How to bake the perfect sugar cookie.

There is something about this time of year that makes us want to bake tasty treats all of the time! so, today I am sharing how I make these yummy sugar cookie biscuits.

Sugar cookie biscuits are perfect for icing and decorating to look pretty and festive!

sugar cookie

What Ingredients you will need:

  • 225g unsalted butter
  • 225g caster sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract (Salted Caramel is also acceptable)
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 330g plain flour

The Method:

Before you do anything, Preheat oven to 180° C. Then grab some baking trays and place grease proof paper on these.

In a bowl, cream together butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in vanilla extract and egg. (I cheated and used a mixer on low speed and this worked perfectly).

In a separate bowl combine baking powder with flour and then add a little of the mixture at a time to the wet ingredients. The dough will be very stiff.

Note: You do not need to chill the dough before baking.

Divide into workable batches, roll out onto a floured surface and cut into whatever shapes take your fancy.

Bake for 8-10 minutes. Let cool on the baking tray until firm enough to transfer to a cooling rack.

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Christmas films to watch on festive nights in.

Christmas may not be quite the same this year, but we are all busy making the best of the situation we are in! So this year we don’t really have much excuse but to enjoy a few Christmas films to watch snuggled up on the sofa, a festive movie night in. Grab the popcorn, the blanket and the remote, and snuggle down and watch some of the best Christmas movies around.

Christmas films tend to go on from around October in this house, Living with the queen of Christmas films, my Emma, She can’t get enough of Christmas films.

The Best Christmas films (according to me anyway)

The Grinch

My Number 1 film, is and always will be The Grinch! My favourite film to watch at Christmas, It’s funny, its Fictional, and Jim Carey absolutely Rocks this Grimy Christmas Hating Character. 

The holiday calendar

christmas films

The Next film I have literally fallen in love with is The Holiday Calendar witch is a original! A single girl, who’s best friend is clearly in love with her, misses all the signs that the magical calendar is giving her, to find her true love, whilst she persistently dates the wrong one! A festive love story! Perfect! 

The Christmas Chronicles

christmas films

Next up, Netflix wins again with me. The Christmas Chronicles, starring Kurt Russell. which was released literally a few days ago. When Christmas goes terribly wrong Santa is put to his paces to make sure all the boys and girls receive their Christmas gifts. Yup. Really enjoyed this film and would definitely suggest this to my friends! 

Santa Girl

christmas films

All she wanted is to go to college and fit in, But for Cassie it isn’t that simple. She is the only daughter of Santa clause and must marry as part of a contract. Whilst trying to rebel Cassie faces some massive challenges whilst her, and her elf friend attends college. Yep, This is another romantic comdey. Although the story line is pretty obvious, the magical twists and creepy Jack Frost in this film, kept me glued to the screen!

The princess switch

Christmas, romance and comedy all rolled into one royal tale with this movie. And if you can get over high school musicals Gabriella playing a royal princess. This film is brilliant. 2 complete strangers, one princess, one baker swap lives and find themselves in love with the other ones man.

A muppets Christmas

christmas films

Oh I do love the muppets, but th muppets at Christmas, even more. The Muppet characters tell the classic tale of an old bitter man who hates Christmas is haunted by ghoasts and ghouls until he finds redemption on Christmas Eve.

Christmas with the Kranks

christmas films

Imagine not being in the mood for Christmas, so much so that you tell everyone not to bother with you and Christmas, as you plan to head out to the tropical islands for a beach paradise holiday. Only to find out your daughter is coming back for the traditional Christmas that she loves so much, and now you have to struggle to do it all at the very last minute. This is what happens with the Kranks.

Jingle Jangle

christmas films, jingle jangle

I absolutely loved watching this film, so much so that I was surprised that Em wanted me to turn this one off. (Like I said she’s the queen of Christmas). Jingle Jangle is more of a musical one, and is quite cheesy in places. A story of a fathers failing inventions that has a massive twist when the children put their belief in. I honestly felt there was a warming Christmas message in this tale, that magic only really happens when we believe. Cute, hey?


christmas films

Dude where’s my Donkey, Dude where has it gone?

Nativity is a series of 3 hilarious movies, based around a school, moody teachers and a brilliant Mr Poppy, Who is more of a child, than a teaching assistant. The songs will get stuck in your head for days, and you really will feel in the festive spirit from watching these Christmas films!

