The Halloween tag – Answering creepy questions.

Happy Halloween! I literally got so excited when I found this Halloween tag.

Oh, how I do love Halloween really, the spooky going on. I can’t believe how different this year is. It absolutely sucks how corona virus has literally stopped us all from doing the things we love.

trick or treat sign
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The Halloween tag… Here are my answers.

Have you ever used an Ouija Board?

No, I think I would be too terrified! I do love the films that involve Ouija boards, and the idea of having a go. However, if I actually came face to face with using an Ouija board, I would probably bottle it.

What is the creepiest thing that’s ever happened to you while you were alone?

Sat watching a horror movie, I was not alone but its the creepiest thing to think of. It was a scene was the phone randomly went, and basically we jumped out of our skin. The next thing was my phone bloody rang, I dont even remember putting it on loud!

Are you superstitious?

Honestly, yes I am. I probably have watched too many horror films. Oh and I am definitely superstitious when it comes to things like not walking under ladders and mirrors breaking.

Which urban legend scares you the most?

Freddy, Of-course! He kills you in your sleep. You cant avoid sleeping, so really you’re screwed. Plus he has a hand of knives. like OMG.

If you were dared to spend the night in a haunted house, would you do it?

I would like to think that I would say no! but I know me, therefor the temptation and curiosity would most likely get the better of me. But have no doubt! I would take a survival kit with me.

Do you believe in multiple dimensions or worlds?

Definitely, I believe when you die, you don’t go far, and there’s a world that we cant see where our loved ones hover over us and keep us safe.

Ever made a potion of any sort?

I used to be obsessed with Wicca as I was growing up. My literal obsession was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I don’t ever remember trying to make a potion though… Only mess about with reading about them, etc.

You’re home alone but you hear footsteps in your house, what do you do?

Freak out a little… Why are there footsteps in the house… there shouldn’t be… If it was something like, I am upstairs, I would creep back down. Or creep around the house looking for it. I think my curiosity would get the better of me.

jack o lantern and halloween candy
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Would you rather go to a Halloween party of trick-or-treating?

Well, I am not a child! So I much prefer the party option. However, last year we did go with our friend’s children to take them trick or treating, and it was a lot of fun.

In a zombie apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice?

Definitely some long-ass sword of some kind. That would be the best method of keeping the zombies away. Emma is a big fan of the walking dead, she has a whole plan in her head for a zombie apocalypse. Oh and we love the dead island Xbox game.

Are you the one who gets scared or the one who does the scaring?

I am rubbish at scaring! I am the one who jumps the most! but in the same breath, I don’t mind that!

What is your favourite Halloween movie?

EEEEE I love horror movies, I am not sure if I can pick just one. The invisible man is my most recent favourite

What was your first Halloween costume?

Oh my goodness, I can actually still picture it. The black bag wrapped around me, as my mum dressed me up as a which. With a wooden broom in one hand, and a halloween sack in the other. The which hat on my head that had fake hair coming down from it. It was good times.

If you could have a Halloweeny pet (black cat, owl, bat, rat, wolf, raven) what would you pick?

100% an owl. I think it would have to be a harry potter like owl though. A beautiful white one. Yeah, I have definitely had this thought before!

Want to do the Halloween tag? Here are the prompts:

Have you ever used an Ouija Board?
What is the creepiest thing that’s ever happened to you while you were alone?
Are you superstitious?
Which urban legend scares you the most?
If you were dared to spend the night in a haunted house, would you do it?
Do you believe in multiple dimensions or worlds?
Ever made a potion of any sort?
You’re home alone but you hear footsteps in your house, what do you do?
Would you rather go to a Halloween part of trick-or-treating?
In a zombie apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice?
Are you the one who gets scared or the one who does the scaring?
What is your favourite Halloween movie?
What was your first Halloween costume?
If you could have a Halloweeny pet (black cat, owl, bat, rat, wolf, raven) what would you pick?

Post your tag your Halloween tag posts in the comments below…

I would love to hear your answers to this tag! Let me know in the comments below if you have done this tag and link them in the comments.

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My Autumnal wardrobe wishlist.

This post contains affiliate links that if you choose to purchase from them. It will earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you.

A random thought that I had the other day was I love clothes. Yet I never share my outfits or anything like that with you guys! so I thought I would make the change and start sharing something else that I am really passionate about on the blog too. It didn’t take me long to think of a blog post either. And of course that is Autumnal wardrobe favourites.

Autumn is my favourite season! Especially for the cosy clothes that we get to wear to keep us warm! So today I am talking you through my recent Amazon wish list adds.

Amazon is actually an amazing source for finding unique and reasonably priced items! So I am constantly buying from there.

My Amazon Autumnal wardrobe favourites…

For the love of Scarfs…

Superdry Women’s Heritage Ribbed Scarf

The first thing on my autumnal wardrobe wish list is this beautiful Superdry ribbed scarf! I love a cosy scary and literally, it does look so cosy! I have so many scarfs already I must admit, and I definitely have a few that I prefer and wear a lot compared to somewhere you could honestly say there as good as new… This scared comes in multiple shades, I prefer the grey colour though.

