Getting back to normality… Almost!

After 2 long weeks of being a very poorly sparkle, I returned back to work today! Im not gonna lie, I Was soooo excited to finally be returning to something somewhat normal 💜
This morning I got up, with a positive vibe, put on my tights and and skirt, and a blouse I’d been avoiding wearing with confidence! to then hurry down stairs to put on the coffee and do my make up. My favourite younique bits, and a straighten of my hair and I felt Buzzing! 
Im not gonna lie, I am shattered, it was a bit of a struggle to concentrate, and although I feel positive Im like 98% … Which is pretty good going! 
Work made me feel very missed with so many people giving me hugs and asking if I was alright. 😊 

To end a lovely day, we’ve been on a nice walk with the doggies, which has really made me feel the positive vibes even more so! 
So Anyway, That was my day! 
I must say I am feeling the positive vibes! alot of planning and organisation and boss babe-ing to follow! 


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