Monday Motivation!

Hello Monday! every week you come around again. Even though we don’t really want that back to work feeling after a lovely chilled weekend, we all have that early morning wake up call on a Monday! 
6:30 my alarm went off this morning, and I quickly hit the snooze button, actually I hit that luxurious ‘SNOOZE’ more then a few times. 

If we don’t act on our dreams, how are we ever going to accomplish them!

This particular Monday I am feeling extremely positive! Today marks a year of change, development, aspiration, not to mention a bucket list of goals that have been acomplished! 

The days in our lives can slip between our fingers if we let them, sometimes we won’t know that its even happened until it is to late,  and really its important to remember the actions, and behaviours that have built where you are in life right now! Its not about remembering a day, a moment, or a time. It is about learning from your mistakes, and using past experiences to work on a positive outcome for the rest of your life!

Do you ever scroll through facebook and have a look at the ‘on this day’ memories that come up? If your like me it will be a “Omg is that really what I was saying” or “Cant believe that was 5 years ago” not to mention the “Oh look I was ill again today last year as-well” (Thats a frequent one hey). Ive realised how easy it really is to focus on an negative attitude, which 9 times out of 10 has been mirrored from some one else, and you then watch it kill the inspiration, and personality of a person. 

When you have things that can get in the way like Anxiety, depression and an odd panic attack over something that 5 minutes later seems silly, keeping yourself on the right track is really an important mind matter. Its easy for one person to call judgement on another, to slate every movement, every photo, every written word, and make it into something that is perceived in the wrong way.  Not everyone will understand everything you do in life, but by staying motivated and true to yourself, your heading in the right direction. 

Its not what you have… Its who you have 🙂

This year we have been through the mill and back, but were coming out the other side stronger and better day by day. 
Me and Em within the last month have both given up smoking! Im finally getting made permanent at work (which is proof in itself that persistance  and determination works) and the best thing is today we celebrate a year of life change, living, and goal setting for the future!

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. 

— Confucius Motivations starts here…..

Motivation is so important in life, and we don’t really realise it or think about it because we never really miss it until it is gone. I can’t list the amount of times I’ve used not feeling very motivated to do something as an excuse.
There are so many ways to stay motivated, but you don’t always need to go over the top to get your motivation back on track! When it comes to blogging I often sit in front of the laptop or a notebook for ages and achieve nothing! But I’ve now learnt a few tips and tricks for helping me stay on the path to positivity and as I call it ‘I got my Mojo!’

5 things that help me stay motivated!

Never be afraid to put pen to paper….  At the end of the day, Laptops, phones and all these smarty gadgets that we have now. They haven’t always been around, and coming from a stationary obsessed girl, who has about a million notebooks and believe me that is never ever enough! weather your blogging, planning an event, keeping lists of things to remember, or just bored, a pen to a piece of paper can give.
Me and Em have been keeping a memory jar this year, writing down thoughts and memories to look back on when were ready! small things like that will keep a positive mind and value what you have now, keeping you motivated for whats coming in the future! 

Read … read…. and read some more! … When your feeling down or unsure what to do with yourself, have you ever tried looking through Pinterest, reading other people blogs or ideas? picking up a book and being inspired by a fictional character, or even a real person! (Hey Some of those self help books aren’t that bad you know!) 

Know your own worth!…. I’m having a ‘de ja vu’ moment when I say this one! Literally I’ve been talking about this recently, but as a person we never really realise how beautiful we are as just people! Always finding a way to think ourselves down. We are all criminal to this kinda thing. I’ve noticed in a lot of books and blogs I’ve been reading recently regarding anxiety and happiness that if you write down 1 positive thing a day about yourself, and read it every week, you will begin to learn your own value. 

Stop worrying about what other people think… Well I personally know that when you have Anxiety worrying about what other people think is something that is a continuous fight! Not everyone has a positive nature about life, but just because you come across someone who gets a kick out of trying to knock someone down, doesn’t mean they are gonna win over you. 
When reading in the blogging networks I’ve joined the constant thing is, worrying about what others think. But, the moment you stop caring what the everyone else is thinking your attitude will change! MASSIVELY! Who cares? I mean lets face it, you could be reading this blog right now thinking what an idiot I sound! but hey that isn’t gonna effect me, because I have stopped letting it, The empowerment in the phrase ‘I don’t care’ its bigger then you think. Because the minute you let go! the minute you will start thinking so what, you are already winning.

Know your limits…  Its ok for things not to go to plan every now and then, just because your not feeling the creative vibe one day, doesn’t mean you are under achieving at what ever it is your doing. It’s just a bad 5 minutes! take a break, and then go back to your challenge with a fresh head! and positive attitude. Your get further that way! 

Set goals and smile as you reach them… If you were sat there thinking I’ve forgotten a massive motivation tip! you were wrong!, I just thought I’d leave the best for last!
If you don’t set goals,  what would you really be working towards in life? weather its a career or personal goal, unless your aiming high, your not going to be moving. I always try to set, yearly, monthly and weekly goals! Nothing drastic, but believe me it helps. 
Even using a planner to keep your goals! and set yourself tasks to keep you on track! it works! and planners are obsessively addictive! I mean you could have a massive goal, but have many mini challenges in the way before you reach that. Just remember the moment you achieve your goals just enjoy that buzz you get. 

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  1. Avatar September 25, 2018 / 2:12 pm

    What an awesome post Alex! This was exactly the motivation I needed to read today ☺️

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