27 things I’ve learnt in 27 years

Happy June everyone. I can’t believe we are already there. How has this year gone so fast.

So yesterday I spent the day in the hospital having surgery. So today recovering has been very boring. So I thought I would have a go at writing my own list of what I’ve learnt for how many years I’ve been alive. To be honest I’ve learnt so much in my life already so I’ve focused on the things that are really general.

Life is a serious of challenges. You face a new challenge everyday. If not more then one. 

If you don’t work towards your dreams your never get any closer to them. 

Not everyone is your friend. But a true friend will be there when it matters. 

Nothing in life is free. 

Friends is the best tv show ever. 

I wake up so much quicker with coffee in front of me.

You should never settle for being second best. 

Face your fears. Even if that does mean throwing yourself off a 100 ft tower, for charity of course. 

You don’t need designer labels to be some one. 

Letting go and Learning to love your curves is a big learn.

Education is so valuable. Grab every opportunity with 2 hands. 

Organisation is key. 

Being creative is so much fun. 

Practising something helps you improve. Stop giving up. 

I take too many photos. They are a nightmare to sort.

Having faith can get you through so many hard times. 

Sunflowers make me happy. 

You can never own enough stationary, ever. 

Autumn and spring are the best seasons. 

It’s really easy to be more eco friendly. 

I hate maths. 

Self care is so important for my mental health. 

I hate adulting stuff. 

Your never too old to like childish stuff. 

Being closer to 30, sucks. 

We shouldn’t take our countryside for granted. 

My parents, family, and fiancé are my world. 


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