And time just flew….

Its nearly been 6 months … In fact it will have been 6 months this weekend till i had a major wake up call in life and everything changed in my little life.
with that its only the last few months… weeks really that the anxiety is calming down and life really feels like its 100% on the up and pretty much perfect.

So the last few weeks I’ve been desperate to get my blog back in order, about time hey?
When I get more time Ill try and back date some of the posts I’ve written out and not published! so keep an eye out for those ones cropping in…

Anyway! happy March 2018! not that there is too much of March left, 2 days ago was officially the beginning of spring! hard to believe with the weather we’ve been having! we began this month dead on the 1st with a massive snow fall and 2 snow storms, The Beast from the East and Storm Emma….. Followed by the second ‘Mini Beast from The East’ I wouldn’t of actually called it mini, It was completely white again, but didn’t last long…. Thankfully…

its true what they say the snow is pretty…. and pretty annoying, so heres me hoping that the rumours of a white easter are just that, rumours. I can’t think of a more boring colour. White.

Saying that as I just said, Snow makes the world seem a completely different place, specially on the Farm. It wasn’t long before my urges to get my camera out of the drawer where it had been accumulating dust, another thing I haven’t touched for months (who knew how easy it was to just stop the things you love , hey?)



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