Brighton pride 2018 – We had an amazing day!

Saturday 4th August, Brighton’s biggest weekend of the year and the best! I’ve got to say that I  had an amazing Saturday at Brighton pride. 

The sun was literally at its hottest this weekend and it didn’t stop the amazing vibe going around Brighton. One of my favourite things about Brighton is literally everywhere you walk pride is everywhere. Seriously the best location for the pride that I know anyway.

I was originally gutted because we had missed out on getting into tickets for the festival bit in the parks. pretty certain that was because of Britney Spears being the headliner this year! but we still decided that we would have an amazing day to head to watch the parade! see some shops and the beach!

Brighton Pride is so worth the drive!

Brighton pride

We got up early to head to Brighton on Saturday morning, with the expectation of traffic being hideous. We got lucky though and the drive was lovely. 
As you get closer to Brighton the pride vibes can be felt all around. You really can see the effort that this city goes too. Flags, banners, and rainbows everywhere. It really is beautiful. 

I love bright colours and have always believed that colours can impact your mood. Smiling faces and floods and floods of people everywhere you turn. It couldn’t be truer when it comes to pride. Smiling faces. Open, honest, people, being who they truly are. As you walk through the crowds you have 100 people turn around and say ‘Happy Pride’ Why can’t we have that every day?

Pride is an experience that I think every single person should have. maybe if every single person on earth went to a pride day, there would no longer be hated. 

Definition of pride: a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of one’s close associates, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.

It is amazing the effort put in by the emergency service teams at this year’s pride parade! I mean the cars that have been all done up look amazing! who could not love watching the positive attitude towards the LGBT community from our trusted services! Including where I work!  Very proud. 

One last thing to mention on pride this year, The costumes and festival/carnival atmosphere. Every year pride gets bigger, louder and better. 
my goal for next year is to be well prepared with the glitter (because we may have left it in the car this year  – oops) and we are getting into that festival! 

This summer has been full of fun, check out when we went to see the poppy memorial here.

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Things that are making me happy right now!

  • It’s summer right now. And it feels so hot!

This might be staying the obvious just a little bit right now but we have been really lucky with the sun making a visit to us the last few weeks. It’s amazing how much a little bit of vitamin D really makes the world seem a better place. The last few days have been slightly unbearable with the heat, BUT I am not moaning. The summer clothes are out and I’m loving it, iced coffees have also made a comeback and a new range of summer accessories! Whey.


• I have amazing friends and family, and one amazing girlfriend. Ok so I’m not the only one who has an amazing amazing abundance of people around them, and maybe I’m just bragging slightly. Over the last year my girl, my friends and my family have all been rocks to me. As the summer season is on us weekend vibes truly have a new meaning to me. Weekends are packed with family visiting and fun in the sun. What more could anyone ask for?

• Love island is so addictive.I am sooooo hooked on this years love island! Danni & Jack are so meant to be! That is all! Seriously! Me and Em have been so hooked! I’m finding it so hard not to tweet about it every 5 mins. • I’ve set myself goals to achieve this month. Ive always been a believer in goal setting and planning so this month I’ve started goal tracking and being even more planner obsessed then ever. I’m not gonna say a lot about this now! But watch this space! On a side note summer is the perfect time to start loosing weight as well. So being one of my goals! I can’t complain cause jacket potatoes and salads are totally my favourite. • The flowers! They’re beautiful. Without ever really realising. I’m such a nature freak. I love taking wildlife photos and photos of beautiful flowers. It’s the perfect time to do so. So I’m summer gosling myself to get as much photography in as humanly possible. For me anyway.

  • My last happy note for this month at least…

I’ve finally got on top and sorted my iphotos out. Which also means I’ve finally sorted my photos from Bristol zoo! Well. It’s only been a month hey! Here’s a few …

Seriously.. this year is flying by.

So I haven’t posted in a while so I thought now would be a perfect time to post a blog update on life!

I literally mean it when I say this year is literally flying by! We’re in June! How did that even happen so fast? This week will be the first official week of summer as well. We’ve already had some lovely weather this year as well! So fingers crossed the weather’s just going to get better because I’ve still got so much on my 2018 goal list (especially for sunny days).

I’ve been super busy with work and days out this month so far. Me and my girl have had an amazing trip to Bristol at the beginning of this month. We took a visit to Bristol zoo. It was so lovely and I would definitely recommend the zoo to anyone that’s taking a n adventure to Bristol. The only thing that I would critise is the parking. It’s not like we got to Bristol zoo late. But we nearly didn’t make it at all to the zoo. It it wasn’t for our persistence on wanting to get in. We must of drove round in circles for nearly an hour before finding a space up a road with lots of houses. We were lucky. I gotta admit as well the zoo itself is so surprising. When we were planning our trip we never realized how much of a built up area the zoo was in. Completely in Bristol town, but the location is astonishing. When you walk in, your transformed into a surreal bubble of beautiful gardens and animal kingdoms!

Bristol town was amazing too. So many things to see and we really enjoyed our trip to Cabot Circus.

(The balloons that were hanging in city centre were pretty cool)

So that’s the main thing that’s happened this month. But not the only. Family weddings, get togethers and like Ive already said work work and more work. Plus life doesn’t come without its dramas. I mean it wouldn’t be my life if I didn’t feel that I was in the cast of a shooting eastenders episode everynow and then.

One thing that is for sure is if I have learnt anything so far this year. It’s appreciation. I think sometimes in life taking a minute to stop and realise the things you have, is the best feeling you can possibly experience. I am so thankful fory loving family, friends and perfect girlfriend for the changes that have happened.

Update over ?

The power of poppies

When you see a poppy you don’t just sit there and think oh that’s pretty. A poppy has meaning and memory. A memory of war.


