Our first home together. What we have been doing since moving in.

first home

Hey everyone and happy April! I hope you are staying safe and well during these terrible times. The Coronavirus has really taken over Affecting so many, many that our local to us, maybe even people we know. It is understandable why so many of us are feeling low, as we are grounded to our homes and unable to see our loved ones. You literally can not go anywhere right now without hearing about Convid-19. So, I am pretty excited to be talking about something different right now. We have finally moved into our first home together.

You probably already know from my previous wrap up posts from January and February that we have been long awaiting getting our first home and how excited we have been.

first home
Not the most flattering photo but I love it! What a life moment!

Getting the keys to our first home.

The week we moved had been such a stressful week for us, as with the announcements about the Convid-19 virus businesses were closing and things were already looking worrying. We literally were unsure if we would even be able to move.
So when Friday finally came I am not lying when I say the time went so slow that morning. When we finally got the call to get the keys, the excitement was unreal.

We headed with our keys straight to the house and started the flat pack furniture we had brought. A kitchen table, chairs, bathroom furniture, drawers. We actually didn’t finish it all until 9 pm. So the first of many long days we had.

Moving in day…

Actual moving day was Saturday. A bright and early start at 8 am. We had rented a truck, and luckily we had a few sets of hands to help load and unload all of our stuff. Me and my mum were fortunate enough to need to go curtain shopping whilst Emma and the boys carried on unloading for us.

The truck had been completely unloaded at the house by 12 and our amazing helpers then helped us start unpacking and do odd jobs that needed doing straight away, like the curtain poles.

What’s in the house?

In our beautiful house, we have 3 Bedrooms, So Our main room with ensuite, A spare room, and of course our Craft room.
We have 1 main bathroom and a downstairs toilet. We also have a beautiful Kitchen diner and a Living room.

The sofa and the Lounge.

Come Monday evening, When lockdown got announced we had already done quite a lot. The best bit about Monday being our sofa had been delivered from Oak Furniture Land with our 2 free gifts. One was a bit of a surprise as we received a different mirror to the one we were expecting. It is huge! and were still waiting to get that up on the wall.

Our lounge is my favourite space in the house. The sofa is lush and I am loving our cosy evening watching Netflix, with candles lit and snuggling under blankies.

Our hallway.

first home

This carpet was already in the house when we moved in so I have no idea where it is from, but I absolutely love it! everyone I have shown pics too as well says the same! It is so funky and It really stands out in the house. So I couldn’t wait to share this on the blog!

Our bedroom…

I love this room! We are really trying to keep the house as minimal as possible, especially in the bedroom. To be honest, all around the house were trying to do this, to be fair.
The wallpaper in the bedroom is glittery! Which is totally me, I love anything glittery. I and Emma found some really cute side table baskets in Tescos at such a bargain, and although we still needed to add a draw each to the side of us, I definitely prefer the tables to a bedside table.

The Kitchen/Diner

Our kitchen is brilliant! It is so roomy and light. The only titchy problem I have (and yep I am admitting it) I am quite short, and the cupboards are so tall I really struggle. My mum treated us to the table cloth when we popped out on moving day! We are loving the marble effect at the moment! Looks so nice in the kitchen!

I can honestly say I have also been using the washing machine already! and I am loving cleaning! I wonder how long that will last?

Styling our first home.

We may have only been in our home for just over a week now, but already we have made so much of this house our home. Emma has been so good at the little fiddly jobs and I have been busy styling *coughs* making it girly *coughs*.
Actually, we make a really good team together and we really like the same kinda things.

As this is our first home together, and we were previously living with Emma’s dad we really didn’t have a lot for a house at first. Luckily when our offer got accepted on the house we were able to start shopping and buying things for the house! … but I am not gonna lie we’ve still needed to get bits we didn’t have since moving in.

