All you need is… L.O.V.E…?

I guarantee I am not the only one thats at fault of being a fan of those mushy romantic films, that bring tears to your eyes. The ones that on a sad day, you sit with your softest blankie, nice fresh cosy pyjamas, a cup off coffee (or maybe even a hot chocolate with some marshmallows floating on top), Not forgetting the box of tissues because lets face it, by the end of the film Im crying because their happy. Happiness is a key word.
Theres all sorts of forms of love, how you give your mum a cuddle and say love you. she’s your mum. mums are super heroes in disguise don’t forget, or any family member for that matter… nans, dads, brothers & sisters, the lot.
moving on, the love for your friends. Your best friend thats always there for you. The one that accepts you for your quirky weirdness.
And now we get on to the mushy one, Romance. Your romantic lover. or what ever you choose to call them.
Its funny cause I was sat on a bus not long ago when a group of school girls got on chatting away, it was hard not to listen, I mean they were like mini mean girls. 3 of them pestering the other about a boy, one from school I’m guessing. coming out with phrases “are you going to ask him out” and the big one “do you love him” … It really made me giggle. Im not actually dissing them. Its real sweet. Not something I actually remember myself. I was a weird child looking back.

Ive always been one of those girls who dreams of fairy tales, the fact is, and I am being truthful here, Ive always been miles away from it.
When you feel love you know it, your know what the true meaning of being in love is. because you WILL feel it in your stomach, I remember my mum, on countless occasions telling me long nostalgic stories of how she met my dad and knew straight away. Its actually an amazing story. All to do with a chicken. errr yeah 🙂
The minute I fell in love, I knew. It was a feeling so strong of belonging.
I must sound so cheesy by now? and at this point your probably thinking get on with it you mindless blogger, wheres the point?
Not ALL love is a walk in the park. I am terrified that through bad choices, and making mistakes I will loose the one person that really matters to me.
They look at me and I feel under their spell. Their touch sends shivers down my spine, and their heart…. Their kind heart sends my head swirling.
Love isn’t about money, presents or games, its about happiness, belonging, freedom to be yourself. when you find that person, don’t ever let them go. because some things are damaging to the heart mind and soul.


L word inspired

Whats the point of hiding behind a computer screen?
Ive been asking myself this for months, its not just a new thought that Ive had. Ive gone through so many phases before of being inspired and setting challenges and projects that never quite pan out.
Im one of those girls with the inspiration of a 5 year old and the achievement of a 90 year old. Its sad that I am finally admitting this.
Its funny because I say about hiding behind a computer screen. Ive recently set most of my profiles to private. By choice? well if you’ve followed any of my blogs or profiles you’d know that it hasn’t been. OH well we won’t go in to that now will we? another day maybe.
Ive been watching the L word. God I love that. The hottest TV series ever made. Lesbians, Sex, Drugs, and art! HA! yes, Art. I was having this conversation with someone a little while ago,  We were had been watching the L word at the time and were pretty much on the same episode, and I asked the question, If you could relate to any character on the L word who would it be. Her original answer was Carmen. Which was funny because she had misheard the question I asked and presumed it was what character would you most likely want to fuck? This was a good question! (My answer would of probably been Shane to that… or maybe Alice, or even better combine the 2 and you would pretty much have perfection)… Anyway no, She picked Bette. Professional, knows what she wants, etc… So when the same question was asked to me I knew already. ALICE. Its all about ALICE. Oh and I know exactly why other then the fact that she has a dreamy character role. But in all seriousness I would relate myself to Alice because she has all the same kinda characteristics that I know that I do! … Oh but the difference is, She is successful….. That and its a TV show and actually completely irrelevant.
Now your probably sat there thinking, wtf how crazy can you be. Firstly this show is now old and I am finally just watching the end? ER… where have I been. Yeah I know. but mainly, how can you base yourself on a fictional character, that doesn’t even exist.
But anyway the conversation got me thinking hard about what my life has been like lately and how I have recently lost my drive and what I was going to do to get it back. So somehow I thought to myself Im going to start a series of online journals expressing myself a bit more. Well thats the plan anyway. I don’t know how well this will go since my current depression has a constant hold on me.
Another one that really has my mind going. Girl Boss. Oh yes, that girl has some sassy, buys a 10 dollar jacker and makes a mint back. again we are really heading down the fictional path here.
Its personality and characteristics that really matter.
Its the freedom of inspiration and creative mind power that really gets life going from the start.
So you’ve probably got this far and thought to yourself what is the point of this rant?
The point is life. love. ambition. without them you are no one, and in the next few weeks. I am gonna be finding my Alice again.

Out with the old!

in with the new! Ive been feeling the urge for new beginnings lately, maybe Im feeling slightly more inspired then I have been in a long slump of depression and non motivation lately and I finally seem to be coming back out of the hermit hole! 
 (I found this image on google – It is not mine)
 with a new job and new hobbies and dreams in the making, I am feeling in love with the opportunities life has been throwing me. great <3 Im really starting to plan what I want out of life, and take chances I wouldn’t of thought of taking a while ago!
Im absolutely loving selling younique! I’m making new friends and earning pennies as well!
Ive been really really brave today and took a leap to make another step forward in life (but Im not saying what it is cause I don’t want to jinx it)  <3 All I can say is bring on the 23rd May 😉 And watch this space for hopefully an awesome announcement.

When I grow Up…. Im gonna be….

…… pretty much sat here on the laptop trying to work out what Im going to be still! Its a tough cookie to crack!

I was watching some silly advert on Facebook which really triggered me off. Little kids being asked what they want to be when they grow up? HELLO Im 24 and I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up! ….. Now don’t get me wrong, Im not trying to say Im immature and hopeless, but Im sat at work in my new career footstep path of a job, wondering how I even got here, Night work as a security guard, Hell did anyone else see that one lurking in the distance? Im pretty certain that this time last year I was aspiring pre school assistant (Which if anyone care, I DONT MISS THAT CRAP) Oh and I’m now selling younique make up, as a younique presenter….. Do I think Ive found my calling, NO…..