The semicolon project

This week has been recognised in the UK as national health week, May 14th – 20th. Mental health is such an important subject, over the past few years it becomes something that we have encouraged to talk about more and more. One thing that I hugely support is the semicolon project and their message towards the symbol.
Depression, Anxiety, Paranoia, Suicidal thoughts. These are just some. Mental health covers so much more.

semicolon project
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what is the semicolon project?

Back in 2013 the SemiColon project was started, in aid of promoting awareness of mental health issues and Suicide prevention. A powerful project that has inspired so many. So many people decided to get the SemiColon tattoo in aid of showing their support, and telling there story. “your story is not over” and these are such powerful words.
I dont have the tattoo myself but I’ve always thought that one day I might add this as a new addition to me. This is just one of many inspiring projects.

mental health is so important, read my post on how being ill effects my mental health, here.

So many of us have untold stories. Mental health is an invisible problem that ignorance can be the biggest killer. Can anyone really say that at one time or another, wether its been your own story or been part of some one else, that you have not been affected by mental health issues?

Personally I have! more then I would of liked to of admitted, But then thats the thing, somethings need to be told and said. One of the most hardest things to do in life some time, is  one of the most common, most normal thing that we do on a day to day basis. Talk.

In 2013 I lost one of my closest friends who’s story was cut to short. She was a beautiful soul, who had so many friends, so many people in this world who loved her. Even to this day, I still think about her, and wonder what could of stopped her. In this day and age its astonishing that we as people are still afraid to speak up. At the age of 26 I can confidently say that I’ve been through a lot. Ive been through pain, heart ache and loss. Just like each and every other person in this world. One thing that has always been help on my side, is talking. Learning to talk about experiences and feelings that I’ve had, because there are so many others out there that may not of been through the same thing, but they can relate some way or another.

confidence is also something that has a massive part of our mental health, read what I am doing to improve my confidence, here.

I’ve suffered from anxiety and gone through times of depression and taking medication to help for a long time. My anxiety has been so bad that I did not even know at times how bad my anxiety actually was, or how it was controlling me, and my life.  I can be thankful for everything that I have faced. Every down day that I have had, I have always had close friends and family around me, supporting me, and making me get through the wars.
My advice to anyone. Learn to talk. Find away. Never be scared to ask if someone is OK because just by being there for someone else, you could be saving a life, you may never know.

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My favourite bath bomb from lush, The Intergalactic.

Ok admittedly I am a little bit delayed on this one, it has been a busy time but I really wanted to give my thoughts on this lovely little bath bomb I used this weekend. My new favourite bath bomb from Lush.

This is not a sponsored post, and all thoughts are my own.

If you are not into bath bombs, how about checking out my reasons to love Poundland post, here.

Lately, I have grown a massive love for the bath bomb. I never used to be a big fan of baths, much preferred a quick, easy and refreshing shower. Maybe it is an age thing, but recently the idea of a nice soak in a bubble-filled tub makes me smile! Don’t get me wrong though, the bath has to be perfect. I’m talking nice smells, bubbles, maybe the odd candle every now and then. 

The intergalactic bath bomb from Lush!

bath bomb from lush

Just over a month ago I purchased a bath board! I knew bath times were getting serious when this entered the bathroom. Complete with Wine glass holder! I was quite pleased with my pound shop to find! (that’s right, I admit it came from the pound shop, was a bit more then £1. It was actually £5)

Anyway going back to my new found love of bath bombs… We actually have a small drawer in our bathroom now full of bath bombs and salts, enough to make every one a bit different (Im pretty certain I’m turning in to a compulsive buyer, but again thats another story)

Signs that you may be addicted to stationery? Could this be you?

This week I decided to take a trip to my favourite shop with my dad, an hilarious experience with someone who has never been in Lush. His exact words were “There were so many scents in there I didn’t know where to look first”.
I originally had it planned out! I’m dying to try Lush’s Golden Egg bath bomb, So I steered my dad around the shop looking for it. Somehow I managed to get sidetracked on my quest for the golden egg once more, I found this little beauty. ‘The Intergalactic’ Bright blue and pink colours, with shimmery glitter. PERFECT. This one cost me £4.50 and it was worth every penny.