We had our offer accepted on the house in January so we have been shopping since then and picking up bits for the house. As it is both of our first time owning our own home. We literally had to get everything as well, from Sofas and washing machines to washing up bowls and utensils!

Our uplifted unit!

OK, I am so excited to show you this unit. Emma has owned the thing for absolute years, and of course, it was Oak coloured. We had been discussing for weeks we would probably change it up. When we got it into our new lounge I really felt like it looked out of place! luckily we took a trip to the B&M store, whilst buying essentials we were able to pick up some paint.
It took most of a day but it really was worth it.
A lick of paint and changing the handles to some sparkly ones has made a massive difference! It looks so much better and I am super happy with it! We both did really well to achieve such a nice look!

Now we’re feeling more settled…

first home
Emma and I really enjoyed a glass of Gin to celebrate.

Obviously it has sucked that a few days after moving into our house, the UK went into lockdown. So we have not been able to have anyone round to see our beautiful house. However on the positive side, by the time we are allowed visitors our house will be pretty much done.
We have already unpacked everything we own and have sorted the downstairs living room & kitchen, and we are getting there with the upstairs. We still have sorting out to do in the spare and craft room. However, We mainly have odd jobs to do now. Like putting up photos, mirrors etc. So after a week where we didn’t stop, we are slowing down a lot and spreading them out. Since we are confined to the house, luckily we will at least be kept busy.

I can’t wait for when things go back to normal and we can start having our friends and family over again and make lots of special memories together in our own home.

If you are struggling with ideas of things to do whilst stuck indoors, how about reading my post on creative ideas whilst social distancing.

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Social distancing 101. Creative things to do when you are bored.

This post contains affiliate links, that if you choose to buy from earns me a small commission at no extra cost to you.

In my last post, I spoke about how the coronavirus has been affecting the world. One of the main responses to the coronavirus has been to self-isolate. Meaning we need to separate from social situations as much as possible, Also known as Social distancing.
Furthermore, from me starting writing this post (we have been super busy with the house move) We are now in a period of ‘lockdown’ only essential shops are open and we are being urged to only go out for essentials.

By staying home and away from social situations we are protecting ourselves as well as the NHS who are currently overwhelmed with convid-19 cases.

The idea of being away from our loved ones and feeling grounded from the outside world is really horrible. We have been put on lockdown for 3 weeks for the meantime. For many of us though we need to self isolate for longer than this.

Both me and Emma are classed as high risk from infections due to both of our underlying health conditions. However, As someone who is constantly in bad health, I thought it would be a great idea to share what gets me through the days When I can’t get out.

Things you can do to stop you going insane during social distancing.

Check-in with friends and family regularly with video and voice calling.

It is genuinely such a depressive time for the world that we live in right now. I highly recommend that you stay in constant contact with your friends and families over the phone.

Today I video called my Nan! I was brilliant, she learnt how to answer video calls on her laptop! and a little chat with nan really did cheer my day up!

We are really lucky in this day and age that we are able to use video calling on our phones and other smart devices. We should be taking advantage of the technology we have been given to the full right now. The ability to virtually see our friends and family makes being apart that little bit easier.

Catch up and binge on your favourite tv shows. Or find a series to watch.

Anyone else that has a Netflix watch list so big that you really need to catch up on? I do. It’s massive. Especially where we didn’t have internet that could handle video streaming at the farm. We went for a long time without being able to watch online streaming providers such as Netflix and Amazon prime that there are so many things we haven’t watched yet.

Having time in self-isolation is the perfect chance to catch up with some ‘Netflix and chill’. (Yes, I mean actual chillaxing).

Declutter and organise your belongings

It’s a job that needs doing, in fact even if you don’t feel like it needs doing, it is always a good idea to stroll through your belongings, check best before dates on food, cosmetics and sprays.

We had a massive declutter before we moved into our new house last week, but even now we are still decluttering things. It is surprising the number of things you think you will need but you really really don’t.

Read a book or two, maybe three.