StyleSlice Leopard Print Scarf

To pick just one scarf isn’t fair though! I really do love my scarfs.

Ankle boots are a must for my autumnal wardrobe…

Rocket Dog Women’s Camilla Chelsea Boots

Who doesn’t love a comfy pair of Chelsea boots to rock the autumn in! my boots are old and definitely need replacing but I have owned the Rocket Dog Chelsea boots before, and they are so cosy that I think I’ll be going back to my old faithful brand!

The best bottoms to have…

Yoga Pants with Pockets

Ok I don’t know what it is with thicker leggings, and yoga pants right now, but I am obsessed. Literally the most comfortable where and can look so smart with just a nice top added to the outfit! I have definitely been living in leggings a lot recently.

Roman Originals Women Denim Jean Jeggings

And If it isn’t leggings it’s more likely to be jeggings. Again ever so comfortable! I always find jeggings warmer than jeans as well. Is that just be being weird?

Beautiful autumnal wardrobe outfits…

Yidarton Women’s Winter Teddy Bear Coat

I love the feel of a teddy bear coat, so fluffy and warm. These have been so popular in the past few years. It’s a trend that I could not wait to jump on. I love the creamy colour. This colour fits in with the autumnal colours so nicely.

Women’s Knitted Cardigan

I love chunky knit cardigans! I literally can not wait to be able to pull out the already owned chunky knits from the wardrobe! I have been pretty much living in these for the past few weeks already. I am pretty certain I would wear them all year if I could.

Baggy Off Shoulder Sweatshirt

Cosy sweaters, especially off the shoulder sweaters are a massive love of mine. To be honest I already own so many sweaters but I always have room for more in the wardrobe. This sweater has actually been on my Wishlist since the summer! My ultimate choice would be the grey colour. However, it comes in so many different lovely shades.

WearAll Women’s Plus Batwing Shirt Dress

Personally I am one of those who loves to wear a shirt, but only does so on and off. I own a couple of checked shirts now so I really would love to have a plain shirt that isn’t patterned. The black is so smart looking, and can be easily accessorised.

Cute bags…

KALIDI Backpack

Any excuse to get my hands on one of these beautiful and so cute backpacks. I’ve been eyeing up these backpacks for so long now!

If I am honest! I love all of the colours! so picking one colour is going to be hard! But yes! I am swaying towards think beautiful pink!

Miss Lulu Women Top Handle Bag

Also whilst thinking about bags! I found this beautiful Miss LuLu grey handle bag. It is so cute. So I had to give it a mention! It would make the perfect accessory to most autumnal outfit.

And some lovely accessories…

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Ultra-Matte Nude Lipstick 03 No Doubts

I am in love with this shade. I already own it, but it’s running out. So this will be a repeat purchase in the near future. The Matte colours are so beautiful and feel nicer on your lips.

Dry flower pendant

I wouldn’t say that I am a floral person. However, I do love flowers, and dried flowers are beautiful. I am literally obsessed with pressed flowers at the moment. This beautiful necklace is such a cute little accessory to wear with your Autumn outfit.

Mylee Nail Gel Polish

Ok, so you may already know that I am obsessed with Gel nails, and own my very own nail lamp. Salon style nails at home. I have done my own gels for the past 5 years now. Honestly, Once I got my nail LED lamp, I did not look back. I still own my nail polish collection, and have a few autumnal wardrobe colours. However I am growing my gel colour collection at the moment! and this dusky purple is so needed! It is lush!

What Autumnal wardrobe favourites do you have your eyes on?

What are your must have Autumn wardrobe favourites that you need in your wardrobe? Are you like me and love this season for its lush comforts. Let me know in the comments below what you with my Autumn favourites, and tell me some of yours.

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The Mind Post subscription box

AD – This post contains PR samples (Gifted items) but all thoughts are my own.

The box wasn’t lying… The mind post really did make me smile.

In this post I have been lucky enough to get to work with such a brilliant With getting the chance to collaborate with The Mind Post, I was so excited to read their hard work and support towards the mental health community with there brilliantly prepared happy post is such a treat to anyone who subscribes.

Mental health is something that we all face at some time or another, it doesn’t matter who you are. We all need to look after ourselves and our mental health.
filling your life with positivity if one thing I strongly believe can have a huge benefit on your mental health, though this is not always easy and life turns against us at times there are things we can do to help ourselves.

Subscription boxes are a brilliant way of keeping some positivity in your life.

This cute box from the Mind post is the cutest happy post you can receive.

The Mind post subscription box

In the first line of the about page of the Mind Post, they say ‘The Mind Box has been created to help children who suffer from anxiety.’ You can really see how the mind post has stuck to their goals successfully as they have achieved a brilliant source of self-care and wellbeing inspiration.

I received the Medium sized Mind post box, which you can purchase as either a one off for £14.30 or as part of a subscription for £12.99, which is a brilliant price for the priceless positivity that you are receiving.

What was received inside my Mind box happy post?

  • ‘I matter’ Red band bracelet
  • Strawberry and cream lollypop
  • Hand drew Self – Love guide book
  • Positive quote card
  • Positivity notepad
The mind post subscription box

One of the best things about this happy post is that it really does put a smile on your face, you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into the contents as well as the preparation for these boxes.