Santa Clause the movie

I couldn’t miss these classic Christmas films off my list, Santa Clause, and I do mean all 3 of the funny Santa Clause Films with Tim Allen. It’s hard not to picture Tim Allen in Home Improvements or his voice as Buzz light year, But he really does make an excellent Santa! I remember seeing clause when it first came out, It’s been on my top Christmas film list for a long time now.

Love Actually

Finally, Love Actually, is my number 5 top Christmas film to watch! You can’t really miss this one! it’s on every year! especially over Christmas week. Stories of Love, Christmas Cheer, and Nativities. They didn’t go wrong with that one.

On a side note: none of the above pictures is my own, but has been used in a non-profitable way to include joy on my post.  

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Goodbye November, Hello the month of Christmas!

month of Christmas

Well Hello there guys, Today’s post is coming to you pretty last minute. My intentions where to get this post written up yesterday, but an unexpected trip to the hospital and the emergency department followed by a rather sleepless night last night did however get in the way. I am still feeling in pain and unconfortable but thought I would throw myself into this post ready for the 1st of many posts this month as we say hello to the month of christmas.

So instead of my general monthly round up I thought today would be a great opportunity to give you guys a proper update on what’s been going on in our lives, to also talk about my Christmas expectations and bucket list!

What we got up to in November

The dreaded second lockdown.

I am gonna have to start by saying that really November has been a very quiet month for us, obviously with facing another lockdown we haven’t been out and about like we would normally be. It feels quite weird for Novemember to be a quiet month, normally when we get to november we have tons of plans and days planned as we begin to get in the festive season. Instead along with the rest of the UK, we have been stuck indoors, only going out for shopping and getting on with things the best we can.

On a positive note…

Here in Southampton, Hampshire, we have been placed into the Tier 2. Which means what? well I am still trying to work this out for myself! I am not going to lie I am not facing the high street this year for christmas. I really doubt my anxiety would be able to cope. So this year our christmas shopping has been supermarkets and online based! I cant wait to talk to you guys about some of the superises we managed to find our loved ones in the new year (would want to ruin any surprises now, hey)

It was Alfi’s Birthday.

We were lucky enough to enjoy Alfi’s birthday with him during lockdown this month, as this little monkey turned 8 years old. It was a hectic and fun day.

We tried to help make his birthday fun for him, even with the lockdown, and having to self isolate by preparing a scavenger hunt with a few presents from us.

We met Dotty.

This beautiful little Jack Russell Puppy is called Dotty and she is Emma’s dads new addition to the house. This little one is so cute and full of energy! She also definitely knows how to hold her own! She’s already met our Bella, and I can see them being the best of friends. I mean isn’t she just a cutie!?

She’s as big as Bella already so, definitely going to be a bigger Jack Russell.

Instagram update

Admittedly luck has not been on my side this month, not only with health but also technology!

Sunday morning I woke up to find out I have been locked out of my @AlexaJadeBlogs Instagram account. Since I hadn’t update my phone number when I changed it, this meant I was unable to verify my account as mine, and I have been completely locked out without any options. This means I am starting again and using an older account. So If you would like to help me regrow my Instagram please give me a follow on @lifebyalexajade.

month of Christmas
Bring on the festive season!

It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas in this house!

So we decided along with so many others it seems, to bring some positivity into the lockdown period (and our house) by getting out our Christmas decorations nearly a month early.

Our tree went up in the beginning of November this year, and it honestly has helped the positivity in house. I love our tree, and we are slowly adding some more decorations around the house to make the festive season really christmasy! I can’t wait to show you this month in one of my Blogmas posts, what we have put up and done!

Preparing blogmas posts.

Well I have to admit, being secluded to our house this month has had one very positive. Although I haven’t posted to the blog much in November, I have been busy planning, scheduling and preparing some pretty awesome blog posts for this years Blogmas.

I love a good blogging challenge and blogmas is brilliant for bloggers to share a few festive posts for the year, whilst of course, challenging yourself.

My 2020 Christmas bucket list

  • Create a hot chocolate bar.
  • Make the house feel Christmasy.
  • Complete Blogmas.
  • Be more creative with my Christmas wrapping.
  • Take some quirky Christmas photos.
  • Enjoy some Festive activities at home.
  • Take a Christmas lights drive.
  • Make and decorate aGingerbread house.
  • Decorate my own ugly Christmas sweater or t-shirt.
  • Make a Christmas playlist.
  • Light some festive candles.
  • Make some mulled wine.
  • Read a Christmas story.

Posts from November

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Festive Blogging Ideas for blogmas.