I love to read but even more so I love to get deeper into what I am reading by reading for longer periods. Since you need to be able to have times to do these things, you now have the time to sit back and really sink into your book.

Take a trip to an open park.

Although the park’s cafes may be closed. A park is a way of getting out in the open whilst still being able to maintain social distancing. Fresh air is good for us and our mental health. Please ensure that you are staying 2 metres apart from other public members using the park.

Pamper yourself.

after a few days of Isolating it is very easy to get out of routine. Not bothering to make an effort as I continuously say. So making a specific time to pamper yourself is really good for your self-care routine.

You can read more on self-care here.

Learn something new.

If your in a position where suddenly you have lots of free time, what exactly is stopping you from learning something new? How about living room yoga? or maybe digging out that instrument you have one lying about. (I am setting myself the goal of getting some guitar practice in! I haven’t played in such a long time). Free time is the perfect reason to start that hobby you’ve been dying to try, probably like me, you have brought all the stuff for it and never got around too.

Exercise with YouTube.

If you are a lover of the gym, this is a bad time. With all leisure centres being closed for now. Exercise can be a real challenge.

There are plenty of online classes, live streams that you could try! just give it a search on youtube. Try getting the other members of your household to join in! What a laugh this could be.

Doodle, Colour and draw.

I absolutely love drawing. It is such a relaxing activity. Especially for someone like me who has an overactive imagination. Doodling and colouring can be a brilliant stress relief activity. So if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed try this!.

Look through old photos and organise or scrapbook them.

As a scrapbooker since a child, I am so passionate about photo keeping. There are many different forms of ways you can organise your photos! Keeping them in photo albums, starting your own scrapbook, project life albums, or organising them into boxes. You can be as obsessive with this as you like! how about organising your muddled up pictures into chronological order? This may sound boring but it definitely takes time to do.

Social distancing
Journal Your thoughts.

As an overactive thinker (yeah I think that is a thing) Journalling is a great way to get all your thoughts and feelings out of your head. Use your journal exactly how you want too. Be as creative or as simple as you like… I like to draw and decorate mine as well using rubber stamps and washi tape!

Bullet journalling is an amazing type of journaling! check it out on Pinterest.

Start your own blog or website.

Have you got an idea for a pretty awesome website? or thinking about starting your own blog? Starting your own website has so much freedom. I see my blog as my own creative space to express my thoughts, feelings and share things I love with the world! Blogging and creating websites is also a great way to stay social virtually during Social distancing.

You can read why I blog here.

I have recently moved to Skystra cloud hosting. who offer a free month of hosting on your first month with there. Perfect for anyone starting a website, and trialling self-hosting.

the blogger recognition award
Support your friends by reading their blogs and leaving comments.

It is a pretty depressing time right now. A lot of us have noticed a lack of engagement in our online presences and for the self-employed like me, it has affected our businesses.

You can support your friends by sharing their content, reading their posts and leaving them supportive comments. I love a good spree of reading other blog posts and commenting!

Make a vision board

I love making vision boards, using pictures of things that inspire me. As well as pictures of things that represent my goals. Have a go at making your own vision board.
How about using old magazines and catalogues to make collages of things you like and want in your life!

Rearrange your furniture and zen your living space.

Since we’ve just moved house I feel like I am being all over this right now. Constantly moving our furniture around until its perfect.

It is so different to have the freedom to do this. I would definitely suggest if your feeling fed up with the four walls in your house, why not change them up?

Declutter your social media.

Time to start having a spring clean of your mobile and smart devices. There are plenty of time-consuming things that you can do to declutter your devices. A virtual spring clean!

Craft some cards and presents to give to friends and family to cheer them up.

Who really needs an excuse to craft some goodies. You could leave homemade cards and gifts on your loved one’s doorsteps for them to find, this would really put a smile on anyone’s face.

Scroll through Pinterest.