I couldn’t wait to try this. Once I filled the bath up and I was not let down… In the bomb went and bright blue exploded into the water, a few more seconds and I could see the pink emerging.

bath bomb from lush
Seriously How pretty is this water pattern?

Honestly, I rate this as one of the best bath bombs I’ve used so far. The water turned a beautiful royal blue colour, and you could see the shimmering glitter float around, in a calming way.  The smell of this also is lovely, there’s a strong peppermint smell, but I find that it is quite a calming smell to have.
There is one downfall on buying glittery bath bombs, The glitter in this one seems to stick to the bath really well, so took a proper wipe to get off again, but I wouldn’t let this put me off using The Intergalactic again.

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One of the reasons I love Poundland!

Happy Thursday! it is nearly the weekend, and I am trying to put my tough rollercoaster ride of life to the side and think positive! Waheyyyyy. Today’s happy vibe comes directly from a small trip to Poundland.

Poundland is just one of those shops that we all secretly have that love for. I mean how wrong can you go at anything for just a single pound!
I’m not wrong now am I? Doesn’t matter if you pop in just to grab your essentials or as I’m often saying, I’ll have a quick look and only spend a fiver, it seems to be that you can find too many nice things!
Especially recently. Especially if you are a stationery lover like me! Even though I have left school long ago now this is still my favourite time of year! the shops are fighting for the attention of anyone going back to school with numerous back to school sets and styles.

The Craft Vine is one of my favourite stationery subscription boxes, read one of my reviews, here.

So my recent trip to Poundland left me with all these goodies! and I’m pretty chuffed. pretty rose gold, pinky colours. which is totally my favourite right now!
I’m not gonna lie I have enough stationery and probably enough notebooks to fill an entire bookshelf, but I can never seem to get enough beautiful stationery!…
Its defiantly worth a trip a month, or more. Not just stationary, but I’ve recently found some amazing home decor bits.

Stationery has always been a passion of mine. How about reading my signs you also have an addiction to stationery, here.

Love you all…  

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My open love letter to the one I love…

As I write my open love letter to the one I truly love, I feel the need to say words could never fully cover how I really feel.

So here is my open love letter.

I hold on to the moment I fell in love with you with my heart every day, that memory is the specialist memory I hold.
At times our life, it has been hard. Harder, then it should be, we sit and dream of the time to come when our moment comes and the freedom we fantasise of becomes ours.
We look back to the past and remember the times we’ve gone through. Not always good. But neither of us can deny that we shared special memories and magical sparkle moments. As the years have gone by we have changed in so many ways.
I know the pain we share now is my fault. I’ve made some choices that I regret, and yet there is no real way that I can apologise because I am sorry is not enough. I’ve been a fool at times, a gullible
I hold on to the feeling of one day, not because I am not ready, and no. I’m not scared.

open love letter
Photo by Jasmine Carter on Pexels

Sometimes I just can’t help but watch you, not in a weird way, but because I just cane help myself, I see such a beautiful loving girl, one that doesn’t even know her own value.
It breaks my heart to see your pain. You don’t deserve what you go through. The way you are treated by others. You are a person…
You are always there for me, your smile, your words, your kind heart. What did I ever do to deserve someone like you?
Our first kiss still stays in my thoughts, the shivers that ran down my back. It was a surprise that I had longed for, but in reality, was so much more then I could have known. It was as if you could read my mind.
The moments we share, they to me are magical, even the discreet ones. We don’t just make moments that we know that we will keep, photo-ready we always do that. We make memories.
I know at times I can look at you and I just know you can read my thoughts, I see you looking back and your eyes, your beautiful eyes, they tell me things. I know you can read mine too.

With this open love letter, Please remember the hard days. If I could do just one thing for you, that would be to keep my promise, a promise I made the very first day…
….I will not let you down.

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