Receive 10% of your order with The Mind Post when using discount code ‘ALEXA10’

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Win £50 of swag with Lemon Loco

This post contains gifted items. However all thoughts are my own.

Today I am excited to be working with Lemon Loco and there amazing naughty twist products.

I’m a huge fan of quirky gift brands, as I love the fact that something a bit quirky is more of a personalised and thought out gift for our loved ones!  

Competition time!

Lemon Loco are currently running a giveaway, with a prize that is absolutely ideal for Halloween with their witchy and ghoulish products, not to mention their gifts are perfect for the up coming Christmas season.

The competion is completely free to enter. All you need to do is, Sign-up to their newsletter for a chance to win £50 worth of swag! The winner will be selected at random in a random prize draw at the end of the month.

Who are Lemon Loco?

Lemon Loco are a daring and quirky, definitely nsfw greeting card and gift company. If you like the quirky, sweary and down to earth slogan style like I do, I’m sure you’ll appreciate their products.

These are the type of products that you and your friends could have a laugh with… Maybe not your gran or that though.

Also, the products are very fairly priced too. I think £3 to tell someone that they are ’Your weirdo’ or that they are a ‘wanker’ but you love them, is money well spent in any case. There is a hilarious range of cards for all seasons, Absolutely loving the fact that Halloween is included, as this seems to be missed off radar from many company’s.

Seriously I am in awe with ALL of the products Lemon Loco are producing! Give me all the boobs and swears!

I have to give a special mention to my favourite 2 products which are, then you’re my weirdo greeting card, because this just reminds me of my Emma and what I would say to her.

Also, The Carole Fucking Baskin notebook, or even the mug. I absolutely loved watching the Netflix series Tiger king. when I see the Carole Baskin products I want to literally sing the Tiger king TikTok… Seriously… it is stuck in my head right now!

Let me know in the comments below if you have entered the completion in the comments below! What would you purchase with the £50 Voucher?

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Mental health in teenagers

TW: Post mentions depression and self harm.

Good morning Beautiful people! Today’s post is a beautifully written guest post by Demi Le Huray speaking about her experiences and thoughts around depression and mental health in teenagers and young adults. Demi is a young lifestyle and mental health at

Mental health in teenagers is such an important subject that needs to be voiced and understood much more than it already is. It is fully

Mental Health in teenagers by Demi Le Huray.

Having depression at any age is super tough, however, I believe being diagnosed as a teen is very hard to handle. Therefore I am writing my story and experiences of when I was diagnosed with a mental health condition at a young age.

Study Reveals How Teens Communicate Depression – Supportive Care Matters

My diagnosis:

A couple of years back, I started to feel rather low and get depressive episodes frequently. I was constantly feeling down, so I spoke to my school and they referred me to CAMHS. After many visits and assessments, they were able to diagnose me with depression. Although it hurt, it made a lot more sense! My depression was pinpointed because I constantly struggled with dark thoughts, being positive, carrying on with day to day life etc. I have been diagnosed since starting secondary school.

What is it like?

Having depression as a teen, I felt embarrassed and ashamed. It was so overwhelming and I was judged by my peers in school. I got comments thrown at me such as “why are you always so sad.'” “you look so depressed.'” “why are you never happy.” “you’re going to fail your GCSE’s” and so much more… I felt I wasn’t ‘normal.’ I felt I didn’t belong there as I was considered different. It was so hard to wake up everyday battling with yourself and your thoughts within your mind. Nothing was ever enjoyable anymore and there was a lack of motivation. It was so hard to wake up everyday and keep on going. I was exhausted.

What are the impacts of teen depression?

My depression really affected my education massively. I struggled attending school, going to lessons, completing work etc. I found it super hard to concentrate in class and be able to learn at school. People often asked and made comments about my capability to do well. (Check out my post on Surviving school with anxiety! )

I found it hard to socialise with my peers and keep relationships, as I barely went out with or texted them. I felt it impacted my bonds with others and was paranoid they wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who was not the same. This made me feel I had to change, but its not that easy.

My mental health also affected my sleep. I rarely got any rest as I struggled the most at night times overthinking and feeling down. I tried everything to get a night of better sleep, but nothing worked. Whilst everyone was asleep, I felt alone. Night times were the worst! (Check out my post Tips on how to sleep 😴)

Having depression can also impact on your physical health too. I started becoming very insecure about my body and had gone through a eating disorder and made myself really ill from it. I lost a lot of weight, was in a lot of pain, I kept fainting, I was sick. It was exhausting! It wasn’t a nice place to be.

Depression - Anxiety, Trauma & PTSD Specialist Therapy


CAMHS was a massive part of my diagnosis and were able to help me through my depression. They were able to offer me courses and medication that has saved my life! The service are an amazing team that have been through my whole journey and supported me throughout it, with no judgement. CAMHS helped me overcome my eating disorder too! I honestly wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them!

CAMHS - support for teenagers mental health


School has also taken a massive part in my diagnosis. The support at school has been absolutely amazing and have helped me get through my time of education. Make sure you find someone you feel able to talk to, mine is school!