It is getting close to December! If you are planning on doing Blogmas this year, you should have already got together some sort of plan. However it’s not too late, you can still get organised and get your Blogmas posts together. Today I am sharing nearly 200 Blogmas Ideas for you to help get your Crimbo post plans together.

Photo by Jill Wellington on

What is Blogmas?

If you don’t actually know what Blogmas is, Blogmas

Pretty similar to Blogtober, Blogmas is a month-long challenge for bloggers in December. Bloggers post in an advent calendar style for 25 days up till the big day. Some also go above and beyond to fill in the whole month up to the new year.

How do I take part in Blogmas?

Blogmas is not something that you need to apply for or permission to do, you are more than welcome to join in. All you need is some inspiration creative thoughts and your blog. If you don’t have a blog, check out my how to create a blog post, to get started.

It is up to you how you actually organise your blog posts when you are taking part in Blogmas, Some will freestyle and post every day on the day, and others will pre-write their posts so that they are scheduled and done as it happens.

It doesn’t matter what your blogging niche is either. Anyone can take part. There are no rules. It’s your blog, and completely up to you post what you want to post, and what you know your readers will want to hear from you.

100 brilliant blog post ideas for blogmas…

  • What your favourite things about Christmas are
  • What you don’t like about Christmas
  • Your Christmas traditions are.
  • Best Advent Calendars you can do/buy
  • Gift Guides (specify who the gift guide is for ie, pets, him, her)
  • Favourite Christmas Films
  • Share your favourite Christmas crafts
  • Elf on the Shelf Ideas
  • Christmas Party Outfit Ideas
  • What your house looks like for Christmas
  • Show Us Your Christmas Tree
  • What to eat at Christmas
  • Your favourite Hot Chocolate Recipe
  • How To Host The Perfect Christmas Party
  • Ultimate Christmas Playlist
  • A Christmas Tag
  • Your Letter To Santa
  • Or an old letter to Santa you wrote as a child.
  • Christmas Baking Recipes
  • Festive Themed Nail Art
  • Christmas Games to play with the family
  • Family Christmas Traditions
  • Christmas Eve Box Ideas
  • Festive drinks guide (Christmas Cocktails & Mocktails)
  • Winter Skincare (Your routine)
  • A Festive Get Ready With Me
  • How To Survive The Boxing Day Sales
  • Your Christmas goals!
  • How To Feel Festive when you are not feeling it.
  • Top Tips On Having A Less Stressful Christmas
  • whats going to be on your Christmas dinner plate?
  • Christmas Budgeting Tips

  • Outfit Ideas For New Year’s Eve
  • How To Beat The Winter illnesses
  • A Guide To Christmas Events In Your City/Town
  • Childhood Christmas Memories
  • What To Make With Christmas Leftovers
  • Winter Essentials
  • How to repurpose Christmas cards
  • ideas on how to save money this Christmas
  • What to do with your unwanted Christmas gifts
  • How to avoid overspending this Christmas
  • Favourite Festive Candles
  • Your Christmas Wishlist
  • Homemade Christmas Presents, and how you did them.
  • Mince Pie Taste Test – where you got them
  • Christmas TV Picks

Check out my christmas top 5 playlist, here.

  • Winter Wardrobe Essentials
  • Favourite Christmas Themed Books
  • Mulled Wine or Mulled Cider Recipe (or a non-alcoholic alternative)
  • Winter Activities
  • Christmas Party Essentials
  • How To Have A Festive Night In
  • Gift Wrapping Ideas
  • How To Get Your Home Ready for Christmas
  • Festive Day Out
  • Winter Pamper Routine
  • Are You On The Naughty Or Nice List?
  • What Christmas Is Like In Your Household
  • Christmas Photo Props & Backgrounds
  • Things To Do On Boxing Day
  • How To Entertain with Children Over The Christmas Holidays
  • Favourite Blogmas Posts/Vlogmas
  • Alternatives To Turkey For Christmas Dinner
  • Christmas Hacks To Make Life Easier
  • Best & Worst Christmas Jumpers

Got enough ideas? check out one of my Christmas posts from last year… How to make gingerbread men.

  • Christmas Decoration Haul
  • Winter Self Care Tips
  • How To Avoid A New Year’s Day Hangover
  • Favourite Photos Of This Year
  • How You Organise/Plan For Christmas
  • Looking Back On Your Year
  • New Year Goals
  • Our holiday traditions
  • How I plan for the perfect Christmas
  • My goals for December
  • The best diaries/planners for ‘20XX’
  • Festive nail ideas
  • How to organise a secret Santa and add a twist.
  • What to wear on Christmas day
  • The best accessories for cold weather
  • Top 10 ugly Christmas sweaters
  • Winter skincare routine
  • Christmas party outfit ideas
  • Essential outfits for the holiday season
  • How to cook the perfect Christmas turkey

Check out the things I love about christmas, here.

