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13 shows I am loving on Netflix right now


With us all being at home so much in the past few months, we have been resorting to the television quite a lot. So a lot of our time has been spent watching Netflix, can you blame us? I am not gonna lie though, Netflix really has been the best for video streaming. There is so much choice on what to watch and Both myself and Emma have found us completely hooked on these series.

Most of these are Netflix originals.

1. Tiger King

Tiger King

Without even commenting on the wardrobe of Joe, Tiger King just had to sit at the top of the list for me. Truly an outrages man is Joe Exotic who runs/owns his own family of tigers. The series is a documentary that reveals the feud between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, Joes tiger owner rival.
Carole is accused of killing her former husband who mysteriously disappeared. Seriously, Everyone is talking about Tiger King, if you haven’t watched it yet, You NEED too.

“Carole Baskin. Killed her husband, whacked him. Can’t convince me that it didn’t happen. Fed him to tigers, they snacking.”

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2. Too hot to handle

A group of the hottest & horniest girls and guys put together in a villa, and told they can not have sex, cannot touch, and no kissing. What could go wrong? well If they break the rules, money is deducted from the jackpot! Absolutely brilliant and hilarious series! similar to Love Island, or Ex on the beach! so if you are into those I would definitely suggest watching Too hot to Handle.

3. American Horror Story

AHS is a brilliant series for anyone who loves a bit of weird and wonderful. I was so excited when I found out I could watch AHS from the beginning on Netflix. There is plenty of blood, plenty of murder, and I would say a lot of weirdness. I absolutely have loved watching AHS from the beginning again.

4. Sex Education

Average schoolboy, trying to make it through high school years. His mum is a sex therapist. Before he knows it he’s being paid by fellow classmates for sex advice… The young sex councillor who is still a virgin! This series kept leaving me in stitches.

5. The Stranger

From the very first episode I was wanting more and more, there is so many twists, and lack of expectations leaving you wanting more. Could you imagine having a stranger come from out of nowhere and start revealing personal secrets connected to you? Having your life completely turned upside down. Then to face your partner’s disappearance as more lies unveil.

6. Brew Brothers

Two rather immature brothers fighting to keep a brewery from going out of business. It is a fantastic comedy, for a Netflix original. I only put this on as we were having a day where we couldn’t find anything to do or watch and we were at the point we were feeling a bit like we had outwatched Netflix. However, I really don’t think it is possible to outwatch Netflix, especially not when there are so many golden nuggets like this little show.

7. You

The infamous Joe, Book shop manager. Friend? Boyfriend? psychopath? Cold-blooded killer? He is all of the above and more. The man who would do absolutely anything for love. Joe falls in love with Beck, Stalks her till she is his. An awkward romance becomes something even more sinister when the writer Beck, becomes the obsession. Using social media and the internet, he uses every tool at his disposal to become close to her, even going so far as to remove any obstacle and any person that stands in his way of getting to her. I completely rate watching You, its a brilliant series.

8. The Good Place

Anyone else loves a comedy series? I promise I am not always watching dark and weird, I also love inspiring and funny! The good place is definitely funny. A group of people sent to a good place supposedly to be their very own heaven! but they soon work out that the ‘good’ place is not quite what it seems! Without giving too much away! this is such a good series.

9. Girl Boss

Girl Boss

When I watched Girl Boss, I was absolutely left inspired by Sophia Amoruso. It all started with a jacket. Which she sold on eBay for way more than she purchased it from when she brought it from a vintage thrift store. Sophia started her empire from nothing, broke girl turning girl boss. She is Nasty Gal. A now huge business that sells fashion clothes. After I watched this I brought the book straight away! if you are in the need of some creative inspiring than watch Girl Boss!

10. 13 Reasons why


13 Reasons why is one of the netflix series I literally was glued to for a few days! Literally because I binged on it so much! I had watched it within 3 days. The character ‘Hannah’ leaves 13 tapes, after her death, explaining why she took her own life. So many people involved, as we watch the journey of naive ‘clay’ as he listens to the videos.

Mental health is something that is so close to my heart, how about checking out my recent post on mental health awareness week, here.

11. Sabrina

I was absolutely hooked on Sabrina the Teenage witch! So I was absolutely buzzing when this came out! were now a few seasons in and Sabrina has not been letting us down! a so much more adult and darker version of the original Sabrina the teenage witch! Just one warning though, if your looking for it to be funny and light-hearted this is not for you!

12. iZombie

Can you imagine waking up dead?? like literally you are now a zombie, and you need to survive by eating brains, but the only way you can taste any flavour is to have extra hot sauce all over the brains. This is a brilliant series where not only does Liv use the brains of the people sent to the mortuary where she already worked! she then sees visions of how the person died! And obtains that persons personality, whilst she solves crime!

13. Santa Clarita Diet

Ok yep, another series that involves zombies/grossness. I see a theme with my favourite programs lately! but Santa Clarita diet is another ‘Horror comedy” making my list! This one is so funny! Turned zombie mum keeps up her perfect appearances as well as eating people. it doesn’t take long to arouse suspicion from the neighbours!

Admittedly after all this, we have now downloaded the entire box set of Keeping up with the Kardashians!

I would love to hear what you have been watching whilst stuck in lockdown? I love new suggestions on what to watch, and I probably will get to them still.

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