How I have overcome it!

Now you have heard my story, you must be wondering ‘how did you overcome it?’ There are still many times I find myself down, but I pick myself up again using these tips!

Helping yourself:

I believe that one of the most important things is helping yourself. In order to see an improvement, you need to engage with others and want to get better. At the end of the day, it’s not all down to support services, you need to play your part too and work as a team.

Counselling/support services:

When battling with depression, I had a lot of support in place to help me. This included counselling, support from school, CAMHS and just generally talking to people that can help.


To help my mental health condition, I take medication. At first I wasn’t too sure however I wouldn’t be able to cope without them now. If you are thinking about this option, make sure to speak to your doctors!

Mental health in teenagers


Although this may not be for you, I find blogging really helps me deal with my mental health. It allows me to utilise my stories and experiences to help and inspire others which is what I love to do!

Mental health in teenagers


Going through dark times, I felt that helplines were really beneficial to me to be able to get out of crisis. I felt more comfortable using text services rather than calling, but do what is best for you!

Here are a few examples:

  • Hopeline Uk (0800 068 41 41)- this service is completely free and for under 35’s. You can also email them:
  • Samaritans (116123)- this service is free and for anyone. They are there day and night to listen without any judgement. You can also email them:
  • Calm (0800 58 58 58)– this service is free for men who hit crisis point. You can also use there online webchat.
  • Childline (0800 1111)- this service is free for people under 19 and is private/confidential. If preferred, you can email them or use their webchat.
  • Young minds (text YM to 85258) – this free text service is for under 25’s. I tend to use this one the most as they get back to you reasonably quickly, are super friendly, you don’t have to give information if its uncomfortable etc.


Sometimes I feel that apps can distract me and help me through dark times too! Here a few examples:

app to help depression

Stay Alive- Free for any age.

This apps supports people to stay safe through crisis.

Calm Harm - manages self harm - Apps on Google Play

Calm Harm- Free for any age.

Private and protected app to help prevent self-harm.

distrACT – Apps on Google Play

distrACT- free for 17+

experts in suicide prevention.

Mental health matters

At the end of the day, depression can be hard no matter what age you are. You all go through different difficulties. Here is my story and my tips for depression! If you have any other suggestions, what’s yours?

Thank you for such an insightful post on Mental health in teenagers, Demi.

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Using CBD for its benefits for Skincare.

AD – This is a paid advertorial but all thoughts are my own

So as you probably already know that CBD has been a hot topic for self-care and wellness for quite a while now! with CBD having so many benefits to your physical health and mental wellbeing, (for example, Anxiety) however, that is not all. Did you know that by using CBD for skincare can be a complete game-changer for your beauty regime?

CBD, AKA, cannabidiol comes from the cannabis plant. Yep, the one that has been famously known for the Marijuana drug. However CBD may have been extracted from the hemp plant, it does not contain the element THC which is the part of the plant that gets you high.

Hemp has also been used in beauty products for a long time now but is not the same thing. So you when purchasing you will need to check the ingredients for CBD or cannabidiol.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Really? Using CBD for skin benefits?

Especially over the past few months, I have noticed more and more beauty care products being released containing CBD, such as hair conditioners, toothpaste and body lotions.

So is CBD trend actually beneficial for your skin? and should you be adding some CBD products to your own skincare routine?

Well, even though the full benefits and effects of CBD are still being investigated there is significant indications that CBD is good for you and your body overall!

What does CBD mean for our skin benefits?

Since there has been a rather large selection of the population raving about CBD for skincare we know a few conditions where CBD is due to its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to deal with a variety of skincare complaints.

Such as the following…

Dry Skin

Dry skin is something that affects most of us at times, especially when we are in the colder months of the year. Personally, this is something that I struggle with, And I have certainly noticed a positive effect by using varies CBD skincare products.

For years I have been suffering from dry skin around my elbows in particularly. I do recommend CBD intensive cream by Holland & Barrett, As this has been a favourite product of mine for a while now.

By using CBD products regularly in your regime, your skin will heal over time as it is great for moisturising and giving you a glowing complexion.


Firstly, let us cross out the myth that only teenagers get acne. That isn’t true at all. I am someone who can definitely raise my hand as an acne sufferer, especially when it comes to my PCOS. Anyone can suffer with Acne, and there age is not a factor of this.

Acne has the ability to leave your skin looking inflamed and this can feel quite sore. By introducing a face wash that contains the CBD element can improve the issues that Acne is causing you. The anti-inflammatory properties in CBD work by soothing your skin and reducing acne pressure.

Tip: If you are using a face wash and this is helping but not enough, then using a CBD based facial moisturiser alongside your facewash, can reduce symptoms even more then the face wash alone.
Photo by on


Wouldnt it be wonderful if we just didn’t age at all? I suppose that is like saying we want to live forever though, and we cannot live in denial and we are all going to age, sooner or later.

However just because we are naturally ageing does not mean we cant aid our skin into looking fresher. Using CBD based products to reduce the effects of ageing is possible, Such as Using serums directly on the skin, lotions or oil tinctures (These are the ones designed for use under your tongue).