I don’t know about you but when I get on Pinterest I can’t seem to get off it. I can happily and unknowingly spend hours on Pinterest without even trying. I’m constantly inspired and entertained by searching the bored for motivation to do something.

Create a positivity book about yourself and things that make you happy.

I’m rubbish at being positive about myself so I started to keep a book of things that make me happy and what I like about myself and why. Even statements that others have said that make me smile or feel happy.

You could even keep goals and bucket lists of things you want to achieve. Films you want to watch and books you want to read.

Read more about the Cricut here.
Create your dream house.

Draw a floor plan for your dream house. Be as extravagant as you want to be. Once you have created the floor plan attempt to draw your room plans. Use images to collage the types of decor you want and the colours you want to have.

Draw your next tattoo.

This is a personal goal for me! I’ve always dreamed of a tattoo large, on my thighs to cover the scars I’ve had from my surgery I had when I was younger. A dream catcher. So Having time to draw and create an Idea would be amazing!

Download a drawing app like procreator and learn to digitally draw.

Drawing with a Digital pencil is so much fun. be warned though. It is addictive! I got myself a cheap digital pen off Amazon here. Now I’m already saving up for an Apple pen. eeeeeeee.

Play a game like the sims.

You can play sims on a phone, computer or games station. It is a life simulator. Another addictive game. You can control the lives of a whole Sim family and house.

Being creative is good for your mental health.

These are just some ideas, there’s so much you can do whilst Social distancing from other people. I know it sucks that we can’t go out and live our normal lives right now, and seeing loved ones has become really hard, but keeping busy really does help.

There are so many are risking their lives to help the communities function. As well as our amazing NHS workers who are fighting to keep the ones who have caught this terrible disease alive.

Stay safe and positive everyone!

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Coronavirus aka Convid-19 – Talking the effects of the virus.

I am pretty certain, if you are like me anyway, you are pretty fed up of hearing the word Coronavirus right now. No, I don’t mean the beer, I mean the virus.

It is a pretty discussable subject right now. Everywhere you turn. The past few days I have woken up to floods of notifications, Emails, Twitters, Sky news. The lot of them all mentioning Coronavirus.

As you may have seen in my February wrap up post here. we are so excited and anxious to be getting into our new place. For us, this week is moving week. Friday we get the keys to our new home. Saturday we have Hired a truck. Tensions are definitely high with self-isolation being a hot topic of this week. One of the worries is we need our helpers.

There is NO way were be postponing the move. I do not think we can take much more of our belongings being packed away as it is. Personally, we are bored already!

Today we took a trip into a local shopping village. As you all know a lot of people have been ‘panic buying’ so the last 2 weeks we have done our food shopping options have been more than limited. Since we are moving into our own house with no ‘supplies’, we decided to buy a few frozen bits. Wow, what can I really say about the shops? whatever shop you are in is rammed and so busy. People are buying more than normal, and the shops are really struggling to keep up with such high demand.

it’s not just us,

I had a message from my cousin who is in France today. France went into complete lockdown. He was enjoying his last 40 of freedom on the beach near where he stays before he faces 2 weeks locked in the house. They are allowed to only go for food and medicines however, they then need to carry documents explaining why they are out of the house.

My brother with diabetes has been told that although still being employed he now can’t work for 12 weeks. 12 weeks is such a long time to be off work. But being diabetic he is of higher risk of catching the virus where he works.


What actually is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus, also known as Convid-19 is a new illness that the NHS and government have little knowledge at the moment. What they do know is that the coronavirus affects the lungs and airways. The virus is airborne.

What can we do to stay safe?

  • Self Isolating where possible. avoiding social situations and crowded areas. cleaning your hands with soap and water thoroughly. (sing happy birthday in your head).
  • Always wash your hands when you get home from being out. You can use hand sanitiser when there is no soap available. However, the most effective method of killing bacteria.
  • Try to avoid close contact with people who have symptoms of coronavirus.
  • Unless truly unavoidable don’t travel on public transport.
  • Work from home where possible.
  • Disinfect shared objects and surfaces.
  • Keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Use the phone to contact your GP or 111 for advice, avoiding the doctor surgeries and hospitals where possible.