  • Our Christmas lunch menu.
  • How to make a gingerbread house
  • Hot chocolate recipes
  • How to make Christmas cookies
  • What I bought everyone for Christmas this year.
  • How to make a gift hamper & what to include in a gift hamper
  • The best place to buy pre-made gift hampers
  • What to do if the ‘must-have’ toy isn’t available
  • The must-have toys of this year
  • What to give someone instead of a gift card
  • The best Christmas present I ever received
  • Stocking fillers that cost less than £5
  • Tips for stress-free shopping this Christmas.
  • When to start shopping for next Christmas?

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5 things to remember with the new lockdown.

Good morning Everyone, happy Monday… Let’s get real for a minute. Is anyone else completely sick of the pandemic? I mean, How many times has it been said this year that 2020 has really been a hell of a year? With all of our worlds that have been turned upside down. Staying positive has become more of a challenge for a lot of us this year, as opportunities, plans and excitements went out of the window. Then, just when things are starting to return to normal (well, the new normal), we entered a new lockdown.

The past few days, I have realised something really important.
It is really easy to allow yourself to become filled with negativity over the things that we really cannot control. How true is that?

I mean, with so much negativity going on in the world, it does put a downer on us all. That is without even mentioning are normal stresses that we tend to have in our day to day lives. So a new lockdown just adds to that really.

It really won’t last together.

We may not know how long the pandemic will last, or when we will go back to an actual normal, but one thing that is for certain, and something we should all remember when ever we feel down or disheartened by the current events, is that it really will not last forever.

It might seem like there is no end in sight right now, especially with the UK numbers rising again daily. The new lockdown is supposedly 4 weeks but who knows. All we do know is one day there will be a vaccine. The pandemic will be a distant memory!

This year will never be forgotten.

With that being said, one this is for certain, 2020 will be a year that is never forgotten for anyone. The truth of it is. We are currently writing history. In years to come, we will be telling our children and future grandchildren about the events that we have seen unveil.

Just like the war, the Coronavirus has made history.

You can do this, You are strong, and you’ve already got through the first one! The new one is no different.

Now that we are into the colder months, we are facing the winter morning & dark evenings which without a doubt does not help are moods. We may find this lockdown to be even tougher this time round.

No matter how grey and miserable the weather is you can make any day a good day. Use your strengths to create a day that you want to have. Surround yourself with colour and creativity.

Do all of the things that make you happy and get you through the day. Because looking after you is the most important thing.

new lockdown

Learn from the last lockdown, and stop pressuring yourself to be productive.

Last time we had lockdown, I noticed alot of people that were struggling to be productive. Mainly because they were filling themselves with to many expectations to fulfil great things during the lockdown period. Now don’t get me wrong. Creating goals, keeping busy, and achieving new things is something I completely believe in. However these goals still need to be reasonable and appropriate to you.

Stop creating impossible to reach goals! instead Dream big, and work to milestones!

Keep in touch with your loved ones.

It is very true that we can get through anything, as long as we stick together, support each other and be there for one another.

Taking the time to check in with loved ones has such a positive effect on your own mental wellbeing as well as making sure that your friends and family are coping as well, which is a rather kind thing to do.

So anyway guys, Stay safe, stay strong! You have got this.

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How to use a Box of Favours

This post contains gifted items. However all thoughts are my own.

This post is in collaboration with The box of favours.

It it getting to that time again! we are all looking to do christmas shopping, and although it may be a little extra challenging this year to go shopping its something that none of us are actually going to avoid.

So what do you get for someone you love? Someone that probably already has everything that they need. In this day and age most people don’t wait around for Christmas or birthdays! So it makes buying the special present even harder.

‘It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving’

– Mother Teresa

What is a Box of favours?

The concept of the box of favours is about the thought more so than the actual product. So when you are gifting someone special with this cute little gift, you are actually gifting a promise to them. I would say that it is more about the promises you are making than the actual gift itself.

Why I should purchase The Box of favours?

For EVERY Box Of Favours sold the owners will donate $1 to the charity ‘One Tree Planted’. Which means for every dollar, that they receive they will plant a tree. So for every box sold a tree will be planted.