Eczema and psoriasis conditions

It is not just Acne that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are helpful for. CBD lotions, act as a soothing balm and are capable of being able to soothe the itching and irritation that has been caused by skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Using CBD seems to be able to slow down skin cell division in order to reduce these symptoms of these common skin irritations.

So to summarise, we love CBD for skincare because…

  • It has anti-ageing elements to its use.
  • Can be used to treat psoriasis and Eczema.
  • It is rich in Omega 6 & 9.
  • Contains powerful antioxidants.
  • Improve and nourish dry skin.
  • Can prevent and decrease acne.
  • Helps boost the immune system.

What to bear in mind when picking CBD products…

CBD is completely legal, this is because it does not contain the THC element. Which means it is easily purchasable and you will be able to find reputable sellers.

I would always suggest the companies such as the previously mentioned, Holland and Barrett when it comes to buying CBD for skincare and wellbeing. I would highly recommend only purchasing from sellers that you are familiar with and trust. Especially so you can ensure that the product you are buying is of good quality and has the correct amount of CBD in them.

Fact: Although CBD products are legal, you will probably find that some stores have set an 18+ age limit on their CBD products.

What are your thoughts on using CBD in your skincare routine?

I would love to hear from you with your thoughts on using CBD based products in your skincare routine? Are there any products that you have used and recommended? Let me know in the comments below what your favourites are.

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The best scary films to watch for a Halloween night in.

food snack popcorn movie theater
Photo by Pixabay on

As we know that seems Halloween won’t be the same for anyone who enjoys this spooky time of the year. Coronavirus hasn’t stolen our spirit, and Autumn will be spent with COVID regulations whilst still having fun. However, I am gutted that we won’t be dressing up and heading down to the frog & frigate in Southampton this year. So anyway, it got me thinking and I thought instead of our normal Halloween partying It would be awesome to have a cosy night with a scary movie. Then I started pondering, what is the best scary films to watch?

As much as I am a Disney fanatic, When it comes to horror films and thrillers I’ve got to admit I’m pretty obsessed. I’m always watching the latest scary films as they come out on Netflix and Sky Cinema.

so since we’ve already watched so many. I thought I would share my favourites and best horror/thriller films with a scary/Gory rating.

The best scary films to watch for Halloween

1. 13 ghosts

There is a really good reason why 13 Ghosts made it to the very top of my list! That is because I still remember the first time I watched this film. I was still in Junior school, and feeling really chuffed that I was getting to watch a horror movie with a friend for a sleepover. So genuinely it is one of the best scary films that I have ever watched.

13 ghosts horrified me, and a few years later I watched the film again, to feel as horrified as the first time. 13 ghosts, and a family locked in a ghost house, trying to escape. It is a gruesome and weird film!

2. US

The film ‘us’ When a family travels to Santa Cruz, where they are having a vacation, the husband and children filled with excitement for a fun-filled time away. The wife, however, has bad memories of where they are going. With no real clarity of something, she may have seen as a child. The vacation suddenly turns sour when the family is attacked by another family of four. They realise that the people attacking them look very much like them. In fact, they are exactly like them. They now must fight for their lives. Soon to realise it isn’t just them with a doppelganger problem.

3. The Perfection

I had never been so confused about watching a horror film before, and then I watched the perfection. rated to me by my 16-year-old cousin, this film gave me the chills!

The film is a Netflix original, about a troubled musical prodigy that meets an upcoming new star pupil who then embarks her down a sinister path leading to psychotic illusions forced by the other. To seek revenge the scorned musician tricks the other into removing her own arm forcing her out of the musical school. You will literally need to watch this one to understand it fully.

4. Mother!

What can I say about the film ‘Mother!’. Just wow. I am not going to lie I found this film really confusing at times, but yet it also had me tied into an ‘I need to know what is going on’ kinda thing.

The explanation of Mother! is really hard to write, Confusingly about God and the Earth. Drawing on stories that have come from the Bible, The Giving Tree, mother! It is one of the films that you need to see to believe, however, I wouldn’t recommend this film to anyone who is triggered by abuse, or pregnancy-related topics.

5. Nightmare on Elm street

‘1…2… Freddy is coming for you’ you must know this story… right?
5 neighbourhood friends who share the exact same dream of a horribly disfigured man who wears a tattered black and red sweater. He has a glove made of knives. That man, of course, Is, Freddy Krueger, who then terrorizes them in their dreams, and the only escape is to wake up. However, if Freddy catches them, they are dead. For real. As you watch deeper into the film you then learn why Freddy seeks revenge by death from these 5 particular children.

You do have a choice when it comes to this film. There have been many different films and versions of this movie. The newest version released in 2010 is the one I most enjoyed. Mainly because the newer film was more informative in the story and the special effects were way more satisfying to watch.

6. Saw 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8?

So many Saws, so little time. If you really fancy binging on horror movies for the night, how about watching all the Saw movies in chronological order. I did question putting this in my best scary films post, however, I thought about it, and thought, yep! Halloween horror, I think of Saw.

if you haven’t heard of the saw movies, well I’m shocked. Saw is the series of movies where a cancer-ridden psychopath plays a game with carefully picked players till they are either all dead. Or survive by the skin of there teeth. With his games and traps, Surviving Jigsaw is unlikely.