Coronavirus symptoms

If you think that you have contracted symptoms connected to Coronavirus (symptoms that are new) then you are required to self isolate. Guidelines from the NHS I have linked below.

The affects of Coronavirus

We all know that this virus has affected the world in so many different ways. People are terrified. Terrified of getting ill, or losing their loved ones to this nasty illness.

The panic of being isolated, and that shops and business closing. So many are panic buying. The shelves in the stores are as empty as anything. People are now running out of their general supplies and finding that everything in the shop has been brought out.

I think that it is amazing that some stores are now introducing hours where elderly, are now being allowed their own time to shop so that they are able to get what they need. Without being overcrowded and have an actual chance of buying essentials. Soap, Anti bac gel, dried foods, tins, and toilet roll. These are the main items that none of us can find on the shelves right now. making this situation even scarier. If you are thinking of panic buying! please of others who may be vulnerable and in need.

Many of our friends and family are aware that the schools may be shut as of Friday. To think how much this is going to affect children where they are sitting important exams in the upcoming weeks. Will they even be able to take their exams?. Plus the poor parents are also going to be stranded in a house with their children getting bored for weeks?

Business and events will be being cancelled in the upcoming months. Some social locations have already been asked to close. Although some may have the ability to be able to work from their homes, not everyone has this option so will be losing wages. The GOV has set a motion for mortgages etc to be put on hold. However, businesses will still be losing money. Small businesses especially.

Stay positive and support each other

No one is really sure how long this will last, whether it is going to be weeks or months. The virus is scary, it has affected so many around the world. This really is the time that we should all be supporting each other.

Some people are not taking this virus seriously, however, the facts are it affects each and every one of us. People have died. we need to take this seriously. Many have been affected, and many vulnerable. Especially those with an underlying health condition.

Support each other with positive thoughts and acts of kindness. Keep your self busy indoors.

Please keep safe and we’ll during these hard times.

Helpful resources:

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What exactly is self-care and why do we need it?

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Self-care is something that I try to think about and achieve as much as I humanly can. I am often seeing so many people talking about the importance of self-care that it truly shocks me that some people still do not know what it is or why it is so beneficial to them.


What is self-care?

self-care are the actions we do that our for ourselves. When we maintain a good self-care routine, we are achieving it for ourselves. Improving our health, development and well being.

Is there anything that you do that makes you feel good today? Actually forget good. That is such a boring word. If you can sit there and say today my day was, what imaginative word would you use? Mine, my day was unique. My day was unique because only I had this day today for everyone else it was different.

I know how easy it is to become blind to the positives in life, especially when it comes to our mental health. Even when their good things staring at us right in the face, sometimes, for no reason at all. For no fault of our own, we let our anxiety or depression win.  In my previous post, I explained that its ok to be in a down spell which covered a lot more of this, here.

I have recently become addicted to those books, that I suppose fall into the Self-help category at Waterstones! (Not that I actually go to the actual book shop, it is definitely about Amazon Prime buying!) 
I love the quotes and inspiration that you can adopt from these books, sometimes I could be reading a few paragraphs of something, and think crap! this is me! Anxiety overtaking comes naturally to me. It is not just about the words, it will be ok, is not always good enough, and our actions influence everything, especially how we feel. 

Looking after your own mental health isn’t just about how you feel on what day, and it is definitely not about just talking it through, our actions and mindset put together to have a massive impact on our lives on a day to day basis.
These things I class as self-care for me, everyone is different, so although they may not work for you, I hope some of my ideas help someone! 


Types of self-care

There 8 self-care types and many different things you can do for each particular type.


