you take” HAH! What a thing to say? To be honest, at the time I almost wanted to scream back at them, you clearly don’t know me very well. I started questioning how they got that from a selfie?
I actually have anxiety and a severe lack of self-confidence in reality, and it is something that I am constantly working on! but on the upside, at least I must hide it well.

Anyway, it did get me thinking. In this day and age, all of us take Selfies. Is it wrong to believe that we are benefiting from taking a picture? Not just for the laughs and the giggles.

A reason to grow your confidence with a selfie.

How many pictures did you take, 5? 10? 100? but when we have shot it! oh, it is a fantastic feeling! A good selfie, a decent picture of ourselves. Suddenly our inner confidence is singing! we feel a buzz and we are smiling because we look great! and its Instagram ready! What a reason to smile.
My birthday was Monday, and I went out shopping, came home with some pretty lush new clothes! A new cardigan I received for a gift, Fabulous tops and some really cute new shoes. I had been so excited to start wearing the new things I had, that I automatically was taking pictures to share! my new clothes, the confidence! I wanted to show it off. I felt confident.


OH! and I got my nose pierced!

Confidence is a big thing for me this year as I continue to challenge myself in order to grow. I wrote a post on confidence-boosting here.

Realise how you have changed

With absolute thousands of photos on my phone, I am often having a flick back through them. Looking at memories, reminiscing on the good times. Seeing how I have changed throughout the years.

If you realise how much you have changed over the years it really can be inspiring. To see how far you have come, how your looks have changed! maybe its a really bad hair picture that you now keep you to remind you never to do it again! I’m sure I am not the only one to think to myself what on earth was I thinking when I tried dying my hair that stupid colour? yet alone the childish choice of tops I’ve had in the past. However, this is totally what I am on about! we improve, grow and change on a daily basis. The importance of remembering our past is so great because the past is what made us who we are today.  


Taking a selfie is fun!

I am sorry, but taking a photo! adding a filter, maybe one that makes you look like a dog or a man! Yep, These filters exist and they are hilarious!
So many people are on Snapchat these days! the app that is completely designed for having a laugh with your friends.
Again, we’re making memories. The time that So&So texted you a funny video of them as a cat, telling you something in a squeaky voice.

More pictures with our friends.

When I was a child at school I didn’t even own a mobile phone for most of it. When I finally did get a mobile, it was a Nokia 310. Er yeah, one of those brick phones, you could play snake on, but nothing else.
Then when mobiles even did have cameras on them, they were really unclear crap photos.

These days we can take an easy and quick picture of you and your group of friends. In fact, it is the main thing to own a selfie stick for! so you can get as many of your friends or as much of the background in the picture as possible. We now have the ability to capture memories and experiences so much easier. So can you really blame anyone for wanting to record their life?

Finally, a selfie isn’t just a selfie…

A picture says 1000 words! A selfie speaks your personality and emotions all in one.
I really don’t think taking a selfie is as vain as it makes out to be!

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14 ways to say I love you without saying the words.

Valentine’s Day being a few days away now I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about ways we can show affection to are loved ones without using words. Each and every love is unique to that Couple. The way they express love through a variety of ways. Over time, we learn just about everything about that person. how they like their coffee or tea. What their favourite tv show is, where they love to spend the most time, even down to their insecurities.

Sometimes we forget that love comes in so many forms and that not every couple shows their emotions and feelings in the same way. age. I am a verbal person. I like using words to express myself. However, my significant other is not. He is more “action-oriented” when it comes to expressing his feelings. Figuring out which method your partner uses to express him/herself is helpful, but there are many small ways we show our love for each other without actually saying “I love you.”

Love is simply one of the most powerful emotions that we all feel from the minute that our lives start. love begins when we are born and love our parents, one of the many types of love that we will experience in our lives.

What is love to you? An expectation of what you need to find, an expression of how you feel or a fairy tale ending.

The world of love is such a complicated experience that we all go through, and when we find the one the words ‘I love you’ never seem enough.

How can you say I love you without actually saying the words?

There are so many ways to express your feelings and devotion to your partner. I would also say that you can express your feelings to your family and friends in some of these ways too.

I’m lucky to be in love with my best friend

Write a list of the reasons behind your love.

It’s fair enough to be in love. But to explain why it is you are in love with that person is so valuable. Writing a list of exactly what makes your heart race when you see them, and why they matter to you so much. I’d even include the smallest things because sometimes the smallest things are hugely appreciated.

Plan a low key romantic date.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds on fancy. Love is about enjoying the time together with the other person. It really is not about how much is spent. My favourite time is when I and my Emma are sat enjoying a film night together, with our favourite food. It doesn’t even need to be at the cinema.
Fairy lights, Candles, A DVD, popcorn and wine. The perfect ingredients to a romantic night in.