7. Annabelle

Honestly the creepiest looking doll you will have ever seen.
Annabelle is part of ‘The conjuring’ series of films who tell the story of how a satanic worshipping couple use the dolls evil spirit to make another couples life hell.

Annabelle is a real doll. Kept in a glass cabinet at The Warrens’ Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut.

8. The invisible man

A woman who has escaped an abusive relationship, with a controlling personality (narcissist) fears that he has faked his own death, and haunting her.

He is a crazed scientist who has achieved the impossible and made himself invisible. He uses his power to stalk and terrorised her. Of course the police refuse to believe her story, so she decides to take matters into her own hands and fight back. This film I highly recommend, It is less a horror but more suspense/thriller! and it will keep you hooked to the TV set.

9. IT – Chapter one & two

Ok, I have something to admit. I am yet to watch the original IT movie. However I have watched the newest 2 IT movies. And honestly, I loved those. In the first movie 7, helpless and vulnerable children are forced to face their worst nightmares. A shapeshifting clown, known as Pennywise, is an ancient evil torments children before feeding on them.

In the second movie, ‘Chapter 2’ The children are all grown up and have to return to the home town to face the evil Pennywise who haunted them as children, as the clown has yet again returned.

10. Insidious

The best thing about Insidious is that is is actually a film that was successful in being actually scary. It’s something that a lot of horror movies are failing to do recently. Insidious has many intense moments that actually scared me whilst I was watching the films, leaving me hooked wanting to watch more.

The Insidious series currently has 4 movies to its name! A rumoured 5th movie may be on its way! Insidious is quite long to explain however what I did want to talk about is how to watch Insidious in the correct way, for it to actually make sense. Enjoy.

How to watch Insidious films in timeline order so they make sense:
  • Chapter 3
  • The Last Key
  • Insidious (The first one) 
  • Chapter 2

11. Happy Death Day

If you’re wanting to watch a horror, but you are not the biggest horror movie fan, Happy Death Day is the perfect Horror Comedy. You could almost call this film, a horror comedy parody to Groundhog day. A sassy girl, filled with the wrong attitude Wakes up to the same day, being killed by the end of every day. Not knowing who or what was killing her. She learns to become less of a bully to her friends and family whilst she realising her behaviour was causing her issues.

12. Get out

An African American man plans to meet with his white girlfriend’s parents for a weekend in their secluded estate in the woods, should be fine, right? Not for this poor but before long, the friendly and polite ambience will give way to a nightmare.

scary films

13. Split

Arguably Split is classed as a horror movie. However its more of a psychological thriller and it isn’t much of a gory movie. 3 girls have been kidnapped by a man that has been diagnosed with 23 distinct personalities. The girls must now try to escape before the apparent emergence of a frightful new 24th. One thing I do say about this movie is James McAvoy plays such an amazing part of this film, with each personality strongly displayed.

14. Hostel

The hostel film is where Three backpackers head to a Slovak city for a group getaway, it should be the time of their lives. However, their adventure is cut short when their vacation turns to a hellish deathly experience.

Hostel is a very gory film, with a lot of horror included in the film. Admittedly the Hostel movies are one of the best scary films I have ever watch, because I genuinely did poo myself watching these! If you don’t like too much gore! This one you should give a miss!

15. The Cabin in the woods

5 Average college friends find themselves taking a trip to a remote forest cabin for a little vacation. As you can imagine The cabin in the woods is not exactly as it seems, and many horrors are awaiting them. One by one, the youths fall victim to backwoods zombies, but there is another factor at play. There are 2 scientist geeks that are manipulating the ghoulish goings-on, as they watch the events unfold from the safety of a screen.

This is a horror that is genuinely scary and at the same time funny. Also, the Film has been co-written by the Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon. So if you are a Buffy fan you appreciate this film.

scary films

16. Escape room

I am not going to lie, I have watched a few ‘Escape room’ films. and I am now debating whether I would actually like to take part in an actual escape room. In this version, Escape room 2019, 6 completely unrelated people are participating in an escape room competition they have been invited too, in order to win ten thousand dollars. However, Once all of the participants arrive to their location things changed when they find themselves in some horrifying circumstances.

17. Sinister

When looking for inspiration An ambitious, however currently stumped writer discovers a roll of film showing the deaths of a family, that has been brutally murdered. The writer aims to solve the mystery and decides that he will move his own family into the victims home.

If it was me I would not be happy if my partner chose a home to live in that had been the place of death. However, He does not realise what he has done until he learns from clips of the murder has connections with the presence of a supernatural force, he learns that living in the house may be fatal. This film is brilliant at suspense that has you guessing what will happen next.

18. Velvet Buzzsaw

I am not going to lie to you, Velvet Buzzsaw is not the best scary film I have ever watched. However, I did enjoy the film and thought it was quite an interesting film to watch.

