21 things you probably didn’t​ know about me

For a bit of fun I thought I would share with you guys some random facts that you probably don’t know about me, probably ones that your don’t want to know either. Sharing is caring they say though. You may have already gotten to know me a bit in my previous post ‘The A to Z of me’ so I’ve tried to keep my facts as different as I possibly can.

So… 21 things you probably don’t already know about me are…

♥ My full name is Alexandra Jade, and although it is disputably a beautiful name, I feel like I am being told off when I am being called Alexandra!

♥ I got engaged to my beautiful girl at Disneyland Paris this February, we’ve not had an easy beginning in our relationship and have definitely been put through shit times. Just makes me so much more exited to make so many more memories & call her my wife.

♥ My favourite flower is a sunflower! They make me feel so happy.

♥ I have experienced 7 trips in an ambulance. Too many trips to the hospital and I pretty much live in the Doctors surgery! I have a condition called LPHS which is short for Lion Pain Hematuria Syndrome, PCOS, IBS, and I have issues with my stomach.

♥ I change my hair a lot! I’ve even now gone back to purple! I am constantly changing the colour of my hair! It had been numerous shade of brown and blonde for a long time now.

♥ I am terrified of spiders! Living on a farm the past few years has definitely improved my phobia, but as soon as I see a big dark one, I am squealing.

♥ My favourite superhero is Wonder Woman! (I even own a Lego Wonder Woman clock)

♥ I love nail art! I have my own collection of Gel polish! and a lovely UV lamp. I think I secretly wanted to be a nail technician at one point!

♥ I spent 3 years of my childhood in and out of a wheelchair having had corrective surgery on my legs.

My favourite trip ever… Disneyland

♥ My favourite genre of films is a horror! I mean I love films all the time, but I would much rather sit back and watch a horror than a total romance most of the time!

♥ My career path has been pretty erratic! from working in a shop, being an outdoors activity instructor, childcare, security and office work! I was never very good at staying on one path!

♥ Odd socks freak me out. Matching pairs all the way.

♥ I still love Hello Kitty! I swear I’ll never grow up!

♥ My go-to film when I am feeling poorly is ‘Cinderella story’… Yep! and after that, Music and lyrics.

Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

Cinderella story – and my favourite quote.

♥ When I was little I dreamt of becoming a marine biologist! that was shortly outlived when I was at school and discovered I hated Science class.

♥ I am a list writer and an obsessive planner. I love to double write them too. I can have a list for any occasion.

♥ My favourite food is sushi.

♥ I love to work and strive on being productive.

♥ So far in my life I have visited 5 countries… I’m dying to travel so much more.

♥ I am really good at over analysing things. I can never really turn my brain off

I would love to hear your random facts about yourself. Maybe you can relate to something I have written! Let’s get to know each other better.


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