How to use a Box of favours?

The concept of Box Of Favours is simple…

  • Buy a Box Of Favours for someone from here.
  • Fill in the 5 black favour cards with whatever your heart desires.
  • Sign the contract that has been included.
  • Give the Box Of Favours away to someone special.
  • When they present you with the favour card.. you do the favour!

Simple! Right?

What could I include on my cards?

I could include a list of things that you could include to gift with your box of favours, however. The best favours will come from your heart. They will be the ones that you know that that person will fully appreciate, and value coming from you.

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What we did during October 2020.

Hey guys, here we are again a new month. Ok I admit that I am a little bit slow on my normal monthly catch up and round up, October 2020 has been pretty hectic at times, but I am pretty sure that November is going to be completely the opposite since we have managed to find ourselves back at home, in lockdown.

I am not going to lie, the fact that we are facing yet another lockdown is so depressing. As I generally try to be positive about most things, I can’t help but reflect on this year, as we enter the final months and feel completely crap. It still feels like 2 minutes ago that we postponed our wedding.

We don’t actually have any update about that at the moment, because the coronavirus leaves us so uncertain on what we would like to do.

I know that this month is going to be trying for so many of you! and as always I lend my ears to you all. Please do not suffer in silence, If you are struggling then reach out! We are all in this together.

Pumpkin picking

Admittedly the beginning of October was so much quieter. but We did still get up to quite a bit. My favourite autumnal activity of them all. Heading to our local patch for some great photos and to have a laugh.
This year I am not going to lie, was probably the funniest year because for some crazy reason we went and did this in half term with the pouring rain! Argh!

Mud sliding, and getting completely soaked by the rain really didn’t seem so bad though. We had a lot of fun, just enjoying the moment.

longdown activity farm

This month we took a trip to see Crazy M and the beautiful Demi working at Longdown farm. We took Alfi for a fun day of feeding the farm animals, riding on the go-karts in the mud! and some crazy golf, too which I learnt that I am absolutely rubbish at.

pumpkin carving

I am not going to lie, I am a little bit cross with myself right now, Pumpkin carving was so messy and I literally forgot to take photos, which is not like me at all. However, I tried to get a bit more technical with my pumpkin this year. I attempted to do Disney stitch which was tricky but I did sort of well considering!

Our first Halloween at home.

Although Halloween was not the same for anyone this year, we always try to make the best out of a crappy situation. This year for us was our first experience at decorating our house for halloween! Which we really enjoyed! With the help of our friends, our very cute pumpkins, and the inflatable named frank. The front of out hose looked particularly awesome!

Emma’s weirdo card.


This month I told you guys about a competition that Lemon Loco are running. I was gratefully given a voucher myself to use on whatever I liked! I just wanted to give another mention to Lemon Loco, as this card, quality and humour is absolutely brilliant.

Posts from October:

Happy November everyone! Have a beautiful month!


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Win £50 of vouchers for Mål Paper

AD – This post contains PR samples (Gifted items) but all thoughts are my own.
Daily Goal Planners from Mål Paper
Mål Paper

I am so excited to be back with another post letting you know about a brilliant competition that Mål Paper is currently running! You have the opportunity to enter their competition to win a £50 gift card to use on any of Mål Paper products. You will need to subscribe to their mailing list, and a winner will be selected at random in a prize draw at the end of November.

Who is Mål Paper?

Mål Paper

‘The word Mål, pronounced ‘mo-l’, means goal in Swedish’.

They have successfully produced a variety of planners that all have a stylish, modern, simplistic look as well as being effective in its contents. The planners aim to allow us to be more productive in reaching our goals.

The daily goal tracker which is my favourite planner, in the tan colour in-particular. Although I feel that picking between Tan and grey would be a tough choice. As they are both as beautiful as each other.

Another product of theirs I wanted to give a specific mention about is The #checkin Journal. For this journal, Mål Paper is working in collaboration with Matt Johnson, a Mind Ambassador. For each journal sold £2 will be donated to the Mind charity.

This journal focuses on your mental health and wellbeing, as you use this to check in with yourself in the morning, focus on your tasks for the day, and then to check out with how you are doing in the evening. Which is a brilliant way of keeping yourself on track.

I would highly recommend that you take 2 minutes to enter their competition and get your hands on one of these amazing planners.

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Why is it important to keep a balanced diet?