Basically, after some interesting looking paintings by an unknown artist are discovered, a supernatural force enacts revenge on anybody who has let their greed to get in the way of the art worth. Which is pretty much all of the museum staff who have got their hands on this painting. It is a bit psychedelic which is what gives the film edge.

scary films

19. Polariod

A camera fanatic and High school loner Bird Fitcher finds a vintage Polaroid camera that holds dark and mysterious secrets. She is soon to realise that those who get their picture taken by it meet a tragic and untimely death. I did enjoy this film. It has a very standard story line however. As in group of friends being picked off one by one. However I’d still recommend this.

20. Halloween

From a classic original horror film, this film has been modernised and explained in so many ways, they surely couldn’t do it again? Well they did and they probably will again if rumours are right. The 2018 Halloween is the best of these scary films however. IMO After a nearly meeting her match over four decades ago, Laurie Strode comes face-to-face with Michael Myers yet again, after he has escaped from captivity. She must confront her worst fears and putting an end to his killing spre and fight back.

21. Paradise Hills

A group of young women have been taken to an island where their families have sent them to, to train to become the perfect woman. However unbeknown to them the girls are not actually being trained but studied until they are no longer needed. The girls then band together to escape from a seemingly perfect island that holds a rather sinister secret.

22. Truth or Dare

A game of truth or dare turns into a game of murder when a group of friends realise that the ones who lie or do not follow the rules of the game end up dead, mysteriously. It isn’t long until they realise what is going on and have to find a way of escaping the torture. It’s another of the best scary films I have watched that has actually had my heart racing.

23. Unfriended – Dark Web

This is a brilliant film filled with suspense. There is definitely a more creepy feeling about watching horror movies based on the internet and social media, I find this anyway. As the concepts mostly used are too connected with reality.
unfriended is a mainly computer shot film, so your need your glasses for this one. I did.

When a teen finds himself with a laptop he thinks he has hit the jackpot, but when he gets into the computer he discovered a cache of hidden files, and that the previous owner has access to the dark web. He soon realises that they are watching over him and his friends.

24. The Platform

One thing I want to say about this film is, it’s a weird one. It took me a while to get it, but once I got it. I got it. The film is based In the future, where a bunch of people Volenteer red themselves in an experiment. This turned out to be a prison where they prisoners suck in vertical cells. The lower levels forced to watch as inmates in the upper floors are fed while those below starve.

25. American Horror Story

Ok So no this is not a movie! Should I be including this in a list about the best scary films to watch though? Yes. American Horror Story is a brilliant scary, gory and weird to watch at times series and if you love a horror movie. Your love this. You could easily binge on a few episodes on a cosy sofa night!

What is your Favourite scary films to watch?

Out of all of my best scary films to watch, I have watched so many more. So what are your favourite horror movies to watch? and what will you be planning to watch this halloween?

Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear one I have not watched before!

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How to cope when leaving a toxic relationship.

Leaving a toxic relationship is not a mess that I thought I would find myself in. However, it did happen.

It took me a very long time, in-fact years, to realise the mess that I was actually in.

Being in a toxic relationship would usually suggest that you have been suffering some form of emotional abuse. Leaving you vulnerable, you do have the strength to get through this and later on find happiness.

When it comes to leaving a toxic relationship where you have been controlled and manipulated it can be very difficult at the start of your new beginning. It was nearly a full year before communication had stopped fully. Due to the complex situation, we had been in.

Photo by Castorly Stock on

The first few days after leaving a toxic relationship are the worst.

I got 2 hours to sleep the night I left my situation. leaving a toxic relationship took me a very long time to do. Being in what was in a state of shock that it finally happened, We both had finally got away.

I sat writing lists of everything I needed to do to get myself fully disconnected from the situation I had been in. and I, of course, was in shock, the fact that it had finally happened, and I had finally got away from living in hell.

The first few days, my phone went constantly, and I felt really overwhelmed. I was finally happy, but being made to feel misery still, by the constant harassment and pleading.

The first few days, are the hardest, but it does get easier to be stronger as you stick your grounds.

Things for you to remember when leaving a toxic relationship:

It isn’t your fault.

The first thing I’d really like you to remember, this isn’t your fault. Your drama isn’t a burden and things will get better. You never choose to be in this situation.

Stop communication

I’m not going to lie. The best thing you could do right now is to block all methods of communication from the ex.

However it isn’t always that easy. The chances are you have forms of tanglement that will need to be discussed civilised.

If you are in a position where you have had to leave a relationship and still remain in civilised communication keep messages short and sweet. As well as on point of what they should be about.

Keep a log.

I can’t stress enough how important this is.

If you are having problems with abuse, threats, harassment from your ex, you need to keep a log of this. If it gets to the point you need police help a log will be really useful to the police to know exactly what has been going on and when.

It can also be a handy reminder to read to remind yourself why you have left, if you ever need too.

Leaving a toxic relationship
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Find the right support.

Having the right support around you is so important. Wether it is friends, or family, or even a virtual support group, there are places to find support in all circumstances.

Accepting support and guidance from others may help you build your confidence and attitude towards what has been happening in your life.

Speak out.

Speaking out about your experiences, helps you come to terms with them as well as find amazing support from all different avenues.
You never know. Speaking out about your own experiences could help someone who is going throug similar.

paper heart on light pink background
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Surround yourself with positivity.

Focus on you.