‘The wave’ is a concept by Paul Cummins and was originally displayed at the HM Tower of London in 2014.

And Its currently here! In our beautiful Hampshire until the 24th June Fort Nelson have an inspiring tribute to WW1.

I really enjoyed The walk around Fort Nelson and of course educational experience. I haven’t actually been there before (not that I can remember)

I love how the simplest art has so much meaning behind it.

Mental health 2018

This week has been recognised in the UK as national health week, May 14th – 20th. Mental health is such an important subject, over the past few years its become something that we have encouraged to talk about more and more.
Depression, Anxiety, Paranoia, Suicidal thoughts. These are just some. Mental health covers so much more.

Back in 2013 the SemiColon project was started, in aid of promoting awareness of mental health issues and Suicide prevention. A powerful project that has inspired so many. So many people decided to get the SemiColon tattoo in aid of showing their support, and telling there story. “your story is not over” and these are such powerful words.
I dont have the tattoo myself but I’ve always thought that one day I might add this as a new addition to me. This is just one of many inspiring projects.

So many of us have untold stories. Mental health is an invisible problem that ignorance can be the biggest killer. Can anyone really say that at one time or another, wether its been your own story or been part of some one else, that you have not been affected by mental health issues?

Personally I have! more then I would of liked to of admitted, But then thats the thing, somethings need to be told and said. One of the most hardest things to do in life some time, is  one of the most common, most normal thing that we do on a day to day basis. Talk.

In 2013 I lost one of my closest friends who’s story was cut to short. She was a beautiful soul, who had so many friends, so many people in this world who loved her. Even to this day, I still think about her, and wonder what could of stopped her. In this day and age its astonishing that we as people are still afraid to speak up. At the age of 26 I can confidently say that I’ve been through a lot. Ive been through pain, heart ache and loss. Just like each and every other person in this world. One thing that has always been help on my side, is talking. Learning to talk about experiences and feelings that I’ve had, because there are so many others out there that may not of been through the same thing, but they can relate some way or another.

I’ve suffered from anxiety and gone through times of depression and taking medication to help for a long time. My anxiety has been so bad that I did not even know at times how bad my anxiety actually was, or how it was controlling me, and my life.  I can be thankful that for everything that I have faced. Every down day that I have had, I have always had close friends and family around me, supporting me, and making me get through the wars.
My advice to anyone. Learn to talk. Find a way. Never be scared to ask if someone is OK, because just by being there for some one else, you could be saving a life, you may never know.

Happy May Day …

And oh my gosh. This has been the beautiful May Day bank holiday ever.

Reportedly the hottest May bank holiday in 40 years! Honestly I have felt really lucky this weekend. From spending Saturday morning lazing on the sandy beach at Bournemouth, to chilling in my cousins lazy spa!

Like most days off we have been busy bees.

We got to the beach early enough on Saturday morning that there was hardly any one around. This for certain didn’t last long. The beach was packed within a few hours, with many families and groups chilling in the sun. After a few hours in Bournemouth and a pretty amazing trip to Bournemouth oceanarium I got to leave feeling really happy and pretty content. I’m pretty certain Ocean-arium-y places are like the zoo to me, still my favourite thing.

When I was a child I wanted to be a marine-bioligist. I was dead set on that one for years… I’m not sure what happened with that one? I’ve grown up with the passion for animals and marine life, but my crazy life has led me in many career destinations.

On another crazy side thought, if I could be any creature in a new life, I think it would have to be a sea turtle. In my head, I’d want to be one of the ones from finding Nemo because DUDEEEEE they are cool!…

Anyway, this weekend has brought me so much happiness. The value of being with loved ones and new experiences with the special one in my life, I am so proud of how much I have grown and how far we have all come in the past few months.

The Intergalactic…

Ok admittedly I am a little bit delayed on this one, its been a busy but I really wanted to give my thoughts on this lovely little bath bomb I used this weekend. Lately I have grown a massive love for the bath bomb. I never used to be a big fan of baths, much preferred a quick, easy and refreshing shower. Maybe its an age thing, but recently the idea of a nice soak in a bubble filled tub makes me smile! Don’t get me wrong though, the bath has to be perfect. Im talking nice smells, bubbles, maybe the odd candle every now and then. 

Just over a month ago I purchased a bath board! I knew bath times were getting serious when this entered the bathroom. Complete with Wine glass holder! I was quite pleased with my pound shop find! (thats right, I admit it came from the pound shop, was a bit more then £1)

Anyway going back to my new found love of bath bombs… We actually have a small drawer in our bathroom now full of bath bombs and salts, enough to make every one a bit different (Im pretty certain I’m turning in to a compulsive buyer, but again thats another story)

This week I decided to take a trip to my favourite shop with my dad, an hilarious experience with some one who has never been in Lush. His exact words was “There was so many scents in there I didn’t know where to look first”
I originally had it planned out! Im dying to try Lush’s Golden Egg bath bomb, So I steered my dad around the shop looking for it. Somehow I managed to get side track on my quest for the golden egg once more, I found this little beauty. ‘The Intergalactic’ Bright blue and pink colours, with shimmery glitter. PERFECT. This one cost me £4.50 and it was worth every penny.

I couldn’t wait to try this. I filled the bath up and I was not let down… In the bomb went and bright blue exploded in to the water, a few more seconds and I could see the pink emerging.

I literally rate this as one of the best bath bombs I’ve used so far. The water turned a beautiful royal blue colour, and you could see the shimmering glitter float around, in a calming way.  The smell of this also is lovely, theres a strong peppermint smell, but I find that its quite a calming smell to have.
There is one down fall on buying glittery bath bombs, The glitter in this one seems to stick to the bath really well, so took a proper wipe to get off again, but I wouldn’t let this put me off using The Intergalactic again.