My 5 Reasons to love your selfie!

It truly annoyed me to the core hearing a comment of “I don’t think your shy look at all the selfies you take” HAH! What a thing to say?
Actually I have TERRIBLE anxiety and a severely bad self confidence in reality, but at least I must hide it well.
Anyway it got me thinking. Selfies… Selfies… Selfies…
1) A good selfie session really finds ones inner confidence and reason to smile! My reason today was wearing my fav jacket with a pretty patterned vest top that I don’t wear very often! The sun was shining and I had a smile!
2) have you ever gone back through your phone or even your phone photos from a few years ago to realise how much you have changed over the years? Im sure I am not the only one to think to myself what on earth was I thinking when I tried dying my hair that stupid colour? yet alone the childish choice of tops Ive had in the past!
3) what about the selfies you’ve taken with friends? Girly nights out? and simple but lovable memories you have made! a selfie isn’t just a vain picture you see.
4) For me a selfie is a money maker with my online business! Cant complain there.
5) Finally a selfie isn’t just a selfie… its a photo and a memory.. its true what they say. A picture says a 1000 words!

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