Your physical self-care includes your sleeping, your physical health, what your eating and drinking, ways to rest and relax.


your emotional self-care covers your stresses, your emotional attachments, compassion, kindness etc.


Your social self-care is your communication skills, your connections with overs, positive social media reflection, and your boundaries.


Your spiritual self-care includes the time that you spend alone, meditation & yoga, connections with nature, journaling and sacred spaces.


Personal self-care is your hobbies, getting to know yourself, your personal identities, and the ability to empower yourself to be yourself.


Spacial self-care is the care you take into looking after your own space. The space you live in. The earth itself, by being sustainable and keeping your personal spaces organise.


Financial self-care is being able to manage your money correctly so that you’re not getting yourself into financial worries, such as splurging money too much you are surrounded by debt. As well as being able to commit to responsibilities of paying their own bills etc.


Finally, your work self-care is the things that you need in your workplace, the things that help and improve your time management, workspace, learning and to take suitable breaks.

What can I do to achieve it?

There are a variety of different activities you can do to reach your own personal self-care goals. Here are some general ideas…


When it has been a long day, or when your feeling a bit down, or just for no reason at all. It’s more about the giving yourself time to relax, chill, and let any stress, threats or anxiety fade. 


It doesn’t matter what your creativity is, always take the time to actually do it! It could be spending hours with your drawing books, or colouring pad, or something a bit more technical. I literally surround my self by different hobbies and crafty things, I love the feeling of accomplishment for whatever you’ve achieved, is enough. Plus somethings are a great distraction, like colouring! 

How about checking out how to make 3D paper flowers, here.


I always say that my favourite colour is glitter, Its shiny and so pretty. It makes me feel content! If it is not glitter, it’s pink, it’s colourful. When you surround yourself with the things you love, you will always find something that will be able to make you happy. 


I have an obsession with mugs (and believe me this is no exaggeration) but I definitely have my fav, I love using. 


Spending time on you could be absolutely anything, It could be spending an evening pampering yourself, with Hair treatments and painting your nails, to spending a few hours with your favourite book Giving yourself ‘me time’ is such a vital thing that makes us all feel good. As long as your going something that is making you feel happy, then whatever it is it’s a good thing! 


We like to have the Marwell Zoo pass, it is given us the excuse to get out and more active. Plus the excuse to take weekends away to visit other zoo locations included in the price. If it is not a zoo were visiting, its Bournemouth beach. We’ve created so many amazing memories on days just out and relaxing. Make a list of your favourite places and make sure you take every possible opportunity to go!


My anxiety always seems to go out of control when I don’t feel organised enough, whether it is arranging something or just something general. Making lists, adjust your routine, using reminders, sticky notes, and updating my calendar always seems to make me feel better. I would always make this a suggestion when things seem to be manic.

What activities do you do for your general self-care? I would love to hear new suggestions.

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Why you should not be worried about being in a depression down spell!

At times in life, we all go through periods where we are just not ourselves. It could be for any reason. Honestly, it really does not matter what that reason is.
The problem with being an adult is life. life stress, life woes and just life in general. With everything that we face in our life these days, there’s no surprise that we face depression and go through times of unmotivated behaviour and attitude.

It is ok to be depressed when you shouldn’t be!

The last few weeks for myself and for Emma haven’t been that great! and that is me being 100% truthful. We have countless family and friends saying that we are being silly because there’s so much coming this year! which is so true and in no way am I denying these facts!

We have a wedding to look forward too in literally 6 months now. then there is the fact that we are moving house in 2 weeks. There are so many things on the calendar that I get confused at the best of the times. So why are we feeling so crap?
Well besides the obvious reason. The continued lack of immune system, our bodies fighting off colds and sickness that feel like they have been attacking at us for years now. Limbo seems to be a pretty hot answer.


Today I seem to have had a real big epiphany and it has really helped me. Basically its this…

It does not matter.

Yep pretty simple right? Why are we spending so much time trying to pull ourselves back to normal, when we have so much change coming and the fact is normality will happen by itself on its own accord.