Make a playlist of songs with meaning.

This is like one of the cheesiest things ever, but amazing. Music speaks so much to our emotions and expresses things without needing to say them. So what better then a playlist created especially for them?

Show your love with actions, not words.

Sometimes hearing the words I love you isn’t actually enough. Saying it is one thing but proving your feelings with actions and displays of affection is a completely different ballgame. That feeling of love that rushes to your tummy as they grab you and kiss you for no reason, but that they want too.
For example, the first time Emma went to the shop without me and got me a meal deal exactly what I picked, I knew that the thought was everything. So, I say it, It is true. Actions speak louder than words.

Be the listener that they need.

Nothing speaks love more than listening. Something that may not be important to you is probably a really big deal in their eyes.

Being heard is so important. I would actually say that listening and hearing are slightly different. You listened to there day at work, they had a crap day. But did you hear what was said? The emotions? The feelings? Making them feel like what they are talking about matters means a lot. Feeling unheard can lead to feeling lonely and negative. This could simply ruin a relationship and quickly.

Make a sentiment of love book or box.

I love these and as a scrapbooker, I totally am a sentimental hoarder! Well, What I mean is a hoarder of the sentimental things! Does that make sense? Hm. In my boxes, I keep all the silly things, that aren’t actually silly to me. Tickets from places we have been together. Things like that. You could put whatever in your that reminds you of them. Then take the time to look at it together.

Switch off and be totally there.

We can all admit that our devices really can get in the way of reality in this day and age. Since smartphones and apps were created we spend more time using those, then we do each other. Spend a few hours together with your phones and tablets out of your hands! or even off! Enjoy just the time together without being disturbed!

Pay attention to them.

There’s nothing worse than feeling like your efforts are being wasted and going unnoticed. Ensuring your paying attention shows your love for someone. Just by noticing the little things sometimes, like when they have done something slightly different to normal can go so noticed. Ironically.

Make them your first priority

Whether it’s the beginning of a relationship still in the phase of bonding Or a fully committed relationship where your living together, and Have married. Feeling that persons number one priority is such an amazing feeling, it is unreal.

I once wrote a post about being in a love triangle here. Nobody ever wants to feel second-best in life.


The rushing emotions that we feel when the one we love flirts with us are so amazing. Butterflies rushing to our tummies, and let’s be blunt. The automatic horniest feelings. Your excitement, because you are feeling sexy, and loved. Flirting is the most visual way to show your love to another. it doesn’t matter how long you have been together. Every person enjoys a good flirt.

Be willing to compromise.

A true relationship has compromises, and the willingness to compromise. It is not all the time that you are going to agree with your loved ones. By showing the willingness to compromise in different situations shows the ability to understand that person. Compromises can be small or large, but they do make a massive difference in every relationship.

Appreciate them.

To be honest, Appreciating someone is similar to paying attention to them, but also very different.
Have you ever put so much effort in something, that you are so proud of. Then you feel knocked down just by having your efforts ignored. Remember that feeling? Why it upset you? why you didn’t feel like it was fair. Maybe you felt ignored and unworthy. This is the feeling of being unappreciated! And let us be honest, It SUCKS. It is the exact feeling that you are giving to your loved ones when you don’t appreciate them. Something big to think about there, hey?

Leave them happy notes to find

This may be cheesy! You can call me soppy. Being proud to admit that I am a romance lover.

It can’t be helped, I enjoy leaving Emma random notes telling her that I am thinking of her, or little jokes, or even love messages around the house. I even used to leave them in her lunch box. Just something to show my feelings, and make her smile.

Write a list of reasons why you love them.

Get a pen and paper and write a list of as many as you like. Write all the reasons down that makes you feel the way to do. Like the way they smile, the way they do certain things. Etc.
Knowing the reasons why they feel the way they do make those reasons even more special.

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January 2020 – wrapping up the month.

January is known for being the longest month of the year. The excitement of Christmas and then the January sales. Then there are all the January bills. Bigger bills than other months. So we pretty much go all of January skint. Every single year.

This January has been no different for us. We have spent most of the month completely skint. Which is no fun at all? However, even though January has been a month with no money, Emma and I have had the busiest month ever. Therefore it is the first time January has ever flown by. For me anyway.


BIG news

At the beginning of this month, we began a scary and incredible journey! It started off by house hunting.
We have known for a long time now that this would be coming up this year, that we would be finding our own place to live. Unfortunately, there is no option to stay where we are. We currently live on a farm that is being sold for housing. Really sad, because this place is beautiful and I love living here.
It’s absolutely horrible watching the builders tear up the grounds which has already been happening for months.


