10 Things I love about Christmas!

The month is finally upon us! Happy 1st December guys. 
It’s insane how quick 2018 has gone by this year, so much has happened. 
Im really excited that this is the first post of many this month! Ive decided to challenge myself more.
Since its the 1st and Christmas is upon us, I thought I would share with you my top 10 loves about this jolly festive season.

Spending time with loved ones:
This had to go at the top of my list. One of the best and most important things to me when it comes to the Christmas period is the time spent with my loved ones. 

To be honest I feel like Festivities happen earlier and earlier in the year these days, but I suppose that’s because were just too busy as people now, and there’s just so much fun to fit in. Going out around the Christmas market, grabbing a festive hot chocolate and starting to feel the festive feel! 
When it comes to this time of year and you begin to see little kids faces light up with joy as the thought of Santa coming to visit them it cropping up, Elf is causing mischief on the shelf, how can you not think warm festive vibes. 

Is there a naughty elf on your shelf this year?

Well this is an obvious one on my list, I love sparkles any time of year! and you should always live by the rule that sparkles and sequins are not just for the holidays! but since they are a holiday favourite, I love how much sparkle is out right now at this time of year. 

Christmas food & drink:
Theres no way of avoiding it, no matter how hard you’re trying to be good. Maybe its at home, or maybe it’s in the office, Could even be the multitude of nights and meals out in the run up to Christmas. 

Its time for a festive feast! 

Festive Colours: 
I love them all! when you just look at some thing and can think ‘oh it’s so christmasy’. Dark metallic colours always seem to catch my eye. Purples, reds, blues, golds, silver and my favourite colour any way rose gold. Its true that colours really do make the season!

Christmas Decorations:
Ok I admit it, If I had my way the Christmas decs would have been up probably half way through November. You always know that its officially Christmas when the decs have gone up, and the tree lights are twinkling in the background whilst chilling on the sofa, glass of wine in one hand and christmasy cookies in the other! Oh yes!
We don’t have are decs up just yet! but within the next few days the lounge will be twinkling! can not wait! 

Christmas baubles, fairy lights, the lot! 

Christmas Jumpers: 
They spend all year in our drawers waiting for this month! yep thats right, the return of the Christmas jumper and they are definitely on my list of things I love about Christmas. Nothing says Christmas spirit better than a cheesy Christmas selfie in an in-between tasteful but still a little tacky Christmas jumper. HO HO HO. 

We all have our traditions at this time of year, and granted there’s probably a few that are not on our like list for most of us, BUT traditions are just a thing. Its hard not to get excited about the little things, wether its a day out. a movie you always watch. or what ever it is you do on Christmas eve. I love having traditions that feel just as special every time round!

Christmas winter smells: 
When it gets to this time of year I love the smells that start popping up, especially gingerbread. Yep, gingerbread ANYTHING. 
Im a total sucker for christmassy scented candles, bubble bath, room sprays. Literally the lot. 

Christmas Eve: 
Finally I think my favourite day, throughout December I think my favourite time of it all has to Christmas eve. Its almost a calm before the storm of Christmas day, but still a very busy day. The hustle and bustle before people eventually just give up and finally start enjoying their Christmas. 

I bet that there’s so many more things that I could list on what I love about Christmas. I found this a really list of things to write. 
I’d love to hear others favourite things? Do you have a favourite tradition, smell, food? Leave a comment!


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