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The sunflower fields at Steve Harris Farm

sunflower fields

It is not often I write a post the same day something happens. However, I had been delightedly surprised by my wonderful Emma this morning. As we took a trip to the Sunflower fields, at Steve Harris farms, in Titchfield.

I have been saying for a while now that I wanted to visit Sunflower fields, and I was really excited when Em said she would like to go to one I had seen mentioned on Facebook. It was completely gutting when I searched Google on Tuesday to find that they had Closed their sunflower fields that weekend. So I didn’t think it was a trip we were going to be making this year!

I have not actually been to pick sunflowers before, or a sunflower field but it’s one of those things that I had on my bucket list. I’ve always seen stunning photos from other people that had visited these places. So I was so excited when we got there.

sunflower fields

What we enjoyed about the Sunflower fields at Steve Harris farms.

The fields at Steve Harris Farms are beautiful and massive. I was shocked by how big the Sunflower fields were. They seemed to be fairly busy but still adhering to social distancing rules, and supplying cutting tools that had been disinfected after each person had used them.

Because it is nearing the end of the sunflower season some of the sunflowers were starting to wither away. However, you could even find the beauty in the withering sunflowers.

It is definitely a beautiful experience to walk through sunflower fields, especially with so many thousands of them planted… I honestly could not imagine how many have actually been planted to make such a beautiful field.

The Sunflower fields that we visited, had a tractor and face boards for families to enjoy and take photos by. However tempting this was to get a photo by the tractor there was a lot of people doing the same thing, so me and Emma enjoyed just the fields themselves.

Steve Harris Farms, charge £5 per adult. Allowing 6 stems to be picked each. Meaning we brought home 12 beautiful stems, to put in vases around the house. Honestly brilliant!

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    • AlexaJade
      September 7, 2020 / 9:54 am

      Hi Victoria. Sunflower fields are so beautiful 🌻 you should definitely take up the opportunity 💛 xx

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