So at the beginning of this month, I and Emma set off to a couple of estate agents. Before we knew it the whole week was booked with appointments to see varies different houses. By the end of the week, we were knackered. but we had decided there was 1 specifically we wanted a second viewing on.

It is the house we have chosen. It really is beautiful, inside and out. The seller wants a quick sale as well. The house has only been lived in for 6 months. Meaning its pretty brand new. especially being a new build.

We are hoping that we will find out a date this week, we’ve started packing, and buying new furniture. Believe me its so bloody exciting! I can not wait and neither can Emmy! I’m pretty certain once we have moved in I will do a blog post with lots of piccies.

Another thing that happened this January…

This is something that really grits my teeth. So I am taking the opportunity to name and shame on my blog.
Back in march last year we paid the deposit to our wedding venue. The Botleigh Grange Hotel. As you can see from the website they have now gone into administration. There is a news article here.

So after much back and forward, frustration and many tears on my part. We have secured a new venue for the same date! Great, right? the only thing is we have now lost £1000 on the deposit of a wedding venue we cant have.

Ironically we did receive an email from their admin team saying that they are trying to seek out a buyer and what are our intentions for keeping with the venue for our wedding date. I can assure you guys that I have emailed back demanding to be put on the creditor list.
Firstly, who in their right mind would stay with a venue at the risk of spending more money to have stolen from them, which has closed? If someone knows the logic in this please share! I myself am gobsmacked! But of course, this does leave us confused about what will happen next. They never responded to my email. Great communication. (Sorry but it is hard not to be sarcastic about this).

I am pleased that we can now move forward with the wedding planning. So we are very lucky to have been in a position where we can put a new deposit down. This does not change the upset on the bad treatment from the Botleigh Grange.

That’s enough for one month!

So that has been my January! Hectic, emotional, busy and more ups and downs than a rollercoaster. If this is what its gonna be like this year, I can’t wait to see what next month brings!

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Crafter life – you know you are a crafter when…

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Crafter life – You know you are a crafter when…

When you’ve been into crafting hobbies as long as I have, there are some real tell signs that you have become a crafter. I thought that it would be a funny idea to list the signs that you know you are a passionate crafter.

You know you are a crafter when…

♡ You can’t just work on one project at any given time. You have about 10 or more on the go, but that’s ok. Your finish them all one day.

♡ When your crafting you lose all concept of time. You are literally in your own world and reality doesn’t matter.

♡ You don’t particularly like to tell anyone how much you spend on crafting supplies because you know they would not understand it’s needed not wanted.

♡ And speaking of your stash…no one needs to know just how much stuff you have. You’ve learnt how to Tetris your stash so you can fit more.

♡ You spend more time scrolling through Pinterest more than anything else.

♡ You always keep the door to your crafting space shut because, well… it’s one massive creative mess. But that’s ok it’s your creative mess and your desk is just how you like it.

♡ Trying to clean your crafting room is pretty impossible and the problem is always the size of your crafting room. You don’t have enough space and you probably never will.

♡ You own more embellishments then jewellery and you love all of them so much. So much so that your collection is still growing and your reluctance to use some things because you are waiting for the perfect project.

If that wasn’t enough, I have more…

Img Src: Canava

♡ You subscribe to crafting and homemaking magazines . . . You then scrapbook your favourite magazine pages.

♡ You believe that there’s no such thing as too much glitter. In fact, it’s everywhere. Including the floor.

♡ You don’t throw away ANY scraps. Honestly, who would do that? You might need them later.

♡ If someone asks, “Where did you get that?” and you get to say, “I made it,” You are unable to hold back the proud exciting feeling in your voice.

 ♡ You don’t understand anyone who thinks that storing their photos on their computer or on social media is “good enough.” It’s just not the same, no way.


♡ You frequently see things at the store and think, ‘I could honestly make that myself for hardly anything’

♡ Using your favourite crafting materials to create a gift for someone else is slightly heartbreaking.

♡ Your passion for the craft is constantly growing and the list of future projects you plan to do is never-ending.

♡ Your hands are covered in cuts from blades and scold from hot glue guns, but it was worth the pain and tears.

♡ If you are a vinyl crafter. You find that you get it everywhere. Even in your hair. Or maybe it’s even stuck to your face for hours before you even realise.

♡ When you pack for a holiday, the first thing you pack is your current crafting project.

♡ you own scissors, glue, and plenty of variety of tape. Yet when someone else needs them, they’re never around.

♡ your dreams consist of craft friends. Well, my friends, I mean tools (I’m honestly hoping I am not alone)

Fact – Crafting is so good for our mental health! I wrote a post about this, here.

If you are a crafter or have a passion for arts etc. Let me know in the comments what else gives us away.
Also, be sure to check out my Instagram corner for craft here.