Ok, honestly I have probably been told this by someone else. You know that dreaded word for me, patience. Sometimes I can be the most patient person in the world, other times I really don’t have it in me.

That’s the thing with depression and mental health, sometimes it takes us longer to realise the obvious. Which is so annoying! However, we really are all in a similar boat, going through very similar things. We just need to take time for ourselves.


What to do if you are going through a down period?

Remember that you are not alone.

There will always be someone that will be there to listen to your feelings. If you cant find a friend or family member to speak to, try seeking advice from a doctor or counsellor.

Switch off and get outside.

Sometimes a change of scenery can really help our moods. Getting away from the 4 same walls, and getting some fresh air in our lungs can really be a positive re-enforcement for all of us.

Do something that you enjoy

It can be so hard to feel motivated to do what we need to when we are feeling down. So stop and take a break! do something that you actually enjoy. Your motivation will come back when it is ready. I promise.

If you feel that you need help getting your motivation back up, how about checking out this post on Monday motivation here.

Try not to worry about the things outside of your control.

Firstly I want to point out the fact that I’m really suggesting that you try not to worry. I just want to make it clear that I know how hard it is to ‘try not to worry’ in fact, I am the worst for it. Who knows where I get it from but my brain normally races 500 steps ahead of where I am at all times. Constantly worrying when I am not in control. I am not being a hypocrite though. the times I have stopped worrying have really helped me regain focus, but it is ok when you can’t get these thoughts out of your head. You are not alone.

Write it down!

This is my favourite piece of advice that I stand by so often in so many different aspects of life. When your fighting depression and overwhelming limbo of feeling down you, write it down. What is it making you down? Write every single thing in a list, and then go through that list. Either by your self or with someone close to you. Face the list one by one.

Stop saying your fine.

Finally, it is ok to admit that you are not ok! it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve heard this phrase. We are all still doing the same thing. We are telling people that we are OK, and Fine when things are not ok. Be open to talking! take the weight off your shoulders! who knows you might feel better after you have admitted that you are not OK.

Seeking help for depression

Sometimes our feeling down spells last a lot longer then we would hope they would. It is OK to ask for help. It is completely normal to ask for help. In fact, I am asking you to seek help!

There are varies helplines and agencies that you can contact to seek advice. Such as the Samaritans.

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February 2020: Wrapping up the month in style.

Happy March guys! Does anybody else think that February 2020 had gone so slowly?. It definitely felt like we were watching paint dry for most of this month! For us, most February has been filled with full-on colds and sickness bugs! which has not been very fun at all!

So its that time of the month that I post my monthly life update and take a look back at the month we have just had! I actually love writing these posts, because of it being a brilliant chance for me to reflect and be grateful for all the good things!

February 2020

So what happened in life for February 2020?

I celebrated turning 28!

I am yet another year closer to 30. February is one of the best months because of course, it is my birthday month. I celebrated my 28th Birthday this year and honestly, I had such a lovely day. Emma took me shopping which was really nice, and then we went for a meal and bowling session with the family! (I played with the bumpers up, for a fairer chance!) It really was a brilliant day. It is safe to say I felt well and truly spoilt!

I finally got my nose pierced.

Getting my nose pierced is something that I have wanted to do for years. However I never really felt confident enough to get it done. So to have finally bit the bullet… and conquered the pain, I did it! Using the money I had been gifted for my birthday. which was a lovely treat out of the I think it looks awesome!

We have a completion date!

The major news for this month! If you read my January Wrap up post here, you would know that I and Emma are currently so excited as we are starting a new adventure getting our own house!
We have officially been given our completion date this week! meaning we know that we are getting the keys on the 20th March! eeeeeeeeeeeeee. This is so bloody exciting.
So we are officially sorting out our calendars, getting ready and organised to spend the time at the house slowly moving our stuff over! This probably means that march will go really slowly for us now since it is 3 weeks to wait! So in the meantime, I plan to carry on creating mood boards and getting ideas for the house off of Instagram and Pinterest.