Its time now more than ever for you to be focusing on your own happiness and self-care.
surround yourself with positive things that comfort you and build yourself back up. It may take time. Your confidence may come back when you at least expect it to.

Eventually, have a laugh about it.

They do say if you don’t laugh your cry.

Everything happens for a reason in life. I believe that more now then ever. If it wasn’t for the situation I was in I wouldn’t of found true love with the most unexpected person in my life. From surviving to being able to complete each other. I know that I can’t regret the past because I would not of my my wife to be, Emma.

Helpful resources:

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Toxic habits that are stopping you from being happy.

Happy Sunday! It has been a few days since my last post! Life has been so hectic the last few weeks, and mental health has been on my mind a lot recently. With Saturday being world mental health day, I thought I would share some of the toxic habits that I have been giving up so that I can improve my own happiness.

So many times in life we are making our own obstacles that prevent us from being able to reach the level of happiness we deserve. These obstacles become habits, and they are toxic for our growth and wellbeing. Not all of them are obvious admittedly.

Making excuses.

Have you ever made excuses not to do something but really it was something that would have benefited yourself in some way. Therefore stopping you from progressing further in your life. I know I have. However, I admit that I regretted doing this so many times.

Saying yes when you really want to say no.

Simply put as stop agreeing to do things that you don’t want to do!

How many times have you been put in a position where you’ve had to do something because you could find a way of saying no.

Realising your ability to be able to say no is a massive window.

Toxic habits

Trying to make everyone happy.

I struggle with this one at times too. In a perfect world, everyone would be happy all the time. I would personally love to keep everyone happy when it comes to life. Wedding planning has been a massive example, due to postponing due to the coronavirus and having to make adaptions so that we can actually get married, I soon realised we can not keep everyone happy. It’s actually impossible there will always be someone that will feel annoyed and let down by your decisions. It is honestly remembering your own happiness and making sure your looking after your wellbeing before trying to keep everyone else happy.

Not making your health a priority.

I admit. I have learnt this the hard way. Even now I have to remind myself to stop and slow down at times. Your body often gives you warning signs before you become poorly.

By Ignoring the warning signs and not taking care of myself. And I am still stubborn when it comes to needing to see a doctor.

I used to panic at the idea of missing commitments because of my health. It was making me stressed and worse health-wise. Learning to put yourself first. Thinking of your health as one of your priorities is one of the most important things you can do. You only get one body! Look after it.

Surrounding yourself with toxic people.

Toxic people can become a toxic habit as you repeatedly allow yourself to allow other peoples behaviour to control your actions and mind. Your damaging your own self-happiness by allowing people around you to act in a way acting that brings you down.

You don’t need that in your life. Your beautiful and you have your own unique and lovely personality that the world needs to see! Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and stop accepting negative and rude behaviour.

Settling easily.

Who says you need to settle when there is a whole big world out there! Waiting for you to experience and live through new opportunities.
stop settling and work towards your dreams.

Mindless scrolling.

who else can admit they continuously do this toxic habit?

Now I am not saying that I am completely innocent when it comes to this. I’m constantly on my phone however I honestly would say it’s mindless scrolling and not phone usage that is a problem. Spending hours on your phone just scrolling through newsfeeds is doing a solo nothing for your positivity and mental wellbeing.

If anything spending too long scrolling the feeds on your phone is stopping you from being productive and living your life.

Doubting yourself.

It’s so easy to do, doubting yourself. Not being able to trust your gut instincts. But the honest answer is that you know. You know the right choices you should be making. You have the strength and ability to what what ever you put your mind to.

You just need to believe in yourself.

Depending on others.

When you spend too long depending on others you are not helping your own personal growth.
Work towards being able to support yourselves. Even if this is something that takes you longer than someone else. The happiness you grow from the feeling of succeeding in the end is the best.

Living in the past.

The past is a demon that every single human being is. I’m specifically taking about the regrets that we have and the failures we have made. It’s time to forget the negative times and start living the future. Ensuring that we learn from our experiences but we’ve moved on from them.

Comparing yourself to others.

Caring what others think.

It’s so hard at times to not care what other people think of you. But it gets to the point that we’re so worried about what others think of us that we forget what really matters. Our own happiness and the ability to enjoy life. We only get one life. Don’t waste it worrying about what others are thinking of you. Cause the chances are that they haven’t noticed your mistake, or even care if you like something that they don’t.

Not looking after your finances.

Money really is the route of all evil at times. We are driven by earning/gaining money, but were also depressed by not being able to afford what we want, having debts and always having a minus bank balance. It sucks doesn’t it?
I would suggest to anyone that they should look after their financial health from as early as they can. As money can have an awful impact on mental health.

Being sleep deprived.

I have to admit it, because I am totally rubbish at sticking to a ‘normal’ and reasonable bed time, but being sleep deprived, and not having a sleep routine is one toxic habit that is damaging your happiness behind the scenes. Although it is something I’m trying to work on.

Not getting enough sleep can cause you to be unable to concentrate fully. Lafargic and unmotivated. Which means your find yourself not able to function as well.

what are some toxic habits you would like to stop to improve your wellbeing and positive energy? Comment below what it is.

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