AD – This is a paid advertorial but all thoughts are my own
bowl of vegetable salad and fruits
Photo by Trang Doan on

When it comes to keeping a balanced diet I know for a fact, that I am always looking to improve. There is a massive difference between dieting, and keeping a healthy lifestyle. Which seems to be a common thing that people forget quite regularly. I often see people attempting FAD diets. I’ve tried so many of them myself.
The truth is the only real way to conquer your eating habits and health worries is to change the way your thinking about food.

What is a balanced diet?

Having a balanced diet means that we eat the right things. Whilst controlling the quantity of the things we eat that aren’t really so good for us.

To have a balanced diet is another way of saying to maintain a healthy diet or a healthy lifestyle. A diet which contains a variety of foods in the correct quantities and proportions as well as ensuring that your body is receiving an adequate amount of nutrients that we need to survive in life.

It does not have to be complicated, honestly and don’t forget that it is never too late or too early to make healthy changes to your diet to help prevent disease, manage your weight, and feel generally better.

What is included in the best diet?

A balanced diet means making the correct choices to eat the correct varieties of foods from the different food groups.

This should specifically include things such as:

  • vegetables and fruits
  • protein – Such as meat, fish, eggs, beans and soy.
  • dairy – Such as low-fat milk, cheese and yoghurt.
  • carbohydrates – Such as starchy foods like rice, pasta, potatoes and bread (wholegrain or wholewheat varieties would be better for you)
  • A small number of healthy fats such as the unsaturated fat from things like olive oil.

Why is a balanced diet so important for us?

Control Body weight

It goes without saying that a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet help control our body weight. Alongside as keeping active where possible.

Fight disease

Keeping our diet balanced also ensures that our bodies are getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals into our system. Think of our bodies like a flower. To keep that flower glowing and beautiful, you need to provide the correct lighting and keep them hydrated. We are completely no different.

More energy and better mood.

By maintaining a balanced diet you will notice that your mood will improve and you have more energy than normal. It’s all of them vitamins and minerals that do you so good. A friend said something to me that really makes sense. Food is your mood. Eating crap will not make you feel any better basically.

Better sleep

So as I have just mentioned, maintaining a healthy diet improves your energy, however, Did you know that keeping a balanced diet improves your sleep? And can improve the content of our dreams.

Brain power

Not getting the correct amount of nutrients in your body effects us being able to think straight! How can you stay productive when your body is crying out for a detox?

What should I be avoiding in my diet?

  • Highly processed food & drinks
  • Added sugar & salt
  • Red or processed meat
  • Alcohol
  • Trans fats.

One simple and relatively easy way of decreasing the amount of crap we are putting into our bodies is simply reducing the amount of sugar and salt that we input into our bodies, we can do this by avoiding sugary drinks and foods, and foods with added saturated fat like processed meats, chips, pastries, and pies.

balanced diet
Photo by Trang Doan on

Tips for achieving a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Take multivitamins.

Life gets super busy at times. I know for certain that sometimes it is so difficult to stick to our routines and plans. For example, nights where we probably should have cooked the meal that we had planned to make, however, it hasn’t gone to plan and we’ve ended up with a take out. When life gets like this for me I always find that ensuring that I take multivitamins in the morning, it helps me feel brighter and more productive throughout the entire day.

Plan your meals & get creative with your meal planning.

There our plenty of healthy recipes and food ideas from all over the show on the web. Pinterest is a brilliant way to inspire a healthy meal.
also using a planner and sitting down and organising your meals before shopping day is ready way to keep yourself on track and probably save you some money!

Aim to get your 5 a day.

As the NHS recommends. You should be eating 5 portions of fruit or vegetables a day. It really is so easy to do as well. I love mixing fruit and healthy products to make a homemade smoothie! They taste amazing and our so nutritious for you!

Eat more fish.

Fish contains huge amounts of protein as well as omega 3 so not only is it good for your body! It’s amazing for your brain too.

If you really don’t like fish. This one will be challenging for you. However, increasing the amount of fish into your diet is really for you.

Hydrate, always.

Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and to help your body function better. Your body literally needs water and hydration to survive. I always find that volvic water, the flavoured versions

Stay active.

Get your body moving and your heart racing when ever you can! I use a Fitbit! To count my steps and monitor how active I have been! Most phones have a stepomoter on them. I find that using these helps you create your own challenges to beat.

Don’t skip breakfast.

you’ve probably heard this one a million times before. I know that I am the worst for this but it is something that I am genuinely trying to get into routine of doing. Having a healthy breakfast not only sets you up for the adventures of the day it also regulates your metabolism so that you are able to loose weight.

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