Since this month has been quieter for us, this is about it for this months wrap up! March will be better with less illness and of course the start of an exciting adventure.

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Home decor: 10 Amazon pieces to fall in love with

This post contains Amazon affiliate links, that if you choose to buy from these links this will earn me a small commission at no extra cost or hassle to you.

If you read my January catch up post, then you probably know that we are moving home in the upcoming weeks. It is so exciting! The waiting to get into our house is as if we are watching paint dry at the moment though. I feel like we have been waiting for forever! We already have made so many plans and have some really awesome ideas for home decor, and things we need to buy.
But there is good news 🙂 we officially have a date to get the keys. it is just gonna be another 3 weeks.

So now we know, I thought it is the perfect time to share with you some of the things on my Amazon wish list right now, for the new house. Especially since I seem obsessed with home decor right now. Our new place is going to have a mainly grey theme throughout the house. I can not wait to get in and make the house our own.

These are all items that I either intend on buying or have already brought and love.

Silver Metal basket cage lamps

home decor

The wired decor seems to be so in right now! from lamps to baskets and tables! I’ve found this set of 2 lampshades which they would make perfect bedside table lamps. Cute, modern, and shiny!

Rustic floating shelves

home decor

I am pretty in love with the idea of floating shelves around the house right now! I love these hanging shelves. We don’t actually have any shelves at the moment, more just bookcases! so I think a few of these would really look nice!

String lights

home decor

For anybody that knows me, you probably know already that I am completely obsessed with fairy lights! I have a few sets already! Mainly battery-operated sets. I really love the diamond wired shapes around the lights as well! I have already ordered these, to hang above our bed.

Minimalist Grey Wall Clock

home decor

What is a house without a clock, right? I mean, who doesn’t own a clock?… I would say a clock these days is definitely more decor then it is needed. If someone asks me the time I check my phone. I can’t lie.
But having a clock up is useful, especially in the kitchen. which is where I am planning to put this one. Grey and simple to fit our theme.

Set of 3 white woven baskets

home decor

These woven baskets are adorable! I am all for cute storage solutions. Especially ones that minimalise clutter! For a set of 3 baskets! under £20 is really reasonable. They are also sold in a variety of colours, but of course, white goes with our grey theme a lot nicer.

Ladder Bookshelf

These bookshelves are so bloody cute! And I totally need one. Not even just want. This would make such a cute addition to our living room. They are so popular right now too! Honestly, I have about 5 or 6 different ladder bookshelves on my wishlist right now! all very similar but I am so torn on what one to actually buy. Don’t be surprised if I cave in and buy all of them.

Knot Ball Cushion

The fact that these cushions are so unique compared to the standard square cushions really won me over. So soft and comfy to lean on, what is not to love.

Grey Fleece Fur Throw

home decor

I absolutely love these throws. We already have a few of them. But we just had to buy one in grey! It was needed after all. So soft and cuddly. Perfect for a movie night under the throw with popcorn and a hot choc! (Did I mention I cant wait to make this house our own?)

Woodwick Candles

Bit of an obvious home decor item. I am constantly lighting candles, but WoodWick produces the best candles. Only I buy these less often because they are more costly. So I am buying some of these for a treat. They smell beautiful and the wooden wick crackling is a soothing sound.

Key Holder

Lastly, I am completely loving this Keys holder. I love the idea of us coming home hanging our keys up! maybe even Bella’s lead! so I had to buy this!

So as I said, this is just a few of the things we have brought and are buying towards the new house. Since we are starting from scratch, and first time living on our own, there is still so much to do and find! thank god for bargain shopping, that’s all I can say!

If you have any home decor ideas, leave me a comment below! I love hearing new ideas and seeing what we can incorporate! when we finally get there.

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