Today has been a special day for the memory board. or the scrapbook ;).

My little brother… Or shall I say not so little, graduated from Uni.
So needless to say I have had the proud big sister emotions like crazy mad today. The day started off slow, as I excitedly got ready to go out. Was really nice to get dressed up for what felt like the first time in ages.
When we met the rest of the famalam in town I could of cried when I first saw Matty all dressed up in his graduation gown. Me, Nan, and his GF was supposed to have to watch the ceremony on screens, but we go lucky and managed to get seats in the guild hall to watch the ceremony. The atmosphere everywhere was so unique. I go through this part of town every day to get to work, but today was different. The pleasant atmosphere of smiles and proud families all around us.
Matt was 4th up on to the stage, which meant we then sat through a very long wait of a lot of clapping and tired arms afterwards.
One thing I do have to mention. A boys name who appears to have passed this year. When his name was called, his mum stood on stage in his memory, every student stood. It was a beautiful applause for someone who I may not know, but obviously had touched so many.

After the ceremony we had photos taken in the park together with Matt and then headed for a family meal to remember. we went to the steak art house in ocean village. A bill that I don’t think my dad will ever forget lol.


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